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  1. I'm looking for a gently used Nauticam D800/D810 system, preferably including arms, port (wide angle), strobes. Feel free to email zransom0304@gmail.com if you have similar gear for sale. Thanks! www.zransom.com
  2. Okay $500 should sell it all day, the lens and mount alone are worth more!
  3. Price Drop $3750! Make me an offer, everything is in great condition!
  4. Thanks! Yes, nearly all were taken with either the T2i or the SD960 which I also have for sale. I'm still having an internal struggle regarding what to go with next. The D800 is certainly near the top of the list, but switching to Nikon would mean a substantial investment. I'm also considering just picking up a used 5Dmkii or even settling for a 7D. Not to mention the 6D and D600 thrown into the mix! I have been weighing pros and cons for months now. Any suggestions would be great!
  5. Hello, firends. For sale is my Canon SD 960 IS with canon housing and Inon Wide angle Bayonette style wet lens. This is a great little camera package that served me well, it has just been sitting in my camera closet so its time for it to go to a new home. The camera is great out of water as well and easily fits in a pocket. New this setup would cost: Camera:$300.00 Housing:$200.00 Lens Mount:120.00 Lens:400.00 Total:1020 Selling complete package for $650.00 or best offer
  6. For sale is my beloved Canon T2i setup as seen in the photo, however the strobes, arms, and gopro are not included. Included are the following: Canon T2i Body, Tokina 10-17 with zoom gear, Aquatica housing, Aquatica 8 inch dome with shade, sea n sea fiber optic sync cables, Aquatica extension ring, all original boxes, manuals, warranties etc. This system is only about a year old and has been on two dive trips, photos of its image capabilities can be found at www.zransom.com. I am selling to make a giant leap into full frame. New these items would cost: Housing: $2100 Camera:$640.00 Lens:$670.00 Port extension:$220.00 Zoom Gear:$130.00 Port:$520.00 Port Shade:$135.00 Sync Cords:$160.00 Total:$4575 + tax Selling all in gently used condition for $4000
  7. Hi there! I'm curious if you have the camera and lens for sale as well?
  8. did this sell catalina? If not please send me a message
  9. Hello All! I will be joining the good folks of the Shear Water on a trip to Tiger Beach this summer and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the efficacy of bringing a GoPro for some unique video. My main rig is a Canon T2i with aquatica housing, 8" dome, Tokina 10-17, and two S&S 110A strobes. Although I can shoot HD video on the T2i, I am considering purchasing a Hero2 and anti blur housing, along with a pole attachment of some sort in the hopes of achieving perhaps some over under shots from the boat or some very close ups of the pointy end of the sharks without having to worry about scratches on my dome port. Any thoughts or advice would be great. Thanks! -Zach
  10. For sale is a great underwater photography setup that has served me very well. The base of the system is a Canon SD 960 IS featuring a Digic 4 Processor and 12.1 MP which also shoots HD video!. Surrounding the camera is Canon housing WP-DC32 which is a great little housing rated to 200 feet. Also included is Inon wide angle lens UWL-100 as well as the mount for the housing, the lens alone cost me $400. All boxes manuals software etc are included. I have taken some great shots with this system, examples can be seen at www.zransom.com. $650 takes the lot. I also have a Canon 50D for sale if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
  11. I am looking to purchase a housing and strobe system primarily, for either a Canon T2i or 7D. I have aquatica dome ports already so an aquatica housing would be preferable. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Zach www.zransom.com
  12. Hello everyone! I have been researching my jump into the dslr market for quite some time now but I would love some input from those who know best, you guys! Currently I am using a Canon 50D on land, and a Canon SD960 with Inon WA lens underwater. I feel that I am quite frequently experiencing moments while diving that I just can't capture with my current rig. The question is this. I have been looking at selling my two cameras and investing in a t2i outfit, then Canon comes out with the t3i, and the 60D! I do like the option of shooting video which is the only reason I dont want to buy a housing for the 50D I already own. Of these cameras, t2i, t3i, 60D, 50D, or even a comparable nikon which would you reccomend? It worries me a bit that canon seems to come out with a new rebel every year but from the video and photo I have seen from the t2i it looks great. Also these may be more readily available used and as far as I know there isn't a t3i housing out there yet. I have used a Nikon D200 underwater while working as a DM and here is a link to some of those photos along with some from the SD 960 www.zransom.com. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank for your time. -Zach
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