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  1. We all owe a huge gratitude to Stan Waterman, true pioneer and 'waterman' ~~~ swim well with heavenly and ocean spirits. Tipping a glass and a lens, thank you.
  2. I inquired to Adam about these trips a couple of times, logistics didn't work for me luckily. This is the last email I received from him on 6/20/23 "I have 3 spaces on the first trip, and 5 on the second… Back to back does work, and the majority of our US based clients do them. I’m no travel agnate, but travel from most major centers in Europe to SSH is relatively easy. I’m also aware that Turkish via Istanbul is (apparently) a good option? Let me know if you need any more info. All the best Adam"
  3. I have one with dividers that is in good condition. I'm in California.
  4. I had great response from them although it was years back. Try an inquiry at: https://www.vividhousings.com/contact.php
  5. Thanks, get it in the water, you'll enjoy the upgrade. Cheers, Steve
  6. I've made these for fellow uw photographers, we call them 'reef saver sticks' in that it keeps our finger off the delicate nature of the environment we love to visit and photograph when in close proximity. Only once, in Roatan, have I ever been confronted while using. Dive master said other divers would want to use them. Changed dive master/operation, and continue to carry one on dives, always when shooting macro.
  7. Have an Inon 45 deg that is adaptable to S&S, pretty sure I have that S&S part also but has Nauticam adapter adapter at moment, easy change out. PM me if interested.
  8. I have presented this option before but not received any affirmation. If, as a foreign traveler, you entered Mexico via another port of entry (not Tijuana), passed immigration and spent a day or so then flew to SJC (San Jose del Cabo) domestically perhaps from Mexico city, Guadalajara, etc would you be subject to this immigration 'shakedown'? The reason I keep wondering is that I have asked friends who are Mexican nationals and UW photographers if they get hit up with these "taxes" in SJC when they arrive and they say NO. I would love to return to Baja via SJC with my UW camera gear but for last few years have avoided it. I live in California, so close but so far ~~~
  9. Will do, thanks for looking into it.
  10. Hi Adam and Tim I have a very good dive buddy who has recently tried to join WP but yet to be "approved". Does this normally take a long time? He is listed as 'foot doc' in membership and I even sent him a message to see if he was active. He can't log-in and his screen says "waiting for approval". Just checking to see if there is a problem for him. Thanks, Steve
  11. Any interest in a INON 45 degree viewfinder with Isotta adapter? Fit a Isotta D500 housing so assume it works on other models, not positive.
  12. The best antioxidant/corrision 'stuff' to use for stainless to aluminum is "Lanocote" and available usually at marine supply stores and online. A little goes a long way so although it's a bit expensive you'll have a lifetime supply and then some. It's brown and slightly stinky...
  13. Great report once again, thank you, Socorro on Nautilus is a fine combo that I have experienced. Question for inquiring minds is current stratus on Immigration/customs 'shake down' on incoming divers with "housings" at SJD? It's kept me and many others away for at least 2 years. Didn't see a mention in trip report.
  14. Yep, I'm very satisfied with fit and added a few items to help lighten load from my Stahlsac dive bag.
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