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  1. I feel for the guy, but before I support him I would like to know how this happened ??
  2. Thanks Fellas! Here's a few more to convince you to make the plunge next year!
  3. Well done Alex....Awesome shot of the WS with light rays! I just returned and had a blast! Hope you don't mind if I post a pic of mine....never as good as yours of course !!
  4. Safety line, knife, and shark suit at night = deadly disaster I took out a charter last year on a boat called the SANDMAN...it's a live aboard out of La Paz and will be heading back this August with Andy Murch on a different charter...the other option is to hook up with some fisherman and head out on a panga.
  5. I think a good rule of thumb is give yourself 7 - 10 days of possible water time...the last time I was there we were only blown out one day, but somedays we only found sails in green water, not really suitable for photos. Good idea to take a larger, dryer and well maintained boat like the Keen-M so you can relax in comfort...and take some cold beer for the ride back!
  6. Great question! While I shoot with cropped sensor (7D), I'm interested in hearing the responses. Lately I bought the 1.4TC for my Tokina 10-17 & Zen mini-dome...with that do I really need to be lugging around my 9" glass dome, 10-22, & 17-70??
  7. Doesn't bother me Steve...I'm used to my iMac screen, but would prefer an antiglare screen like my MacBook Pro, which I have connected to my TB display.
  8. Sorry Frank...item was sold...forgot to post that it had.
  9. I just upgraded from 24" IMAC to the 27" Thunderbolt display and a Spyder 4 Pro....I can say that the Spyder is very simple to use....I know the Colormunki is suppose to be good, but not sure on ease of use (for those of us with limited computer skills).
  10. "It just makes me see red and Jesus, those two girls... :|" Thanks MITHERE, you just made my day....I'm done f^&*#NG tipping! Give my best to red, Jesus, and the two girls when you see them.........
  11. Great idea....I love when people think outside of the box! If you shoot wide angle fast moving subjects even shooting with manual optical on the lowest output setting it's not as fast as shooting with hard wired cables. If your shooting macro I say go for it! Looking forward to hearing more as you progress.
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