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  1. The MicroNikkor 105mm lens, the Sigma 10-20mm, one arm and one clamp are now sold. The other items are still available. Prices as stated above.
  2. Having now reached the advanced age of 75, I am finding it a struggle to cope with a heavy dSLR set-up, particularly on land, and have therefore reluctantly decided to sell my D300 kit. The D300 is a wonderful camera and was the favourite among serious photographers not so long ago. This camera is in very good condition and has only about 10000 exposures, so it should be good for many more years of use. Everything in the box, a spare battery, two 4gb and two 8GB memory cards and the English manual are included. The housing is also in very good condition. It has never been flooded. It has a ball adapter on top for attaching a focus light (not included) and a visual leak detector (flashing diode). Zoom gears, o-rings, grease and maintenance kit are included. I have the following items for sale: Nikon D300 and Ikelite housing (NB I will only sell the camera and housing together): Price $800 LENSES (all in excellent condition and with front and rear caps): AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm DX lens. Price $90 MicroNikkor 60mm D lens Price $180 MicroNikkor 105mm D lens Price $160 Sigma Macro 50mm (Very similar to the MicroNikkor 60mm. 1:1 and very sharp). Price $140 Sigma 10-20mm DC HSM EX. Price $200 Tamron-F AF 1.4x Teleconverter. Price $60 PORTS (all in excellent condition, without significant scratches, and with neoprene covers): Ikelite dome port #5503.50 - for the 18-15mm lens (with a +2 diopter, included) and the Sigma 10-20mm set to 10mm. Price $120 Ikelite flat port #5502.41 - for the MicroNikkor 60mm. Price $60 Ikelite flat port #5505.5 - for the 105mm lens or the 60mm with the teleconverter. Price $70 Brand new (never been in the water) Ikelite flat port #5505 – for the Sigma 50mm. Price $75 STROBES, ARMS AND CLAMPS: Two Ikelite DS51 (fully functional, in good cosmetic condition and with diffusers) with Ikelite SA-100 arms and clamps. Price $230 each Two 6” double ball extension arms. Price $15 each Two extra clamps. Price $15 each SYNC CORDS: Two Ikelite to Ikelite #4103.52 TTL dual cords. Price $60 each One Ikelite to Ikelite #4103.51 TTL single cord. Price $40 ALL PRICES PLUS SHIPPING BUYERS FROM EU COUNTRIES DO NOT HAVE TO PAY CUSTOMS DUTY OR TAXES. PICTURES WILL BE SENT ON REQUEST IF YOU GIVE ME YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. E-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se if you have any questions or would like to know the shipping cost for any item.
  3. One option nobody has mentioned is to buy a secondhand four thirds camera (Panasonic or Olympus) and cheap plastic housing. The total outlay will be much less and the extra weight negligible. The set-up won't do everything your primary set-up does but it will enable you to take prety decent shots (and videos) in an emergency situation and at least you won't come home without any pictures.
  4. If that is so, why, for example, do Sea & Sea insist that only their lubricant in a yellow tube with a blue cap, and not their older lubricant in a tube with a white or black cap, should be used with their blue o-rings?
  5. The adapter and fibre optic cable are in excellent condition, look like new. For details, see here: http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/fiber-optic.html Picture here: http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/classifieds-photography/452827-ikelite-fibre-optic-adapter-4401-cable.html New they cost $80 + $80 = $160. My price $55 plus shipping. Payment by Paypal. Shipping $3 to EU countries, $3.50 to the USA, Canada, Australia etc.
  6. Thanks Bill! I had of course also done a Google search and found the same as you did plus that Reef Photo also have it on their website. Helix even had one on e-bay, which I bought only to receive an apologetic e-mail message saying that they are unable to supply the item and offering me a refund. I phoned Cameras Underwater and asked if they actually have one in stock. They don't and will remove the item from their website. I have e-mailed the same question to divingworldshop.be and Reef Photo but haven't yet received a reply. I don't hold out much hope though. This is the umpteenth time I've found items on shops' websites that have turned out to be impossible to obtain. My only hope seems to be to find a used one, so PLEEEASE HEEEEEELP, folks.
  7. I need this to mount an EV controller. It has unfortunately been discontinued and is no longer available. If you have one for sale, please e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se Payment by Paypal. Regards, John
  8. This is the ball mount for Ikelite DS50, DS51, DS125 and DS160 strobes. If you have one or Ikelite's own ball mount for sale, please e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se Payment by Paypal. Regards to all, John
  9. I second Erik's suggestion. The Sigma 10-20mm is a very useful compromise both on land and underwater. You may be able to find a good used one. I did and it cost me less than $250 plus shipping.
