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  1. Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera Body with W-E1 Wi-Fi Adapter Canon 7D Mark II Camera body. Purchased August 2019, only 296 actuations (shots taken). Like new with box. Original purchase price $1492, selling for $850. Buyer Pays for Shipping and Insurance. Includes: Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera Body with W-E1 Wi-Fi Adapter Canon W-E1 Wi-Fi Adapter Canon LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1865mAh) Canon LC-E6 Charger for LP-E6 Battery Pack Canon Eyecup Eg Canon IFC-150U II USB 3.1 Gen 1 Interface Cable for DSLRs Wide Camera Strap Battery Cover Software CD-ROM Buyer pays for shipping.
  2. $3800 + shipping BRAND NEW IN THE BOX! ------------------------------- SEACAM silver NIKON D500 with S6 sockets G-PRO VIEWFINDER CP COMPACTPORT Dome Port TOKINA AF 10-17 ZOOM GEAR THE PERFECT underwater wide angle setup for your Nikon D500 and Tokina 10-17mm lens! OVER $7000 US Retail in Gear! Buyer pays for shipping
  3. You left me a note on my posting, I will sell just my housing without the 45 degree viewfinder and put back on the standard viewfinder for $1200. Everything is in good working condition and well taken care of. Send me an email at ron@scubarews,com and we can work out how to get it to you quickly
  4. Hi Serena, I will sell just the housing with the standard viewfinder that comes with it for $1200. Everything is in good working condition and well taken care of. Let me know and we can arrange to get it to you by next Wednesday. Please let me know.
  5. NIKON D300 UW Housing, Camera, lenses, port, strobes and accessories. All equipment is in good working condition, gently used and taken good care of. I upgraded cameras three years ago and the Nikon D300 system has been my backup during that time and seen little UW time since last servicing. This is an excellent DSLR camera system for someone wanting to take high quality publishable and award winning images. $3,999 for everything below or individual prices listed. Located in Long Beach, CA. 1) Sea & Sea MDX-D300 Underwater Housing for Nikon D300 with adjustable 45 degree viewfinder: $1450 (new: Housing $2800 / View Finder $900) 2) Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera-Body Only: $300 – Includes 2 batteries, 2 chargers, manual, and strap (new $1200) 3) Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port with port cover (6”): $400 (new $500/$60 port cover) 4) Two Sea & Sea YS-110alpha strobes: $400 for the pair (new $1000) 5) Sea & Sea 5 pin Dual Sync Cord: $80 (new $180) 6) Nikon AF DX Fisheye-NIKKOR 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Lens: $475 (new $770) 7) Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED Lens with UV filter: $675 (new $1150) 8) 12-24 zoom gear for Sea&Sea housing: $80 (new $170) 9) B&W 77mm +2 Closeup Diopter (for 12-24mm lens): $25 (new $50) 10) Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II Lens: $400 (new $650) 11) Hoya 72mm DMC PRO1 Digital Circular Polarizer Glass Filter (for 18-200 lens): $25 (new $50) 12) Seven Ultralight Clamps: $15 each (new $30) 13) Three Ultralight BA-TG Ball (for use with T Plate): $10 each (new $24) 14) Pelican Case 1650 with Velcro dividers: $100 (new $250)
  6. PNG is a target rich environment. Check out part one of my trip report with lots of wide angle photos. http://www.uwphotogr...inea-mv-febrina
  7. Are you willing to just sell one? If not, will you take anything less on the pair. I am in the US and not sure how much shipping would run, but I would need them in the next couple of weeks. Thanks
  8. Mark, Thanks for sharing and I know you have a lot mre great shots. I remember when I saw that shark/moray shot right after you downloaded and it looked just that good so I can confirm that very little if any was done to it. You posistioned yourself patiently there and waited for sharks to come by. The shark swimming through the school is also a great one. Next time I will take more time and be a little patient to set up shots like these. Your results are stunning. Your sense of humor, laugh and conversation really added to the trip. Hope to see you again on a trip. Keep me posted. Ron
  9. Ludovic, I couldn't wait to see you images especially of the dolphins because of your incredible free diving ability. Your presentation of the images with the two musical themes was enchanting and I thank you for sharing them with us and allowing me to daydream a little this morning about our trip together. You captured the essence of the trip and the fun we hade diving with the sharks and dolphins. Hope to run into you again on another trip in the future. Take care my firend. Ron
  10. Thanks Steve, Just noticed you are in Tucson. I am up the road just outside of PHX. Hot enough for you. Sure makes me wish I was in those nice cool waters again.
  11. And finally a few shots from Blue Heron Bridge. A truly special muck dive in our backyard. I could dive that every day at high tide and never get bored. Very cool. James said to include pictures of the people on the trip and I realized I forgot to include one of our fearless leader. Comments on images are appreciated, especially the new species of tripus leadarious (aka James). This little hermit crab left his shell and took over this CRACK PIPE as a home. Just say no to CRACK my little friend! James found him and actually brought him over to me to see. When I set him down, a snapper could see him through the glass and would bite at him, but Mr crab was safe in his own little biosphere. Hillarious. Someone must have thrown the crack pipe over the bridge and didn't even know they were providing habiatat for this little guy. You are a Rock Star James! Ron Watkins
  12. Some more macro sharks and the ever popular lemon snaps: The last two shots were shot with the 105 macro lens. Something different that Brian (captain) and James said to try on at least one dive and glad I did. Never would have thought to do macro sharks. All of the snaps were with the 10.5. Ron Watkins
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