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  1. Thanks guys, looks like I'll probably be looking at the S&S. Jerry
  2. Hi guys, I'm getting the new Olympus OM-D e-m5 and am planning on the Nauticam housing for it. As for flash units, which do you think is better suited to this camera/housing combo?
  3. It looks like your sensor is quite dirty.
  4. Sorry to bring this thread back from the depths, but I was wondering if there has been any updates on the Nikon V1 and uw housings for the camera. Has anyone other than Nauticam used this camera underwater? I realize the image size is small (10megs), but the fast focus has me wondering if this is the camera for me. I don't intend to put out large prints, only 11x14 or smaller or web photos. I don't care for the p&s cameras due to the slow focus. Jerry
  5. Hi guys! New poster here. I’m about to get back into diving after a hiatus of about 15 years. Suffice to say, I’m a bit bewildered by the amount of new stuff out there. I’ve just picked up a Nikon D300 and will be looking at some of the housings, but the last time I dove, I used a Nikonos V. I’ve got a Nikon 100 2.8 , 35mm 2.0 and 20 2.8 lenses, but I was thinking of picking up a Sigma 10-20mm zoom. Does anyone use one of these and if so, are they sharp on the edges (at least enough sharp)? Any helpful hints would be great. As for my diving ,I’m kind of a warm water wimp so will be spending my dive time in tropical locations. Thanks! Jerry
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