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  1. No. I never saw the point with that "upgrade". This is my 3rd Ikelite housing and the port lock were never a problem for me. I never had a port that felt "loose" in any way. haven't got around to eBay this one yet, so if you still are interested, it is available.
  2. Steve, if that shark shot was in my library I would surely keep it. With its uncluttered nice even blue background, good eye contact and nice 45 degree I think that is a marketable image for sure. Of course if you have a gazillion images like this, the you might want to cull it out. Wish I had that problem...
  3. I try to cull mercilessly for the following reasons (in "my" order of importance): 1. I strongly believe that the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer is that "a good photographer only shows good images". I think this statement applied beyond what you show to the world outside. It applies to what you "show yourself". I feel that I benefit from only keeping around images that are in my own mind "good'. It unclutters my minds vision and keep me more disciplined both in my shooting and editing. 2. I believe that keeping a smaller amount of images makes it easier to manage and keep track of what you have, both in your management system as well as in you "mind". When you need it you pretty much know if you got it or not. Not only that you do in fact have an images of a particular subject, but also that you have a "great" image of it and something you can with confidence, off the cuff' say to a client "yes" rather than "let me go dig in my file-pile". 3. I find that there is a cost of ownership for every file I keep. Yes, you could say that a 1 TB hard drive at $100 is "cheap" , although that is of course a subjective statement as we always seem to think that something that originally cost $X and a year later costs $x -60% is "cheap". But then if you consider that you want to keep for example a) a working set of images b) a backup c) an archive backup and d) an online storage of originals, it suddenly isn't so "cheap" anymore. Especially online backup of RAW files is at least in my mind not "cheap". Yes, you could be diligent and transport your files on HD's off to some off-site location or FTP them to another location you maintain yourself, but pretty much all the options involves cost one way or the other. Having said this, I still find it difficult to kill some "darlings" and I still need to become more disciplined. But I can say that I have never in hindsight "missed" an image that I doomed to go live in pixel afterlife.
  4. Got my PS CS5 extended yesterday. Wow, it's different! The compositing and masking and the way this thing can recreate backgrounds where you remove elements is so easy and smooth that it's is very tempting to have fun just build all sorts of scenes, even for someone who is completely "against" composite images! The last two years I haven't touched Photoshop very much as i have found working with it mindbogglingly slow and cumbersome, but this release has added some functionality that actually makes me inspired again! And I haven't yet even played with the 3D and HD...
  5. Well...hmm.. that's exactly what I am trying to avoid: having to remeber to lug some piece of equipment like a uSB key with me or having to manually keep track of what catalog is current and merging back and forth. I am merely looking for a way to keep one (1) catalog in some sort of cloud storage. I am fairly sure someone is doing this, or has some other clever solution to automatically keep catalogs in sync, or? If this is not possible with LR (due to the "multiuser problem"), then I think that is a major flaw in the application.
  6. Yes, that is pretty much what I do now. But I want to accomplish is avoiding lugging lugging extrenal drives with me. The typical scenario would be this: I have approximately 5TB of images in the "main" images storage at home. I have no wish or need to bring all these image files with me anywhere outside of my home office. When I am on the road shooting, I want to be able to offload new images to either an external small drive (or even onto the laptop, location doesn't matter and I can call it anything, give it the same name and drive letter as my regular storage). But I want the changes to make to these new files in the Lightroom catalog to also happen to my regular catalog so that I won't have to create a yet new catalog and then merge it to the master when I get home (messy). I'd much rather just have one catalog, because I jump between computers so frequently. My problem is that now I find myself maintaining several catalogs in different locations and I find that I go looking for a file "that I just worked on" and then get frustrated because I realize the changes are sitting on a catalog on some computer or drive that is sttinging in a bag back in the office or even in the computer next door in the hubby's mancave and regrettably there is a "dont even think of entering during sacred ballgame" situation going on. I'd like my one master catalog in one place, always accessible.
  7. I am tired of keeping fiftyeleven Lightroom lightroom catalogs or my various computers and drives and trying to remeber to merge them to my "master catalog" as soon as I have worked on images on some other computer than TGM (The Great Mothership). So I am now trying to figure out a good solution for using the same Lightroom catalog on two or more computers (in my case TGM at home/ work desktop / laptop) without having to import catalogs manually or maintain separate catalogs or lugging around external drives. My original idea was to place LR catalog in Dropbox, live sync/mesh or some similar cloud folder and use it from there. But then I read the issues with placing the catalog on a (regular/phyical) network store because of the potential of corruption if (accidenatlly or on purpose) attempting at access by multiple users simultaneously and that therefore networking has been crippled in LR to keep us "safe from ourselves". I see that there is an easy script to "uncripple" and allow placing catalog on a (mapped) drive on a network, yet of course the potential for corruption the remains. I don't know if/how any of this would translate to potential problems using something like Dropbox. I am thinking that since for example Dropbox uses bit level syncing and in effect you are only working on "one copy" of the file, perhaps there should be no problem, or? So, I would be interested in knowing what clever solutions everyone has for being able to keep their catalog(s) in sync. Ideas?
