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  1. Canon 1Ds Mark II camera body with 4 batteries and Really Right Stuff L-bracket. Subal CD1 housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads and extra large viewfinder. Subal 8" glass dome and shade, great condition, two tiny blemishes on outer surface that do not affect the image. $2500 for the package. Just top off the battery and go out and shoot. This has been one of my workhorse cameras for the last 6 years, and I have been shooting it successfully in this housing for the last three years. Here are a few frames from my last u/w shoot with it, a once in a lifetime op with no room for failure and the gear nailed it dead on using Canon's 15mm fisheye for some of the sharpest images I've ever made underwater. http://www.oceanlight.com/lightbox.php?ss=27299,27300,27314 Please call me (760) 707-7153 if interested. Will ship only in the U.S. If you are serious I can send some full-res images made underwater with this gear along with shots of the gear. I only shoot wide and usually with Canon 15mm, which requires no spacer ring with this dome. Cheers, Phil Colla Carlsbad, CA www.OceanLight.com (760) 707-7153
  2. Here is YOUR surf housing rig: a Del Mar Housing Projects custom housing, fits the following Canon bodies: 1DsII, 1DII, 1DIIn. May also fit 1DsIII and 1DIII bodies although I have not tried that. Includes dome port which I use for the 15mm fisheye for barrel and tube shots. Also includes two flat ports for 17-40 and 70-200 f/2.8 lenses. Note that this is a surf housing (above water) not a conventional underwater (diving) housing, i.e., it can take a pummeling in big surf and keep your camera safe and dry, and you can easily fire off a sequence at arm's length as that big wave closes over you, but in dedicated underwater (below surface) it is not as sharp as a conventional diving housing. Here are some barrel shots taken with a 15mm fisheye and 70-200 f/2.8 with this rig: http://www.oceanlight.com/lightbox.php?ss=...404,19405,19553 Here are some topside shots taken just last week with the Canon 1D II N body, topside, to illustrate its use in topside and sports photography. 8 frames per second! http://www.oceanlight.com/1diin/ Housing with all ports and Canon 1D II N body with 2 batteries and charger: $2300. Just the Canon 1D II N body with 2 batteries and charger: $1500. Cheers, Phil
  3. Hi Everyone, here is your next wide angle rig: THIS INCLUDES A CANON 5D Body in excellent condition. 1) Ikelite 5D Housing with handles. The housing has that Ikelite electonics in it to support some sort of Ikelite dial-compensation for your flash, but I've never used it and don't know how to describe it. 2) Ikelite 8" Dome Port (the big one, the best optical dome of the Ikelite line). I shoot a 24mm 2.8 prime through this dome port and it is pretty darn sharp. 3) Canon 5D Body SN #1020702392. I had Canon Irvine clean the mirror, viewfinder box and sensor just this week. Included are the warranty cards, box, charger and all that stuff that comes with it when it is purchased new. This housing has had little use. I've used it on two trips where the deepest it went was about 10', and in the pool a few times. Here's a few shots taken with it: http://www.oceanlight.com/lightbox.php?ss=...776,21347,21379 If you like those, buy this housing and you can go get your own! I'm listing this in several places and want to sell it now, no fooling around. $2300 takes the entire rig including the camera body. Shipping in the United States only, by UPS. (The camera alone is worth about $1000 to $1200 according to Ebay.) Cash is king, if you want to meet in person. Next best is Paypal but I must raise the price by 3% for that to account for the Paypal fee. Cashier's check is next best, followed by a personal check. Buyer pays shipping, I will send it UPS ground insured or faster if you wish. Cheers, Phil Colla Oceanlight.com Carlsbad, CA
  4. Hi, The camera is sold now. I would edit the original post title but can't figure out how. Cheers, Phil
  5. Hi Kari, I have a 5D setup I am ready to sell. I'll be hard to reach until Sunday afternoon, so please try to reach me after that. NSN PM works, email or phone. I don't check Wetpixel every day so email is probably best. Call anytime. Cheers, Phil oceanlight@oceanlight.com
