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  1. Thanks! The Cedar Pride is a so-called "Disney wreck", i.e. cleaned up and sunk for divers to play on. There are lots of wrecks of this kind in different places around the world. The maximum depth is only about 30 m (100 ft) and there is nowhere you can get trapped. My port is #5503. If you wish, Ikelite will upgrade your housing with four port locks for $150 plus return shipping. In my opinion, it's well worth the money as it means two ports can be broken or open themselves without the port coming loose. I see now that you will need the Tokina lens wit the Canon mount. The ones Berger Bros are offering have the Nikon mount but they may have the Canon version as well.
  2. Used Tokina 10-17mm lenses are hard to find. Most people who have the lens love it and won't want to part with it. In fact many uw photographers who are tempted to switch to a full-frame camera have decided to stick to dx just because they want to be able to use this lens. I did a worldwide search on E-bay and found that there isn't one for sale anywhere at the moment. However Berger Bros have a couple of new ones they are selling at a good price http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Tokina-10-17mm-f-3-5...=item3f06735418 If you want the lens, it might be a good idea to get it now as it seems likely that Tokina are about to stop making it, if they haven't already done so. All the shots shown here http://johngulliver.smugmug.com/Underwater...119634325_NtBYo were taken with the Tokina 10-17mm at 10mm and Ikelite's 6" dome port (my first attempts with the lens, by the way). The fisheye effect is obvious in several of them (curved straight lines at the edges).
  3. A friend of mine here in Sweden needs one. Does anyone have one for sale? Payment by Paypal.
  4. ULCS preferred but anything considered. I also need 6 clamps. Payment by Paypal.
  5. I am posting this ad for a friend here in Sweden but will pay (by Paypal) myself. The serial number(s) must be higher than 5000. The strobe(s) should preferably be fitted with 1" ball mounts. I also need a dual sync cord (#4103.52).
  6. But as Blind diver has told us he has severely impaired vision and has problems using an ordinary viewfinder, perhaps an LCD screen would replace the camera's viewfinder in his case, don't you think.
  7. I get your point re after a year but. as Bent C pointed out, Ikelite don't have a service centre in Europe, whereas my regulator manufacturer has a number of authorized service centres in Sweden and dozens in Europe, so it's not really comparable. I won't be keeping my housing for only a couple of years, by the way. My 15-year-old Audi A6 TDI doesn't have AC or GPS but it gets me from A to B as comfortably, safely and quickly as a new one would. I reckon my D80 will do me fine for the rest of my sports diving career, which at my age presumably means 5 years at the most
  8. Do you mean that the control o-rings in Subal housings never wear or dry out? Surely, Subal housings need regular servicing as much as Ikelite (or any other) housings do? Sea & Sea housings certainly need servicing every year or two in my experience. I'd have thought not having your housing serviced was asking for trouble.
  9. I second that. I can recommend a Fisheye FIX LED500 DX if you can afford it. It's expensive but much better than any of the many other focus lights I've owned and in your situation you probably need the best. In fact, I would personally prioritise the focus light over a second lens and port. Actually, if your waters are as murky as ours, as I suspect they are, I think you'll find yourself using the 60mm macro lens almost all the time and the Tokina 10-17mm hardly at all except on your trips to the Red Sea.
  10. I have to disagree with Bent on this. Shipping to Indianapolis is not cheap but Ikelite's turn-around time is, in my experience, very short and return shipping to Sweden very fast, usually only two days, by DHLR. Also, Ikelite will move you to the top of the list if you can give them a good reason, like an overseas trip in the near future. A service centre in Europe would only reduce the shipping cost by about 10%. For example, a 2 kilo parcel costs 298 Swedish Crowns within Europe, 328 outside Europe - and I doubt very much if you would save more than two days at the most in total turn-around time.
  11. I have bought most of my photo equipment used (but not my present housing) and have never been ripped off. If you buy from someone on this forum or Scubaboard, you are pretty safe. I have also bought (and sold) lots of photo stuff on E-bay without ever having had any problems. E-bay's buyer protection is very good these days and I find sellers describe their items very honestly and always mention any faults or blemishes. The feedback system ensures that anybody who tries to rip off a buyer will never be able to sell on E-bay again.
