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  1. A complete, ready to go, underwater video set up. This is a year old and comprises the following: 1. USVH underwater PC model video housing with extended electronic controls (see www.usvh.com for details)for use up to 75m. 2. Includes blue water filter, green water filter, port, o-rings, trim weights, spares etc. 3. In housing LCD unit for real time viewing of shots. Includes battery and charger. 4. Sony PC350E 3mp camcorder plus 3 batteries (one sony standard, one sony high capacity and one grey import high capacity). 5. Sony 0.6x wide angle lens. 6. Grey import 0.45x wide angle lens that also incorporates a macro lens. 7. All leads, disks, docking station, cleaning tape and manuals. This kit is in excellent condition and has never leaked !! Im looking for £1000 (GBP) plus postage. Contact me on john.kirk80@ntlworld.com for more details and pics. Im based in the UK
  2. Im in the UK and went for the USVH housing for my 350E. Electronic controls, reasonable cost, monitor etc - cant wait for delivery within the next week or so. Its also future proof to some degree and Warren was very helpful
  3. Looking to house a sony PC350 UW video. Would prefer electronic controls and must be in great condition. I can be contacted on john.kirk80ATntlworld.com (remove AT and replace with usual
  4. Hi there. I am looking to buy an underwater video outfit - preferably a Sony PC330E/350E plus housing (OI/USVH/MAKO). Cash waiting. Im based in the UK so camcorder needs to be PAL standard. Other PC models considered Anyone looking to sell - will be interested if the price is right !! Email me on john.kirk80ATntlworld.com (remove AT and replace with usual) Thanks
  5. Ikelite underwater housing for Canon EOS 300D SLR camera (part number 6870). In excellent condition, comes with dome port (part number 5503), double handles with quick release for strobe arms and O ring. Contact me at john.kirk80ATntlworld.com (remove the AT and replace with the usual) Absolute bargain at £500.
  6. The UW camera set up is on sale for £1200 NOT £1500 as originally advertised. This was an error on my part. Also, the camera and lenses are on sale for £800. get a total UW set up for £2000 complete !!!!!
  7. I am thinking of moving on to video so am selling a COMPLETE Ikelite underwater set up for the Canon Digital rebel (EOS300D). All you need to add is the camera and lenses (which I might also consider selling) Here is the list of goodies: 1. Ikelite underwater housing 2. Dome port for 18-55mm and 15mm lenses 3. Flat port for Canon 100mm USM macro lens - includes manual focus ring 4. Manual EV controller 5. camera to strobe/controller sync cord 6. Ikelite strobe arm 7. Ikelite DS 125 strobe - the dogs doodahs !! 8. Strobe charger I want £1200 for the lot (priced as new on camerasunderwater.co.uk at £1824 The kit is in great condition. I also have the camera set up to go inside the housing as follows: 1. Canon EOS300D 6mp digital camera 2. Canon 18-55mm kit lens 3. Canon f2.8 100mm USM macro lens - used once and has warranty 4. Sigma 15mm FE wide angle lens 5. 1x1gb, 1x512mb, 1x256mb CRF cards 6. Battery charger 7. Canon 55-200 telephoto lens 8. various odds and ends 9. Manual, cables, software disks Price - contact me if interested - £800 email on john.kirk80@ntlworld.com Pics supplied on request. I am based in the UK
  8. here are a few pics from my recent trip to the maldives. This, and a lot more can be found on www.scubablue.co.uk Any feedback would be welcome
  9. As another UK Canon user (300D) am i right in that the ETTL can be retrofitted to the Ike housing (just swop the backplates ?). Also am I right in assuming that if I convert to ETTL I can do away with the manual controller. Finally - will the existing DS125 to housing cable need replacing. Tha ETTL set up looks goooooooooood !!! - How much ?????
  10. Thanks for the help and advice. So - anyone any other views on the canon 50mm F2.5 versus the Sigma 50mm F2.8 EX ?? The Canon seems to get the most use and reviews from what I can see.
  11. Thanks NLAVD - based on that then I`ll be looking for a Canon 50mm F2.5 macro
  12. Thanks for the info. I currently have the kit lens (18 - 55mm) and the Ike 5503 domeport. can the above lenses be used inside this dome ?? If needs be I will get an altenative port anyway. I assume the 100mm lens is a bit more specialist because it is a zoom lens and the 50mm a fixed/prime lens ?? In reality, what do you need to do different with the 100mm - is it technique ???
  13. I am the proud owner of a 300D/Ike housing/DS125 setup. I am not a novice but neither am I an expert My next purchase will be a macro lens. Can you give recommendations on what you think would be the best for this set up, with pros and cons Thanks for your help !!!
  14. Now thats interesting - I took my DRebel out today for the first time and had exactly the same problem but it went after switching off then on again. Ike - I am based in the UK - do I have to send mine back to you (got it from Ryan) or will you replace via a UK distributer ?? I`ve only had mine 2 weeks !! - if I do not return for the upgrade will the `fault` damage either my DS125 or DRebel ???
  15. Interesting comment on Dive magazine (not to be confused with Diver. Dive magazine is a local BSAC publication as is thought of in some quarters to be old fashioned. Just goes to show you will never please everyone !!
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