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  1. Right now 125 Images are left on the Webpage. When I've checked last time it has been 200+. So he/she is deleting quite some Images already. Let's see, what's remain left (most likely none). Uwe Schmolke
  2. My images seems to be deleted (at least I can't find them any more). Most likely he/she has been informed or is reading in here or FB (where the Topic is discussed as well. Uwe Schmolke
  3. I recognized quite some of my Images on this site. Actually the link to the Image you've mentioned above does not work, but creates an error message. So he/she might follow this conversation already and started to act. Else I don't know how to act. Many thanks for Information anyhow. Uwe Schmolke
  4. Hi, I am still shooting D 200. Good for macro, but when running WA by bad condition D200 is working well up to ISO 200. Therefore I am considering to upgrade to D300, possibly D400 (when fitting by size). Could someone provide information on how to upgrade Nexus D 200 housing to D 300? Possibly the already announced D 400 might get in this housing as well. Many thanks Uwe
  5. Many thanks and congratulations to all the ones lucky enough to be among the winners (-; @ I am happy to receive "People's Choice Award" by the ones visiting the exhibition. Many thanks to all the ones supporting. See you Uwe Schmolke
  6. Congrats Nige! Well done Looking forward for more to come. Uwe
  7. Many thanks I am happy to be among the winners in this well recognized competition. Congratulations to all other listed Uwe Schmolke
  8. Congratulation, great performance Uwe Schmolke
  9. Congratulation to all winners Excellent photos indeed Some very familar names. Uwe
  10. Congratulation to all winners Didn't I've seen the spern whale pic in here already :? Uwe
  11. Results are out: http://laups.org/international_results/i2009/index.php Quite lucky I've realized to be among the winners So, today is an pretty good one Uwe
  12. Congratulations Augusto! I've been diving Arraial do Cabo some time ago myself and wondered how cold brazilian waters are, just bringing 5mm wetsuit with me All the best Uwe Schmolke
  13. What a photo Colin :!:
  14. Congratulation Alex! Excellent image! Your reward is well deserved. Uwe Schmolke
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