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  1. Cor, is there room to fit an SSD in a MBP which you could just run the OS and paging files from and have a separate drive for storage? (I dont have a MBP, but I am jst curious) Would that be pointless since the images data would still have to write to the regular drive? Large SSD's are rather costly still but I just ordered 3 X 80GB SSD for $150 a piece for another project and if thinking of perhaps doing something clever. Perhaps build a super fast alebeit not all that large raid5 array of 4 SSDs just for storing and editing "the food stuff" perhaps?
  2. I wish my area was covered by DAN/H2O as well. I talked to them last week and I was really impressed by their fast response (they answered the phone on the first ring), their friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative and their very clear information. It is quite apparent that there is a market outside the 50 US states for a company that offers this type of good service. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that void being filled in the not so distant future.
  3. My insurance company has now started to communicate again with a new person handling teh communication, so for now I will not say anything but give them a chance to to their thing and see how they handle it. I miss my gear tho and hope it will all be back really soon.
  4. Congratulations Eric and Pam and may you enjoy a long and happy life together!
  5. My cup runeth over. I have now sought advice from the department of insurance.
  6. Trip cancellation insurance doesn't really work for me since for 99% of my diving happens in my backyard. DAN unfortunately doesn't insure in the Virgin Islands and DEPP, whom I have insured with since 2004, is slower than molasses. I am thinking I will start a little insurance fund of my own, because having your gear sit at the repair-shop for over a month while waiting for someone at DEPP to answer your phone calls or emails just doesn't work for me anymore.
  7. The signatures of 40 more Members of European Parliament is needed before December 20, 2010 for the EU Commission to deliver a proposal to completely prohibit the removal of shark fins on-board vessels! Project aware has lists here with the names and email addresses of MEPs who have signed and who have not signed, listed per country. Now would be a really good time to write the MEPs to ask them to sign this Declaration for Strengthening the European Ban on Shark Finning! There are also template text in different languages posted on the same site.
  8. Stew, you are so right! I am wondering why I even bother with insurance of belongings anymore. I don't think I want to live through another claim where I am without gear for close to two months, cancelling trips and gigs, worrying and dealing with non-responsive insurance company, while gear is sitting at the repairshop untouched corroding away because nothing can be done until sloth-paced insurers have exasperated every bureucratic possibility of finding an excuse not to pay or wearing you out, making you wait... and wait.... and wait... They sell you on "peace of mind", but when push come to shove, nothing works as smoothly as you are made to believe when your credit card is being charged (that bit you don't have to wait for, it happens automatically and not one day late).
  9. Am I missing something here... I get why you would use it for files, but why would you Digimarc a print?
  10. This is indeed great news and I am very happy for this victory! A thought just struck me: They say they will remove shark fin from the resturant menu, which is fantastic. But do they arrange Chinese wedding banquets, and if so, will they remove shark fin soup from the banquet menu as well? Wedding banquests are usually where big money can be made on shark fin soup. Can they guarantee that they won't in any situation sell or promote shark fin products? - Can we petition other hotels and resorts, especially ones known to arrange big wedding banquests, to stop serving shark fin? - Does anyone know of any famous Chinese actors/ singers/ trendsetters/ movers&shakers that are about to get married and that could be convinced to join the cause publicly and NOT serve shark fin at their wedding?
  11. Yay! We CAN make a difference! Now let's spread the word that INVASIVE LIONFISH caught in the Caribbean is the perfect substitute and much trendier option, for shark fin soup. The Lionfish meat is very tasty and it also does great things for "manly strength" (yes, I know this to be a fact from "personal research"). The lionfish meat is "exclusive" because the aggressive and impressive looking lionfish are hard to catch. The added bonus is that we don't mind at all if these fish are hunted to extinction here in the Caribbean, as they don't belong here. Also, it is commonly known that "lionfish makes locks dem grow faster!" From Las Vegas Hilton today:
  12. Something I have come to learn: When choosing insurance options, in addition to plan cost and deductibles, one must also consider the cost of responsiveness and resolution time. Being without your gear for months might necessitate renting equipment, buying new equipment, event and trip cancellations, maybe even loss of gigs. Insurance is supposed to be about buying peace of mind, not supposed to add stress and worry into your life.
  13. Anyone had a claim with DEPP lately? If so, how was your experience? How long did you wait to get a reply? I have a claim with them and are starting to get really worried! How long is it reasonable to wait? I made a claim on 10/19, go a reply on 10/21 from DEPP and a confirmation that claim had been made from AWRY on 10/28. Now 31 days later, I still don't have a go-ahead to have the equipment repaired, and it just sits there at Canon, presumably corroding away. I had an email from DEPP saying it could take "up to 30 days" to get a reply, but its now been over 30 days? Subsequent phonecalls and messages asking for information have not been replied to. Am I being impatient? How long is it reasonable to wait for an answer? What to do?