  12. I agree that Blind Diver would be well advised to get an external viewfinder. It should be easy enough to check whether an external viewfinder is compatible with the Ikelite D7000 housing. Why assume that it won't? I don't agree re the modular port system. The Ikelite ports I suggested are very compact, much more compact than the Sea & Sea ports I previously owned. As regards the 105mm lens , it would be a long way down on my priorities list in Blind Diver's situation. I've never used mine here in Sweden, only on trips abroad, and BD only does one Red Sea trip a year. I used my 60mm and 105mm lenses about equally often on my recent Red Sea trip, so the 60mm lens will enable him to take lots of great shots there too. And even if he does eventually decide to get a 105mm lens, the Ikelite port isn't much bigger than the 60mm port, certainly a lot smaller than the Sea & Sea port with the extension ring. I have no difficulty packing all my three Ikelite ports for overseas trips. By the way, I quoted the prices for new ports in my previous post but I bought all my three ports used and they were all in perfect condition and a lot cheaper than new ones would have been. BD might be able to do the same if he puts a Want-to-Buy post in the Classifieds section of this forum.
  13. You must have a lot of careless acquaintances! If the housing's and port's o-rings are properly seated and compressed there is no reason why anyone should flood their housing, unless the o-rings for the controls leak due to the owner's failure to send the housing to Ikelite for its annual service. Actually, I have two friends who are excellent photographers (one semipro) who choose to use Ikelite housings because they upgrade theeir cameras to the latest, most expensive, models every couple of years.
  14. Maybe it's time for a reality check. Blind Diver intimated from the start that he is on a limited budget and yet people here continue to recommend housings and ports for thousands of dollars whereas he could get a perfectly serviceable set-up that would last him for years (provided he didn't drop it on a concrete floor) for a fraction of the price. My suggestion: An Ikelite housing @ $1500, Ikelite flat port #5502.41 (for the 60mm lens) @ $140 and dome port #5503 (for the 60mm lens) @$190 (B & H's prices) and a used Ikelite DS125 strobe @ approximately $550. You can still buy a brand new 60mm D lens for $400 here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Nikon-AF-60mm-60-f-2...=item27b6c93192 and you can get a brand new Tokina 10-17 for $576 here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Tokina-AF-10-17mm-f-...=item3f00ee50f9 I've bought several lenses from Hong Kong sellers, byy the way, and never had any problems. I've never had to pay duty and tax either. Total cost of housing, ports and strobe (arm not included but there are plenty of good used arms for sale) $2380. Lenses $976. Total cost of rig less than $3500. I must add that although several people here have more or less written off Ikelite housings, they have important advantages, in my opinion, namely good TTL circuitry in combination with Ikelite strobes, the ability to check that the housing and port o-rings are properly seated and a foolproof port locking system with the new four locks. I have previously owned Sea & Sea housings and always needed help removing the ports after a dive as it was impossible to unscrew them without help. I much prefer Ikelite's locking system.
  15. Why? I use a DS51 in combination with a DS125 and it works fine, even with the Tokina 10-17mm. Two of my friends use the same combination and take great pictures with it. The DS51 doesn't cover as wide an angle as the DS125 but the power is the same and the compact size and low weight of the DS51 make it a good choice for travelling divers or anyone who has to carry their rig more than a few yards on land. I use Ikelite's 1 1/2 hour quick charger and the batteries that came with it and they give me enough juice for a full day's diving. All in all, I much prefer my DS51 to the Nikonos SB105's and Sea & Sea YS-90DX's I've used with other rigs.
  16. Sorry if I'm dense but I can't find Alex' review. Where is it?
  17. I need 2 clamps, preferably the new type, allowing 15 degrees side-to-side movement, but if you only have the older type I'll take them. Payment by Paypal. I live in Sweden, by the way. Regards to all, John
  18. If anyone has a spare port cover lying around I'd love to buy it. Regards, John
  19. Just to clarify, I am interested in a DS51 strobe head plus diffuser and a 1" ball adapter if you have one. I'm sure we can reach agreement re the price. Please e-mail me at the above adress as soon as possible as I have a Red Sea trip coming up shortly.
  20. Hi, If you would be willing to split the package, I would be interested in one of the strobes. I live in Sweden, can pay by Paypal. E-mailadress john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se Regards, John PS I tried to PM you but you have evidently disabled the function.
  21. Hi, If anyone has one of these lying around, I would like to buy it. NB The serial number must be at least 5000. Because of the customs duty and tax problem, I would prefer to buy from a seller in an EU country but would consider all offers. Thanks! John
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