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  1. Hi billywinter, I''m interested in your offer, I've seen the ebay-auction. But it says "may not ship to Spain". So first question. Would ship to Spain? The flat port for macro supports Canon 100mm L macro ? I would prefere exclude the lens from the offer. Thanks,
  2. Ok. Then le me know final cost including shipment. My email:amadeo.zarza@gmail.com Rgds, Amadeo
  3. I live in Spain, Let me kwow what is the shipping way and payment mode. Thanks
  4. Hi Kris, Yes, interested in Housing alone aswell, what is final price for housing? Thanks, Amadeo
  5. Hi, Is this still for sale??
  6. IS this still for sale? price? Rgds, Amadeo
  7. HI Paddy, If this is still for sale, I would be interested in Ikelite houseing for 7D. do you have a price just for this housing? Thanks, Amadeo
  8. Hi, this is still for sale? Rgds, Amadeo
  9. Hi Dsanders, I'm interested in a wide angle lens for my Canon 20D. IS this Canon EF-S 10-22mm still for sale? Regards, Amadeo
  10. Hi guys, I'm from Spain, so you should be able to send the lens to Madrid. I would like to get some offers. Regards, Amadeo
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a wide angle lens for a Canon 20D. Initially, I'm interested int Canon EFS 10-22 mm but any other option will be consider. Regards, Amadeo
  12. Hi, I'm interested in Canon 10-22mm EF-S wide angle zoom lens. What's your price for that? Regards, Amadeo
  13. Hi, I've recently adquired a canon 20d, however I use a Olympus C5050 for UW pictures, I'm considering to use the canon 20D if the investment is reasonable. So I would like to know what is your price and if you would sell pieces separately. I'm from Spain, but if this is a problem I have family in London who could receive the gear. I wait for your news. Regards, Amadeo
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