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  1. Moi Snuuba Helsingista, I have the Dreb + kit lens and the Ike housing for it. The gear and the adaptor comes with the housing. You have to order the port separately. Basically how it works in that there is a little stretchy ring that you put over your lens. Then you put a cylinger inside f the port which corrents with groves to a tounge on the stretchy ring. The cylonger has "gears" or "teeth" that engage with a knob, so you can "turn" the cylider while underwater. This is how you zoom your lens. Hope your ice melts early, and that you have a long warm divey summer. Terveisa sinne Suomeen taalta jenkkejen Neitsytsaareilta! Marjo
  2. ike is fantastic! PAste, maybe we will get your "abborrar' and "gaddor" in a wa shot after all! :wink:
  3. Nope, I am not saying that at all if you read my post. I am saying to be aware of the fact that drebel+ike is not compatible with the wide 12-24mm. Anyhow, Nikon has a better selection of super wide angle lenses than Canon. Selection of camera and housing is of cousrse dependant on what kind of shooting yo are planning to do.. and for some of us, also... belive it or not... the price of the complete package. The drebel and the ike housing, as well as Sigma lenses are appealing to those of us who want to land withing a certain budget. However, if money is no object whatsoever, the the selection of housing etc is of course wider.
  4. Hejsan Paste, I bought the 300d with the intention of using the Sigma 12-24mm housed in Ikelite. (Ikelite because of their supposedly superior service, as opposed to Aquatica, which some of my buddies have had trouble with, and also because of the availability of housing right now). However, I only just was made aware that Ike does not at least yet have ports that will house the sigma 12-24mm. So if the 12-24 lens is really important to you, the you'll be better off with the Nikon... but you willhave to wait for the housing a while. Topside, I am really happy with the dREBEL. I find it a bit sad that it gets the "Cheap treat" because it is a truly great camera. The proof is in the pics, not in the tag. Another thing to keep in mind is that soon we will look back at the 6.3 m cameras and wonder why we paid all this $$$... All the best from a former vasteras roedeers fan...
  5. Thanks guys for pointing out that the Sigma 12-24 won't work, you saved me from unpleasant surprise. I hear uwcp has the gear in stock, hoping to place order very soon!
  6. OK, so I have the Canon 300D, have made up my mind about ordering the Ikelite housing + Ikelite DS-125 strobe w. manual controller. My first question is about port selection. I currently have the 18-55 EF-S lens that came packaged with the camera. Ikelite website recommends the #5503 dome port for this lens. However, I am planning on getting the sigma 12-24mm and 50mm macro also. Will there also work within the same #5503 dome port? Or is there another port that would allow me to house 2 or 3 of these lenses? My second question is where to purchase this gear. I am a bit confused here. Reading this site it seems as many of you guys already have your 300D housings. But when I read on other sites, it seems as these housings just shipped out a few days ago. I can't find anywhere on the internet to order the housing. I have previously bought photo equipment at BH and had success, but they list that the housing (and strobest etc) are "backordered". And I want to get in the water asap... Also, need to find a place that will ship to the USVI, which not everyone does. All advice would be greatly appreciated!
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