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  1. Yes I still have housing and one of the camera bodies. Have kept it as backup (unused) for current D500 kit as all ports etc are interchangeable. BTW, no longer on ebay... Steve
  2. Looking for a Nauticam N815-Z+1.4 Zoom Gear: Nikon AF-S 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED Lens & Kenko 1.4x Teleconverter. Just the gear, have all other items. Steve
  3. Went to Socorro in FEB 2019 before these issues arose. Read through threads several times and don't think I've come across a specific answer to question I have about a return trip in 2022. If I were to fly USA to lets say Guadalajara or Monterey, spend a couple days then fly Domestically to SJD and arrive at Terminal #1 (Domestic) would I still have to go through customs and the 'housings' shakedown??
  4. Thanks for pics, do you have the screws that I believe are longer than standard?
  5. Trying to piece together a new lens port combo and need 6mm more of extension and of course that is not made so am going to try a Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 10 and see if it can do the trick. Located on Central coast, CA Steve
  6. Looking for Nauticam 18305 compact 30 port with 67mm thread for add on macro attachments. Have a 18301, compact port 30 that I would consider trading if interested.
  7. That was the first thing I did. Here in the States 10mm and 12mm are common but 11mm is practically unheard of. Caliper has it at 10.75mm OD on male so I'm going with 11, thread probably 1.0 or .75mm, harder to determine.
  8. Yes, I am aware of that but still want to 'know' what the "thread size" actually is. Thanks
  9. Tim, I need to use existing fiber bulkheads as that is where light trigger exits the housing. Just messing around with some spare parts repairing various FO cables. Thanks, Steve
  10. Doing some DIY fiber optic cable connector adaption. Can't find a reference to the FO bulkhead thread size anywhere. It appears to be 11mm which is pretty non standard in metric world. I want to tap some fittings to use on D500 (and other) housings. Anybody know what it is? Thanks in advance, Steve
  11. I have some Ikelight strobes this would work with. Located in SLO, CA 93401 let me know, thanks
  12. I have a Nauticam NA-D7100/7200 housing for sale on Ebay. Rather than post pictures here check out link and if interested, PM me here and make an offer. I've had an offer already but didn't except. Buying here will be a better deal all the way around. I'm original owner, purchased from Reef Photo. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274648807973 Also have D7100 and D7200 bodies available for sale. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA USA shipping only Steve
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