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  1. The best antioxidant/corrision 'stuff' to use for stainless to aluminum is "Lanocote" and available usually at marine supply stores and online. A little goes a long way so although it's a bit expensive you'll have a lifetime supply and then some. It's brown and slightly stinky...
  2. Great report once again, thank you, Socorro on Nautilus is a fine combo that I have experienced. Question for inquiring minds is current stratus on Immigration/customs 'shake down' on incoming divers with "housings" at SJD? It's kept me and many others away for at least 2 years. Didn't see a mention in trip report.
  3. Yep, I'm very satisfied with fit and added a few items to help lighten load from my Stahlsac dive bag.
  4. Good eye, can't remember which island but 'whispered' a deal with the maker. Two weeks aboard Bilikiki with Graham Abbott, great trip.
  5. The Think Tank 2.0 fits perfectly inside with room for some other soft things BUT it is NOT legal carry-on size I don't think. Think Tank 2.0 is max carry-on size on it's own. PAL allows 2 checked bags up to 50lbs, one 15lb carry-on (backpack in my case) and this 26" shell will allow me to "check" my Think Tank with a bit less worry about being beat up in transit. Will post after arrival in Philippines on current check in status as far as carry-on's, if I see someone boarding with a 'kitchen sink' or 'comfort chicken' will be sure to take photo. Cheers
  6. Thanks for encouragement troporobo, PAL experience is one of the main things I was looking for. Those video's Draq are a nightmare to see but also quite entertaining, ouch! So, because Think Tank is my favorite and all set up with gear I decided to get a 'outer shell' for extra protection. A 26" hard side, sort of, roller shell, very light weight and in my mind sacrificial to some extent. I'll be PO'd if everyone is boarding with multiple carry-on's and the 'kitchen sink' so to speak!! I have other flights to deal with in country so hopefully this is a satisfactory compromise. Thanks for all the input pixeler's, not getting any easier to move around the planet. Steve
  7. Turns out I have a version 2.0 not 3.0 and have been using for at least same amount of time but rarely gate checked, time fly's ~~~ Good points, thank you and agree hard case for 'checked' is way to go in future. Still stuck in present and only pelican style I have of check size has no wheels, grrr.
  8. I've used photo vest in past (not recently) and have a good one made by DOMKE, they can hold lots of stuff and worked to get around check in counter. After passing that hurtle I would reload the bulky/heavy things into carry on backpack and board plane as normal and fold up vest and put in overhead. Hoping this works again on PAL. They do allow a laptop sleeve as a second carry on so that should also help making the 15lb carry on backpack doable. Another past hack/ploy is to have travel buddy watch some heavier stuff that's in backpack while you check in then do the same for them and repack away from counter. One time in Solomon's they made me stand on scale with my loaded vest on, pretty funny scene. Was a smaller plane, can't blame them for wanting to know actual weight. As to Think Tank sturdiness, I find it seems as tough as the plastic luggage I've looked at and has way better wheels. Housing, strobes, cables, gears and ports are also 'tough' and well padded in it. Guess I'm paranoid that Think Tank is obviously carrying expensive gear although it looks like a normal carry on to me might be oobvious to someone looking for gear to mess with. Still debating but only a few days to departure. Steve
  9. Excellent information, thanks. I've used lots of 'hacks' over the years to get past check in issues but think PAL maybe my nemesis. So, I'll consider last minute change to a hard shell for Think Tank gear (my buddy is doing that) but also think it is stout enough to make journey and am more worried about it being 'eyed' as something worth tampering with. They are direct flights R/T with some PAL and CEBU Air domestic inter islands of only an hour or so. Tim, that's a thought I've had except I'm trying not to purchase yet another piece of luggage. BTW, one trip to FIJI years ago I apologized to fellow passengers in the check in line at LAX for looking like a 'mad bomber' with photo vest filled with cameras, regulators, computers etc. May have that 'look' again this trip.
  10. I'm heading to Philippines soon for a few weeks and PAL, Philippine Airlines, appears to be strict on carry on bags. While they allow 2 checked bags at 50lbs/ea they say one carry on at 15lb is all they allow. As we all know that's a tough one to deal with! I use a Think Tank 3.0 roller (and also carry a back pack) which size wise is fine for carry on and it rarely if ever gets weighed, I make it appear light My dive bag hits the 50lb limit and carries lots of stuff and not worried about checking it. Think Tank has my D500 housing, strobes, ports, lens etc and weighs in around 40lbs. I am concerned about checking it even though it is a direct flight LAX-MNL. It is a tough bag for sure and I will have a TSA locked bag strap around it but it is by no means hard shell luggage. Any thoughts on PAL bag routines and getting around checking it at departure counter? I've had to gate check on occasion with no problems. Philippines has just opened to foreign travelers so suspect no one has gone through this recently. Thoughts appreciated on Think Tank holding up, being eyed as "expensive" photo gear etc would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  11. Yes, it did have to do with wire transfers which I've used a few times on liveaboard trips into Indo. They wanted full payment not deposit but think we have worked that out. More interested in if Atlantis Dumaguete has been open at all in last year or so. Will it be fully staffed etc in mid March. Hoping to find someone with "fins on the ground" information. I have been there in past and think highly of their operations in general.
  12. Well said Adam, I'm personally trying to venture to Dumaguete next month from USA and find good old "misinformation" prevalent.
  13. Does anyone know if Atlantis Dumaguete is or has been open recently? Looking at booking trip middle March but getting slightly strange monetary requests.
  14. Yes I still have housing and one of the camera bodies. Have kept it as backup (unused) for current D500 kit as all ports etc are interchangeable. BTW, no longer on ebay... Steve
  15. Looking for a Nauticam N815-Z+1.4 Zoom Gear: Nikon AF-S 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED Lens & Kenko 1.4x Teleconverter. Just the gear, have all other items. Steve
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