  8. Ok, $1100 for the housing if I can sell it on Wetpixel before I eBay it.
  9. Just noticed that the beautiful image that is the first one to greet visitors of Smugmug.com is one of Eric's. Nice.
  10. Shipping housing to Europe about USD65 global express.
  11. Ikelite 40D housing for sale. It is in great condition, everything works 100%. I am selling because I purchased the 7d and am retiring the 40D to backup land camera. Asking $1200. I also have 2 Ikelite macroports for sale. Flat Port for Canon 100mm f2.8 EF USM Macro Lens with focus control. Asking $110. Flat port for Canon 50mm compact macro. Asking $70. Both ports have scuffs but nothing that will show up in or affect image. I am selling because I also have the modular system and hence these are redundant. I will take Paypal and I will ship to your location.
  12. Marjo

    WTB: Housing 40D

    I have got one. PM sent.
  13. Deleted (well edited, as I dont see whay of deleting) grumppy posting. My apologies. Lack of nitrogen affecting my brain, will remedy condition this condition in the morning and only post sunshine opinions henceforth.
  14. Just a little note sealing and getting your gear wet: In my experience, from shooting a lot "un-housed" on the ocean (regattas and other boating, various water sports, beach it is unusually not possible to tell if you have damaged your gear immediately after taking a "bath". You might be lulled to thinking all is well when the gear works the next day or the next week. You might still have corrosion building and you might not experience problems until a good while later when enough corrosion has had time to be built up.
  15. I had a crack on one of my old housings and sent it in to Ikelite "just in case". They promptly replaced the entire front of the housing and all controls. I basically got a "new" housing back. No ifs, buts or excuses, no need to struggle and plead. I suggest you send it in, if there is a problem they will take care of it.
  16. It is very refershing to see that there are people who are politely asking for permission and explaining the intended use!
  17. Not going in October but did Walindi, FeBrina, Loloata in July, and it was great. Surprisingly to me, Loloata provided the best photo ops. Rhinoipias and pygmies galore at "the Pumpkin Patch"!
  18. Weird that this is named 7D, it sounds more like a successor to the 50D. Anyhow, I want it. Just as I was planning on a new frugal lifestyle.
  19. The Canon 500D is great, but like Eric mentioned, it is thick (10.5mm) . However, much of the width is in the outer flange. So if you are not planning to stack any other threaded diopter or filter on top of it, you can shave off some of the width. I did just this a few months back when I found that despite my best theoretical calculations to the contrary, in practice the diopter still would not fit into my port system (which I had purchased especially for the purpose of being able to fit this in...). I took the 500D to a metal worker thinking they could machhine it down. However it turned out that it was much easier to file down the ledge with a hand held file, because this eliminated the risk of cracking the glass under the pressure and movement. Also, in order to protect the glass from becoming scratched from the reulting metal filings, I covered both sides of the glass with two cutout circles of protective sticky plastic (leftovers from a pack of protective cobvers from iphone in my case). I filed off 1 mm (just enough to take of the "teeth" at the front of the flange) which was enough for me to fit into my port system. However, I would have had "room" to file off much more if needed. Canon 100mm + 500D+ flat port + woody diopter gets me down to filling frame with subjects that are smaller than what I can control "shake" on, but it sure is fun trying!
  20. On your question if foamcore can be framed. Yes it can. In fact, I always mount my prints on foamcore before framing them. If you're not interested in frames and the foamcore will be the "final" display, do ask to have the foamcore either cut a tiny tiny bit smaller than the printed image and if possible on a "slant". This way the foam core edge will be less prominant, and your image will appear to "hover" on the wall. (Unevenly cut foamcore edges are not pretty). You can get a protective photo that you can spray on the image which will offer some UV protection for images that are not framed behind glass and/or you could stick the mounted photo in a cellophane /poly photobag to further keep it "fresh" for the potential buyer while displaying it. But don't stick the sprayed image in a poly bag before it has properly dried or they will stick.
  21. Thanks Secretsea18 and Robographer! Nudipixel was not able to ID it, but I took Secretsea18 advise and sent it off to Michael Miller at the Slug Site. Less than a few hours later I received a reply, via Michael Miller, from Terry Gosliner at the California Academy of Sciences. He wrote: "...I am virtually certain that it is a sea cucumber. I have seen brownish ones like this. I think it is probably a juvenile of Thelynota or something like that." Interestingly I had photographed some really pretty "adult" Thelenota on the same trip last year, although not at that particular divesite. Although it would have been far more exciting to have photographed a previously unidentified seaslug, I am still very happy to have an answer to the identity of this weird little critter (meaning I can stop searching now). I am also truly impressed by the awesome resources and fast response and of the seaslug site!
  22. Heres two more. Looking at the time stamps in the EXIF I see that the slug was crawling towards to camera, which indicates that we are seeing the front of the slug (I don't think they would "back up"). and
  23. Drew, what episodes did you see Eric in? I have all of the WW2 episodes and was a little dissapointed I did not see our fearless Wetpixel leader in any of them.
  24. It was moving along. I found it while diving from Tawali at "barracuda point" at about 90 feet. Not sure if this is the front or tail now a year later, but I think this might have been the front. I have some more images of this one, which I will port. I think they are shot from a similar angle tho. I won't have access to them until tomorrow as I am at work and the HD is at home. I will post tomorrow morning.
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