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  1. It depends on what you want to do with it. There is a chart comparing features at: http://spyder.datacolor.com/s3compare.php I just wanted to be able to do basic wysiwyg calibration on one or two monitors and was told that "Pro" was fine. I didn't really need all the bells and whistles of the Elite version.
  2. Hi, Are there any good Samaritans out there who happen to have a 67/52 adapter that they aren't using this week and would be willing to lend me? I am leaving for Roatan tomorrow at 5 a.m. and my wide angle lens just arrived without the adapter. I would be willing to pick up/drop off and pay for the use. Thanks, Hilary 310-880-9661
  3. I shoot a lot of macro as a fine art photographer so I assume I will do some macro but I also want "snapshots". I will probably want external strobes eventually and a wide angle lens as well. On land, I'm used to shooting everything, even at night, without flash and using a 28mm to 250mm macro zoom lens and point and shoots with much better macro ability so I don't really have a feel for the underwater set up at all. Thanks, Hilary
  4. Hi, I have the s90 and just ordered the Fix housing. I don't own any other equipment or lenses. I primarily want memories. I'm not looking for pro quality. I dive mostly in the CA kelp beds with occasional warm water trips. Any suggestions for a simple beginner set up? Also , any idea why the 2 lens flip Macro is more expensive than the 3 lens? Thanks, Hilary
  5. I was travelling in PNG Oct of 08. I checked my itinerary about a month before I left only to notice that there was suddenly no flight on the day I had booked to make my return connection in Aus. I ended up having to make reservations to stay overnight in Aus. and lose a night in PNG. Towards the end of the trip, a member of our group had to change her plans. While doing so she discovered that they had changed schedules again and I had to go into their office and have four of my flights changed as well as canceling the night in Aus and adding back a night in PNG! Neither my travel agent nor I received any kind of notice.
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