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  1. Hi billywinter, I''m interested in your offer, I've seen the ebay-auction. But it says "may not ship to Spain". So first question. Would ship to Spain? The flat port for macro supports Canon 100mm L macro ? I would prefere exclude the lens from the offer. Thanks,
  2. Ok. Then le me know final cost including shipment. My email:amadeo.zarza@gmail.com Rgds, Amadeo
  3. I live in Spain, Let me kwow what is the shipping way and payment mode. Thanks
  4. Hi Kris, Yes, interested in Housing alone aswell, what is final price for housing? Thanks, Amadeo
  5. Hi, Is this still for sale??
  6. IS this still for sale? price? Rgds, Amadeo
  7. HI Paddy, If this is still for sale, I would be interested in Ikelite houseing for 7D. do you have a price just for this housing? Thanks, Amadeo
  8. Hi, this is still for sale? Rgds, Amadeo
  9. Hi Dsanders, I'm interested in a wide angle lens for my Canon 20D. IS this Canon EF-S 10-22mm still for sale? Regards, Amadeo
  10. Hi guys, I'm from Spain, so you should be able to send the lens to Madrid. I would like to get some offers. Regards, Amadeo
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a wide angle lens for a Canon 20D. Initially, I'm interested int Canon EFS 10-22 mm but any other option will be consider. Regards, Amadeo
  12. Hi, I'm interested in Canon 10-22mm EF-S wide angle zoom lens. What's your price for that? Regards, Amadeo
  13. Hi, I've recently adquired a canon 20d, however I use a Olympus C5050 for UW pictures, I'm considering to use the canon 20D if the investment is reasonable. So I would like to know what is your price and if you would sell pieces separately. I'm from Spain, but if this is a problem I have family in London who could receive the gear. I wait for your news. Regards, Amadeo
  14. Thanks for your response Jlyle, doyou know if I could use the Inon 2000 strobe with canon 20d?
  15. First of all, thanks for your comments guys. Well, its good to me to see that every one had the same dilemma, due to the same reason. That means that I'm walking the same way that people more experineced than me. As all of you know, the background of all of this is the money. Dive equipment, photography gear, dive trips ... are not specially chip. Nothing new for you. Objectively, in terms of use (I've only done about 50 dives in 3 years with this gear), it seems clear that is too soon to renew. However, as has been said, shutter lag is really frustating. I'm going to share with you an anecdote even though its a little bit humiliating to me: First time I used my C5050 was in Tiger Beach with Jim (I suppose all of you know Jim and Tiger Beach as they are very famous on this forum). Probably is not the better site for a beginner to start to shoot, you know, to many things to control while a lot of hughe sharks are arond you. Since I wasted som dozens of pictures because I only shot in 'P' mode, some colleagues had the patience to explain to me some concepts about aperture, and shutter speed and then I was able to take som acceptable pictures. BUT, lot of times when I turn the camera after to shoot to see the picture on the screen I only found an out of focus picture of the hite sand (?). It took to me sometime to find out that what was happening is that I was turning the camera to quick after to press the sutter and the picture was taken when the camera was pointing to the bottom. Obviously this doesn't happen now but still I can show you some nice pictures, very well focused, first plane of the shark body but without the head .... Jlyle, After to change to E-330, what kind of pictures were you be able to do that you cannot do before? What I really try to know is if I will expereince a big difference in case to use the 20d. On another hand guys, how many dives or dive trip do you do at year? I'm from Spain and the average of rates for dive trips (the really good ones)is about 3000€, its difficult to me to manage enoguh budget to do more than one at year, having in account that I also like other kind of trips like land safaris, go to ski ... Best regards Amadeo