  10. I'm putting together a back-up set-up in case the unthinkable happens and am hoping somebody here can help me with this. Payment by Paypal. Regards, John
  11. Is there an adapter for this? If so, does anyone have one for sale?
  12. Thanks Chris! The minimum working distance of the lens is 30cm, so I was thinking of a maximum distance of 50-60cm with the lens at the 42cm setting (equal to 84cm for 35mm film). I doubt if there will be an ugly hotspot under those conditions as the beam is even and wide enough to fill the whole frame. I do realize that a strobe would be a better option in many ways and would naturally not consider using the focus light instead of a strobe with my D300 but I was hoping it would work sufficiently well with the Panasonic GF3 to provide a useful back-up system. Am I asking too much of a set-up that cost me less than $450 (the price for the camera, lens and u/w housing with a built-in port)?
  13. Yes, Bill, as stated in my post, "the housing has enough space for the camera's built-in flash to open a few millimetres, which is enough for the flash to fire".
  14. If I decided to use a strobe (one of my DS51's), I would buy Ikelite's fibre optic adapter #4401. However, the camera and housing (with built-in port) is a very compact and light set-up (weighs less than 1 kg) and adding several kilos of strobe and arms with clamps seems a little silly if I can get acceptable results with my powwerful focus light and Ultralight ball mount.
  15. I've just bought a Panasonic DMX-GF3 with the 14-42mm zoom lens (new display item in mint condition at a bargain price) and a Meikon-36 underwater housing as a back-up for my Nikon D300/Ikelite set-up. For those not familiar with the camera, it is a fairly basic but quite capable four-thirds mirrorless camera with HD video. The housing is a cheap Chinese polycarbonate housing with a cold shoe. There is no hot shoe so my possiblities of using a strobe are limited. I could possibly rig a make-shift fibre optic connection - the housing has enough space for the camera's built-in flash to open a few millimetres, which is enough for the flash to fire - but to start with I plan to try using my La Luz optics C-800 light, which has a powerful (maximum 800 lumens), even beam without a hotspot (I have the necessary hardware for attaching it). I'm pretty sure this will work for close-up video but will it work for close-up / macro still shots? I can set the camera's ISO setting to 600 without significant noise, so would f8-11 and aperture priority produce usable images? Grateful for any thoughts.
  16. If you have one of these for sale, please e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se Payment by Paypal. Thanks and regards, John
  17. If anyone has either of these they are willing to sell, I would be grateful if they would e-mail me at john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se Payment by Paypal. Thanks and regards, John
  18. Payment by Paypal. Regards, John
  19. Have you considered buying an Ikelite housing? It may not be as good ergonomically as Subal but it works fine and only costs $1500 http://www.submergec...ikon-d7000.html A friend of mine who is a very good underwater photographer likes to upgrade his set-up almost every time Nikon introduces a new, better camera and therefore chooses to use Ikelite housings for cost reasons. He is very satisfied with his Ikelite 6801.70 housing. I would imagine you could get enough by selling your D70s, Subal housing and ports to at least cover the cost of an Ikelite 6801.70 housing.
  20. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO UPGRADE FROM A COMPACT CAMERA TO A DIGITAL SLR WITHOUT ROBBING A BANK The D80 is essentially a D200 in a plastic body. It takes very nice pictures. A photo taken with my other D80 won me a free 6-day diving holiday in the Red Sea last November. This camera is like new. The shutter count is only about 1000, which is exceptionally low (Nikon guarantee the camera for at least 100 000). The camera comes in the original box, with software CD's, cables, a battery and charger, the Swedish manual (the English manual is available online from Nikon USA), no fewer than eight memory cards (five 4GB and three 2GB, which is more than enough for 6 days' diving with a new card every evening), and a card reader for rapid and safe transfer of images to your computer. No lenses are included but there are plenty of good lenses at reasonable prices on the UK and American e-bays. The housing is also in excellent condition. It has 4 port locks and a threaded top mount which takes Ikelite's or ULCS' 1” ball (for a focus light). Ikelite's 6” dome port #5503 is also included. There are minor scratches towards the edge but they do not show in the pictures. This is the port Ikelite recommends for the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens as well as various other wide-angle lenses, including the Tamron 19-35mm, which is a good mid-range zoom lens that sells for a very economical price. Photos sent on request. Price for the whole package 1200 US dollars. Payment by Paypal. Shipping by parcel post, fully insured, $85 to the UK or any other EU country, $125 to the USA and other non-European countries. NB Sweden is a member of the EU. Buyers in other EU countries do not have to pay customs duty or tax.
  21. If anyone has a D300 housing for sale, please PM me.
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