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  1. i am using inon 5 and 10 diopters, both do not have the extra protruding lens. But i do understand the distance issue. On land the combo works ok, but have not tried with water. Last year the price of a true flip was too much for me. I might look around for a better price. Not sure why these cheap flip manufacturers can not to the same flip as the more expensive. The craftsmanship's is decent enough, I would think there would have tried it and somehow failed.
  2. Last year i bought a lens flip adapter, it was cheap, but made very well, but does not use the same format as the more expensive versions. This works by bypass sliding, not flip. I bought it for a trip last years but trips were cancel and never used it. Just wanted to know if anyone has tied this cheap version? This adapter works very smooth and is nicely made. no complaints above the water. https://www.ebay.com/itm/67mm-Camera-Lens-Flip-Adapter-Mount-for-Underwater-Housing-Diving-Cover-Red/352564887073?hash=item5216813e21:g:4lAAAOSwXc9cNhFz
  3. I have no recommendations, but I will not get a non self serviceable reachable battery. L&M charging $150 to swap out the battery, not for me. Also, my bigger reason, I rather have 2 batteries. Always having a second battery for backups; using one while the other charges if I have long dark dives, I can swap the battery on ever dive and not need to recharge during dives. no need for service calls
  4. also st martin is cheaper airfare and a shorter trip if going for a few days. Also,also, many divers hate st martin for some reason, me and my 2 buddies have no issues.
  5. This is before the hurricane, so everything might be very different now. I have around 40 dives as St Martin/Sint Maarten and 15 in bonaire. Different dive sites. St Martin/Sint Maarten is all boat dives, bonaire is all shore dives. There are plenty of things to see in St Martin/Sint Maarten. Some sharks, wrecks, and plenty of boring underwater sand, but when your are on a nice site, it is very nice. If I had to pick, I would go back to St Martin/Sint Maarten, Bonaire(I felt) was all very similar. St Martin/Sint Maarten you can divesdifferent types of senery, which is nice, but you need a boat. If you go to St Martin/Sint Maarten, make sure it is not a cruise ship dive boat. You want to get away from the Harbor and explore the island. Check out the pictures and then ask questions., http://www.mwdives.com/2011 Sint Martin/index.html#img=2011-11-19 St Martin - Porpoise - That Confounded Bridge_01.jpg http://www.mwdives.com/2008 Saba - St Martin/index.html
  6. I use a 2 diy beech straps,connected to the left and right ball joints to my upper shoulder d rings and a 3 foot 3/8 bungee cord that is always connected to my tray and to a d ring on my belt.. The beech straps make entry/exit easy if i need my hands for other items(fins) or for other safety issues. When in the water i disconnect the beech straps and only use the bungee in case i some drop my rig. My rig is always connected with the bungee and the beech straps keep the rig close to my chest while walking or swimming in shallow waters.
  7. I always thought why no one, including my self, has never tried a baby lift bag that can have air added at depth. Maybe someone has and it was a bad idea, but i do not think so. I heard people using plastic bottles tied to their kit.
  8. Thanks EVERONE, looks good. I have a another one to add. Clean your lenses(should be a no brainer ).
  9. While diving last year, a photographer told me a tip to try to take pictures of some critters facing the current(maybe i remember it backwards). Can we share some of these tips? I was looking for a book or website that had some useful tips but i could not find anything. I am not only looking for camera tips, also fish/critter tips. Like, best time of day to see something. Full moon days does this. If you see this fish, look around and you will see it partner close by there symbiotic relationship. Like shrimp and sea cucumbers stay together. tips so far: Take pictures into the current for head shots. symbiotic relationships: Sea Anemone and Clownfish Sea Cucumber and Shrimp
  10. I agree with the price and the annoyance, I would rather have a flip up than this slide to the side. It is another item to watch I do not touch/hurt anything or scratch the lens. thanks
  11. Has anyone tried one of the cheaper m67(or other size) flip adapters like the one below? Does it work well? How is the quality? Can you recommend any seller? Last year I bought a few step down rings from ebay and I am happy with those. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Underwater-67mm-adapter-ring-for-flip-Swing-Wet-lens-M67-threaded-Housings/331918436227?hash=item4d47e16783:g:NqwAAOSwFjleBeDo&autorefresh=true
  12. If you have a private talk, can you please post all questions publicly. I would love to learn myself. This is also might be a great new thread to start. How to find all sorts of creatures, from food habits, hunting habits, currents and other ways. No one ever talks in detail how to find our underwater friends to take pictures of.
  13. I will sign your petition if you have one. Unfortunately I will think no manufacturer will be that kind.
  14. Thanks, Reef Photo came back to me and said it is a motherboard issue, but they have no service parts available. Bummer. ( I updated my profile)
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