  16. Hi guys, I have a Olympus C5050, with Olumpus PT-015 housing and Inon 2000 strobe. I began with this camera in 2005 (with Jim Abernethy in Tiger beach !!). So I'm a beginer in photography (land and UW). I've been able to shoot nice pictures with this gear and the lots of bad pictures were due to my lack of experince than limits of camera capabilities. My progress on photography is being very slow, due mainly that usually I'm only able to do a dive trip per year, which means an average of 20 dives per year. Said that, the only inconvenient that I have with my current equipment, as all of you know, is the time of shoot which is very slow with this camera. As I've adquired a Canon 20D (initially for land pictures purposes), I'm considering to jump to DSLR for UW picures also. So, that's the question. Jump to DSLR or continue with Oly C-5050? In case to change, what could be a good configuration to start with (housing, strobe, lens ...) Any advice will be welcome. Thanks and Regards ! Amadeo
  17. Hi Georg, I recently adquired a canon 20D, I use a Oly C5050 for UW pictures but I'm considering to try with my new DSL, so I could be intersted in your offer. How much are you thinking about? I'm from Spain, so no problem with customs. Regards, Amadeo
  18. Hi, I recently adquired a Canon 20D camera, initially for land pictures, for uw pictures I'm using an Olympus C5050 with Olympus PT-015 housing and Inon 2000 strobe. I'm a beginer in photography, so I'm considering to buy the housing for the canon 20d and may the strobes and some lens to begin. what is the price of that pieces.? Also I'm living in Spain, could you send the gear here? Thanks and regards, Amadeo
  19. Thanks to all of you!! We have to organize the itinerary carefully, and decide what national parks we will visit and how much time we will spent in every site. Catalina & anacapa islands or Channel Island National park at Santa Barbara looks like good choices also (I didn't know before). Probably we would need a road map to calculate distances and time and then decide to if drive or flight. Fortunatelly, gasoline is cheaper in the US than here in Europe !! Cheeers!
  20. OK, I'll try. It looks a good tip, mainly to shoot to big subjects moving. If it works I could shoot sometime more with the Olympus an learn more before to change to Canon ... THANKS a lot !
  21. Hello guys, We are two couples from Spain planning to go to the west and visit national parks (yosemite, yellowstone, grand canion, etc). We're two divers and two non-divers, and we think that we could combine the national parks with some dives. We think to spent about 3 weeks of August on this trip, maybe 2 weeks for national parks and one week to dive or so ... Initially, we think that Baja could be a good choice, however we are open ... could someone advise about that? Is it a good seasson to go there? is it a good place for non-divers while we dive? any recommendation about dive center or accommodation? Should we take a flight or could we drive to go there? Any recommendation about this or other choices will be wellcome Thanks and best regards ! Amadeo
  22. Hi jlyle, That's what I guessed, thanks to confirm. Yep, I always use half press the shutter, however, as you pointed the subject don't remain static (specially sharks ...) I really wasted hundred of pictures due to that ... Recently, I've adquired a Canon 20D (second hand) initially for land pictures (i love land safaris also !) and I'm considering to complete the gear to dive with it, may be you can help me to decide. The following are pros an cons to change to Canon Pros ---------- - quick shoot ! - best quality - wide variety of lens Cons ----------- - very expensive to complete the gear (housing, strobes, lens). - I think the C-5050 still offer to much that I know to use, in fact the only inconveniente that I've found until now is the slow shoot. - enough quality of pictures. Thanks for your reply !! amadeo
  23. Hello guys, I'm a new member of this forum, my gear is Olympus c5050 with PT-015 + Inon 2000 strobe + Inon UW 100 wide angle wet len. However I began to shot in 2005 (in the Shear Water with Jim Abernethy at Tiger Beach !!) I'm just a beginer regarding UW photography because I just have a chance to do a dive trip once at year maybe twice if I'm lucky, which means 20/30 dives per year. This causes that my progress shooting UW is ver, very slow. However, I've been able to to shot some nice pictures with it. My main concern with this gear is that is very slow shooting. I know that compact cameras are slow, but my question is about why the gap of time since I press the shootter until the picture is taken is not always the same ?? this time is sometimes less than a second, sometimes 1 second and sometimes more than 2 seconds (?) I guess it could be related with autofocus but I really don't know. Could someone, explain how it works and if there is any technique or tip to know when the picture will be taken since I press the shooter? Sorry it this is a very basic question Rgds, Amadeo
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