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  1. THanks Balrog! However, I am sceptical of the table as my ewperience with the YS-90 Duo (same GN) is that half power at F22, ISO 200 (lowest setting on the D50), gives a grossly overexposed image at a distance of 0.2m.
  2. I have recently bought a used YS-90DX for use with my second Nikon D50 in a Fantasea FD50 housing, which lacks TTL possibilities. I wonder which light level setting(s) (with the camera at ISO 200) people find suitable for macro.
  3. I have one of these, need another. Doea anyone have one to sell? Regards to all, John
  4. Does anybody know of an adapter that enables Sea & Sea ports to be mounted on Nexus/Patima (same mount) housings? Thanks! John
  5. Sea & Sea recommend sending their housings to their authorised workshop for service and replacement of all internal o-rings once a year. At least in my part of the world, this is an expensive business. Is it really necessary? How often do you send your housing for service?
  6. These are the spacers that go between the hand grips and Sea & Sea housings to provide better access to controls when wearing thick cold water gloves. If anybody has a couple on an old, no longer used, housing I'd like to buy them. Payment by Paypal. Thanks! John
  7. john70490


    If anyone has one of these and wishes to upgrade to the 1000 lumen version I would be interested in buying it. Payment by Paypal. Thanks! John
  8. I should have written this long ago (apologies Marcelo) but I would like to acknowledge Marcelo Mariozi's first class service in connection with the Sigma 10-20mm zoom lens and gear I bought from him earlier this year. He has continued to provide very helpful information and tips after we closed the deal. You couldn't ask for a more honest and helpful seller.
  9. I'd like the hot shoe mount. PM sent.
  10. The Nikon F80, marketed in the USA as the N80, is an advanced 35mm SLR with almost all the features of the much more expensive F100. Advantages of the NX-80 housing: * A quality aluminium housing. * Ergonomic design. * Efficient operation. * Hailed by professionals for image excellence. * Advanced features for serious amateurs. This housing is in good condition, with normal signs of use. See photos here: http://johngulliver.smugmug.com/ The arms have Sea & Sea's bracket shoes for attaching strobe arms by means of Sea & Sea's dovetail ball joints, which are compatible with any 1” ball system (Sea & Sea, ULCS, TLC/Aquatica etc etc). NB For safety's sake, I recommend you replace the main o-ring before immersing the housing. ** PRICE ONLY 200 USD PLUS SHIPPING. PAYMENT BY PAYPAL ** I paid 350 USD for this housing less than 6 months ago. I have since decided to go digital and need to sell this housing to finance the change-over. Shipping by signed-for parcel post 40 USD to the UK and other European countries, 50 USD to USA and other non-European countries. NB Sweden is a member of the EU. Buyers in other EU countries do not have to pay duty or taxes.
  11. I've now found what I was looking for.
  12. I'm still looking for a right handle. Anybody?
  13. I've now found a left handle, still need a right. If you have grip spacers (Sea & Sea 56020) I'd like to buy these too.
  14. Hi all, I have recently bought a used Sea & Sea DX-D50 housing and TTL converter (the original version). I have read the long, informative thread on this on this forum from 2007 and have a couple of questions which somebody may be able to answer. According to Sea & Sea's compatibility table, my housing (after modification, which I am having done) is compatible with the TTL converter and YS-90 TTL Duo strobes. I have two YS-90's, so that is no problem. However, I also have two YS-30 TTL Duo (NB not YS-30 II TTL Duo) strobes and wonder if anyone has tested these (in TTL mode) with the TTL converter. If so, did they work? Also, would a YS-30 in slave TTL mode work in combination with a YS-90? The reason I ask these questions is that the YS-30's are small and light, making them the ideal back-up for travel, provided they work with the TTL converter, alone or in slave mode with a YS-90. Sea & Sea USA don't know the answers to my questions, so I am grateful for any information anyone can give me. Regards, John
  15. Fair enough! My price was $20 plus postage. I can't get the postage under $8.50.
  16. I have a Fantasea triple clamp, which is identical to ULCS' but somewhat cheaper. It has only been in the water on one dive. You can have it for $28.50 including postage (from Sweden). Payment by Paypal. E-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se if you are interested.
  17. Please e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se John
  18. I need a YS-90 TTL Duo, possibly two. NB Not YS-90 AUTO or YS-90DX. Payment by Paypal. Please e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se John
  19. Hi, I've just bought a used housing that comes without handles. Does anybody have a couple, perhaps from an old analog housing?
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