  6. "If you are thinking of going my advice is to forget it. Yes you will see the sharks but only in the distance and very rarely on the surface ... Until they change this rule Guadalupe is finished as a shark destination in my opinion." I disagree. I was down there last week, perhaps at the same time as you as I saw the Nautilus Explorer down the coast a bit. We had pretty good sharks. I had more trouble dealing with the lack of sunlight than lack of sharks. I spent about 18 hours in cages over three days and had perhaps 1 hour without a shark around. Yes, things they are a changin' at Guadalupe but its still the place for white sharks in good water. Some images from last week, I felt they were close enough for good photography: http://www.oceanlight.com/lightbox.php?ss=...349,21360-21362 I'll go back next year too, my 17th trip to the island, always and still a fun place to be. Cheers, Phil
  7. Hi Wetpixel Friends, One-week old Nikon D3 for sale. Approx 1700 shutter actuations. $3850 firm. All new packaging, including warranty card. Manual has been read so it has a couple folds in it, that's it. Note: I have not been a regular participant at Wetpixel in the past, so my post count is pretty low. If I get to more diving I hope that will change in the future. I can send you a couple of raw files from an aerial shoot, its the only shoot I have done with this camera other than testing, if you want to take a look at a raw file to verify the D3 is shooting fine. I am including a second, brand new EN-EL4A ($110) battery as well. $3850 firm. The camera is $4500 (afte instant rebate) at Adorama and B&H. I'll put this on fredmiranda and naturescapes later this week if I don't have a buyer here. I'm not fooling around, this is priced to sell. I'll pay for insured UPS shipping within the US. Reason: I shoot Canon. But, I was tempted by the Nikon 200-400 lens (Canon does not have an equal). The only way to properly test it was to buy one with a D3 and shoot some images. Turns out the camera and lens, while great, just don't add what I had hoped to my current Canon gear, so now I have decided to sell them. I guess I was crazy to try to mix the two brands anyway, but I had to give the 200-400 a try and got the D3 as a support for that test. Only the D3 is still available, the 200-400 is gone. Cheers, Phil ======================================================== Phillip Colla, 7302 Azalea Place, Carlsbad, CA 92011 USA Tel: 760-804-0731 E-m: oceanlight@oceanlight.com Web : http://www.oceanlight.com Buzz : http://www.oceanlight.com/log/ Search: http://www.oceanlight.com/query.php ========================================================
  8. Here's my spit technique **for surf housings**, it works perfectly. I rarely get water drops in my shots. For wide shots (in the impact zone): about 5 seconds before the wave is on me, I spit on the port. I might **gently** spread it around with my finger (no rough gloves). I dip it, pull it out and now I have a perfect thin sheet of water on the dome, it is effectively part of the optics. It will remain intact for about 10 seconds or so, throughout the entire sequence until I am underwater again. The key is keeping that thin sheet of water intact. After a while -- especially if it is windy -- it tears apart and you have the classic "water droplet on dome port" problem. Using just plain sea water doesn't work nearly as well, it is the spit then the quick rinse that creates the thin sheet. Eating fries was recommended to me, something about the sugars in your saliva having a beneficial effect on the surface tension and holding that thin sheet on the dome intact. So I make sure to down a supersize box of fries before every session. For telephoto shots with a 70-200 through a flat port, I carry a tiny squeegee on a necklace. I will first lick the squeegee to get any salt and sand off it the blad, then spit on the port, rinse it, and then **gently** squeegee it with a tiny squeegee. If there is any streaking, I repeat the process. Once I have the flat port streak free and dry, I keep the port dry as long as possible by floating the housing in the water with the port pointed up in the air (not toward the sun), which is not hard to do if you are outside the impact zone on in a channel. Once it gets spots from spray or some grom buzzing me, or it gets dunked, I will spit, rinse and squeegee again. Two techniques depending on whether in the surf or shooting from a channel. I don't have any experience with waxes or applying anything other than spit to the ports. Cheers, Phil
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