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  1. Just a heads up .... those posts were from 2018
  2. Thanks, " Every S&S bulkhead I have seen is the same internal diameter" is what I was hoping for. For this last trip I hooked him up with a single strobe firing manually, cord connected to manual bulkhead. He is debating getting a double cord or the SS-50123 TTL bulkhead replacement. He was happy with results. Thanks for input.
  3. Repairing a S&S DX200 housing for a friend. He damaged the bulkhead which was attached to a TTL converter. The DX200 has two strobe bulkheads, one for TTL converter and another for manual strobe firing. I removed the damaged one and would like to replace with SS-50123 which appears to be the same. It is listed for use in MDX and RDX but not DX housings. My question, is the diameter of the 5 pin bulkhead insert different? The one I removed was 11.79mm. Can't find detailed specs on SS-50123 dimensions. Just trying to return the TTL option for him as I figure a dual cable will do the job of firing his strobes otherwise. Dual cable, 03470, costs more than the 50123 bulkhead. Thanks for any input Steve
  4. I use H2O, had a claim last year for flood and they paid. I was careful to get the flood documented with a letter from the resort in Lembeh where I was staying. Noticed the rates have risen as of Jan, 2019 so may look around when renewal comes up. Steve
  5. This is an interesting topic. In my years of travel with a bunch of expensive gear have never been questioned along these lines. Do you think a copy of current insurance policy (I use DAN) with listed items might work for proof of ownership? The [CBP Form 4455 (08/16)] sounds like a total hassle.
  6. Yes, I still have it and it should fit your housing.
  7. Recently went through this with a 4"Zen dome. Soaking in vinegar for couple days did not work. Finally got some glass polish containing 'cerium oxide' and using fine micro mesh paper was able to remove stains. Takes a while but works. Product I bought off eBay was CarPro CeriGlass used in auto detailing. 3M also has cerium oxide based product but only sells in liter bottles and is quit expensive. Work a small area at a time and when it starts to dry rinse with fresh water and repeat. Dry with micro fiber towel. Will not remove scratches of course but takes care of these type of stains. Steve
  8. I have a Inon 45 which I can put a Nauticam adapter on. PM me if interested, I'm in US
  9. Good information. Went through this last year and found getting your CC 'whitelisted' works, still a hassle. Thanks for posting.
  10. Bump I have this set up for Sea&Sea currently, Nauticam and Nexus also possible, have the adapters. Pictures are with Nauticam adapter.
  11. This fits DSLR housings but I think can be mounted to NA-EM5 by using a ~~~ "Nauticam NEX, OM-D LCD Window for External Viewfinders"I have 3 different adapters as stated, buyer gets choice of ONE of them. Thanks
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