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    Great kit comes with dome port, flat port, pelican case 1620 and throwing in the ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) 94 degree. Just finished our last film for NatGeo entirely filmed with this setup.

    Check: liquidmotionfilm.com for our work and as a reference

    Equipment currently on location in Cozumel, Mexico. (987)8789690

    PRICE= US$ 5000 + P&P



  2. Selling Sony_HXR_NX5U_HXR_NX5U_NXCAM in Amphibico NX5SE with flat port, dome port, ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens for Phenom. It is coming in pelican storm case 1620

    Excellent kit for serious biographer. Just finished my last film for TV 'City Under The Sea' entirely filmed with this kit. Check: liquidmotionfilm.com

    Presently in Cozumel Mexico, can ship all world. Can ship from Mexico now or Atlanta early May or France mid May.


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