  14. My hubby lived there 2 years and had an Olympus Tough which he put through some hard knocks, both underwater, as well as through muddy forests and climbing Mt. Wilhelm. It stood up to all the elements except for finally being thiefed out of his car by some longfingered rascols at the YC parkinglot of all places. I got him that camera especially with the same considerations in mind: should be small and tough, which it is. However, it has some drawbacks. You cannot set aperture or shutterspeed manually. Its not the camera you'd pick for superior picture quality. But if your goal is to have a small durable affordable mud and water resistant camera to create memories from your time in some occasionally rough conditions, I'd still agree it is a good choice.
  15. Atomic B2. Wish I could afford a T2 but the B2 is a great performer, just with out the cool-factor of the T2. Breathes effortlessly in any position and at depth and servicing at least is my area is a breeze. I like the Scubapro too but it seems getting parts for Scubapro always takes a long time. The only thing I would change if I could have one improvement would be to have a longer "exhail" air piece for the Atomic. I already have the optional atomic "extended" piece but I find that it is still too short for directing bubbles completely away from my face. Years ago I had a Sherwood Oasis with the Sheerwood extended piece. It wasn't a great regulator in other respects, but I really liked - and grew accustomed to - not having bubbles in my face, and I miss that.
  16. The email address publicity@lvhilton.com appears to work. Can't imagine their PR folks could ignore an email storm regarding this issue.
  17. Wow, I am sad to read today that there will be no more WPQ print edition. My hubby and I were just talking about what a great publication it is and we were thinking we would get subscriptions as Christmas Presents for a number of the "young ones" in our families both in the States and Europe with the hope that they will become interested in and curiuos about the Ocean and possibly even photography. I guess all good things must eventually come to an end, yet I am very sad. I can genuinely say I looked forward to each issue and they have served as great inspiration.
  18. Thanks again for all the input! The point about RAW is a good one. He probably don't care at this point, but I know how these things go, once he "gets it" ... Anyway G12 is on the shelf at B&H today and I have added it to my shopping cart but apparently they won't let me push the "checkout" button until tomorrow at 7:30 PM EST, due to some holiday. Now... in case anyone wants to buy ME a present I'd like to make it publicly known that the upcoming Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM fisheye would be a much appreciated gift...
  19. Thanks you so much for the help! OK, now we narrowed it down to this: I'll probably get one of these Sony's for myself just for fun. The hubby has decided that he wants either a Canon G12 or the Nikon P7000. We have compared features of those. Pretty similar in most respects, Nikon gets some points for longer zoom range, and more focus points/tracking, Canon has a nifty flip out screen. Nikon is already on the shelf, but Canon will probably be any day now. We dont care about HDR and face recognition. So now I am wondering, is there anything pertaining to UW that would give one of the the edge over the other? Marjo
  20. Very interesting! Will check this one out too. I never really thought of considering a Sony, but this might change my mind.
  21. Hmmm... maybe you could make a flexible ringlight out of two bundles of (plastic) fiberoptics...perhaps spread out on two flexible strips and glued down (or sowed?) with some silicone adhesive and then wrapping them around port and fastening with velcro. Has anyone doen anything like that? Could you use the cheap plastic fiberoptics they use in those party tabletop centerpieces?
  22. Thank you so much for the replies! It seems the Canon's then are the contenders. Maybe I will be able to sell the hubby on the idea of not shooting thorugh viewfinder, that would certainly make the selection a lot easier. Jeremy and James, the pool is always open around St. Croix, you are welcome back at any time! May we dive together again some day!
  23. What I meant is that the camera should have a viewfinder rather than just an LCD screen, not that the viewfinder should viewable TTL. I believe the Canon G series all have this (but they have the drawback of the not-so-wide lens). I am not so concerned about if the housing is yet on the market as long as there will be a housing, nor am I concerned about price.
  24. I need some help. I quite clueless as to the consumer digicam market. However, now that the hubby is taking interest in UW photography, but doesn't want to go the SLR route (I guess he thinks its enough having to help me schlepp a ton of heavy gear) I am on the lookout for a good P&S kit. What I'm looking for is: - Optical viewfinder with adjustable diopter - the hubby has a really hard time seeing digital screens and stange as it might seem, does much better with optiocal viewfinders. - Ability to set Apeture, shutterspeed and ISO manually on external controls without having to go flip through and read a bunch a menus on screen. - Wide, close focusing lens. - HD video. We are considering the upcoming Canon G12, mainly because of the viewfinder and nice external controls which he likes. But I am a little hesitant about that 28mm lens. I was really hoping for something a little wider. Also, I thought these things came with 1080p video these days, I was a little surprised top see 720p - however that is of secondary importance. Any suggestions for the "dream kit" would be greatly appreciated! Marjo
  25. I'm having my first solo exhibit in Finland, the country where I was born and grew up in. All exhibited images are from two trips to Papua New Guinea, shot in Milne Bay or Kimbe Bay - Fathers Reef - Rabaul. The images are printed on aluminum and have a high gloss surface. The venue is "Kaffehuset August" in the middle of the City of Vasa (Vaasa) and will run August 5- 18, 2010. The exhibit will also be viewable during the towns big "Night of the Arts" on August 12, 2010. So for any possible Finnish Wetpixelites, stop by and if you send me a PM, I'd be happy to meet up and chat about uw photo stuff!
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