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  1. We did land based Whale watching with a dozen whales bubble feeding some yrs ago. It was based from Juneau. Our boat had about a dozen people on it. There were several boats doing this at the same bubble feeding location. The boats varied in size from small, like ours, to larger with 50-100 people. The bubble feeding was great and they used sonar listening. After a few times, you learned to know the sound patterns for the whales talking and knew when the whales would breach within a few seconds of accuracy. I have no idea the names or contacts from the trip anymore. Also no idea how consistent the feeding is in that location. We were only there for one day doing it.
  2. I clean them every time I break a seal. I had Z240's for years. Never used the non-optical connection so never opened it. Using Z330 now and its the same for me. Same for the camera housing I use.
  3. Its hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything!
  4. Interested in reasonable offers for this voucher. Willing to consider other methods of payment besides PayPal.
  5. Update from Aggressor Fleet. The voucher will only cover $5599 so bookings for 2021 would require an extra $100 and 2022 would require an extra $200 from the voucher purchaser. I did not realize this point when making the initial posting here.. Based on this information, I am dropping the price by $200 to $3100 US for the voucher. Payment will still be via PayPal. The voucher is good for one traveler.
  6. Visit Cocos for over 40% OFF! Good until May 2022. I had a reservation for visiting Cocos on a trip that got cancelled. They issued me a voucher for the trip. Due to health issues with my wife, I will not be able to use the voucher. It is good for Deluxe Accomodation on the Okeanos Aggressor 1 or 2 to Cocos from now until May 2022. It is good for one person. Retail cost for a 2021 trip is $5699 per the Aggressor website. I am selling the voucher for $3300 US. The voucher can be transferred to one person, not a travel agency. You will not be able to re-sell it. If you want to purchase this voucher, I will share details from Aggressor showing the voucher information. You will be able to verify the validity of the voucher with Aggressor prior to payment. Payment will be via PayPal. Send messages from serious buyers only, please. No travel agencies, please.
  7. Chris, Thanks for the link on gloves. I do not see anywhere in the description that those are Kevlar gloves.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Exactly what I am looking to hear about. I did buy a robust pair of full foot fins already and use 1.5mm neoprene socks in them. They fit tight but not too tight. I will check into the socks you mentioned. The limit seems to be my leg strength as the fins are stiffer than my previous ones. I have been working on leg strength regularly but am limited a bit now due to avoiding the virus. Would I need both 1.5mm neoprene socks AND sharkskin socks? I bought these fins: Mares Avanti Super-Channel full foot fins. Been using them in the pool only so far. Looking forward to the next chance in the ocean. Also sounds like I need to be prepared to clip the camera gear to my BC in 2 places if I am hand over hand on the rope. I do not have it clipped and hanging when swimming so far. I have always pulled along with one hand and kick to hold position when moving that hand forward. Sounds like that is not sufficient at times at Cocos. Fortunately, I have clips that should work for that but will pool test it prior to going.
  9. Gloves then foot protection questions: I am headed to Cocos later in the year in early December, presuming the virus events pass by then. From what I read, one should be prepared to hold onto rocks to allow closer passes from sharks, etc. And the rocks might have sea urchins about. So I need sturdy gloves that work well with DSLR photo equipment. Already upgraded from the Z240's to the Z330's so that will be easier. But the gloves I have might work for holding rocks most likely but of no help with urchins. I have older scubapro warm water gloves with thin neoprene on the backs and a leather like material on the front. They are good for pulling down a rope and warm water. Not sure how well they will do for Cocos conditions. I looked at the Scubapro tropical 1.5mm gloves. They are tight around the fingers, good elsewhere. Land and diving gloves I have had in the past that are tight on fingers end up cutting circulation and making the hands colder. Not tried these gloves in water, only tried them on. What suggestions can I get from the Wetpixel community? I only do warm water diving, above 78F for most diving. The cold upwellings at Cocos might be my coldest diving plans for the near future. So 3mm or thinner gloves are what I am looking for. I think 1.5mm would be sufficient as well for warmth. I will be in a 5mm suit at Cocos with hood. For my feet, I want to use full foot fins with 1.5mm socks. Will that be adequate? I could go to 3mm booties and open fins but that is not my preference. Thanks for your time and comments.
  10. I own a 1.4x and use it often with the Tokina. Just wondering if the fish at Cocos get close enough to skip using it.
  11. Interceptor, I am not quite certain what you are telling me.
  12. I am heading to Cocos soon (for the first time) and shooting a DX format DSLR. I expect my main lens in use to be the Tokina 10-17. The question is, should I add the 1.4x extender to it? That is typical for 'shark distance' dives in most places. But for some places the wildlife comes very close so the 1.4x is not an helpful. I often find guides do not know enough about camera equipment to answer such a question and I do not really expect them to be photography experts. Thanks for your help in advance.
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