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  1. I feel for the guy, but before I support him I would like to know how this happened ??
  2. Thanks Fellas! Here's a few more to convince you to make the plunge next year!
  3. Well done Alex....Awesome shot of the WS with light rays! I just returned and had a blast! Hope you don't mind if I post a pic of mine....never as good as yours of course !!
  4. Safety line, knife, and shark suit at night = deadly disaster I took out a charter last year on a boat called the SANDMAN...it's a live aboard out of La Paz and will be heading back this August with Andy Murch on a different charter...the other option is to hook up with some fisherman and head out on a panga.
  5. I think a good rule of thumb is give yourself 7 - 10 days of possible water time...the last time I was there we were only blown out one day, but somedays we only found sails in green water, not really suitable for photos. Good idea to take a larger, dryer and well maintained boat like the Keen-M so you can relax in comfort...and take some cold beer for the ride back!
  6. Great question! While I shoot with cropped sensor (7D), I'm interested in hearing the responses. Lately I bought the 1.4TC for my Tokina 10-17 & Zen mini-dome...with that do I really need to be lugging around my 9" glass dome, 10-22, & 17-70??
  7. Doesn't bother me Steve...I'm used to my iMac screen, but would prefer an antiglare screen like my MacBook Pro, which I have connected to my TB display.
  8. Sorry Frank...item was sold...forgot to post that it had.
  9. I just upgraded from 24" IMAC to the 27" Thunderbolt display and a Spyder 4 Pro....I can say that the Spyder is very simple to use....I know the Colormunki is suppose to be good, but not sure on ease of use (for those of us with limited computer skills).
  10. "It just makes me see red and Jesus, those two girls... :|" Thanks MITHERE, you just made my day....I'm done f^&*#NG tipping! Give my best to red, Jesus, and the two girls when you see them.........
  11. Great idea....I love when people think outside of the box! If you shoot wide angle fast moving subjects even shooting with manual optical on the lowest output setting it's not as fast as shooting with hard wired cables. If your shooting macro I say go for it! Looking forward to hearing more as you progress.
  12. How about "should have bought a Nauticam"? Sorry, couldn't resist! Seriously, Sorry to hear about troubles GOTGILLS....I hope you get it worked out and get back in the water soon! Great pics by the way..... Mike p.s. I had my share of problems with my first DSLR and I'm sure the majority of us do.
  13. I think it's best to carry the necessities (like John P. said) in your carry-on, but put your tools in your checked bag. Never had a problem with any camera Eqip., but on a Cayman return flight they made me check one 1/2" Craftsman wrench...pretty sure they he just wanted to add another tool to his collection!
  14. I bought the Streetwalker HD (before I read your post Drako) as my "personal item" bag to use in combo with the International. I read in the reviews that it was small enough to fit under the plane seat, but it almost looks as big the TT International. Now I'm thinking I should send it back and get either the Shapeshifter or the Urban Disguise 60 (as Steve recommended). But to me the SS does not look like I can adjust the dividers to fit my essentials (Camera Housing, camera body, 10-17, mini dome, etc.) What do you put in your SS Drako? AND the Urban Disguise 60 looks a little too small and I really like backpacks....decisions, decisions....???? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the Info Steve and I hope you are doing well! The link you provided sent me to COX Web/e-mail, but I assume we can buy directly from Scottvest....I'll be getting one! I have the Thinktank Airport International V2.0 and I think you do to....I was thinking about replacing my Lowepro small backpack with the biggest TT backpack/bag that would still be considered a "personal item" and of course will fit under the seat. What do recommend? Maybe something that rides on top the TT Airport International? Thanks Amigo!
  16. Thanks all! No offense, but I ordered the Spyder 4 Pro as it seemed to be the latest calibrator that's compatible with Lion. The X-Rite i1D2 is discontinued and replaced by the more expensive i1Display2. The new Spyder even calibrates the iPhone and iPad....not that I need that. Drew - I'll be loading my pics onto the MBP on trips and then hooking up to a Thunderbolt display at home, but would be interested in learning about the retina LEDs. Also being new to video what software should I use to edit GoPro 2 footage? I have iMovie, LR3, and PS5. Thanks again!
  17. Which calibrator would be the best for the computer challenged? X-Rite website looks geared more toward pros while the Spyder looks to be geared for the mentally challenged such as myself. Thanks for your help!
  18. Thanks Drew & focker -- At the rate new tech is hitting the street looks like upgrading yearly! What do y'all use to calibrate your Mac displays? Looking for something easy....maybe Spyder 4? Mike
  19. Thanks Steve, but I'm really frustrated with trying to edit on my 5 year old iMac....it's frustrating enough learning PS & LR and with the spinning beach ball I better get something quick before I throw both computers out the window!
  20. Thanks Chris -- I thought about a Dell or LaCie, but I will be using a new MacBook Pro w/ Thunderbolt attached to the display, so it seems to me the advantages of the Apple display outweigh the disadvantages. Not sure I would notice much of a difference in my prints after calibrating the display....which reminds me should I get an i1 Display 2 or Spyder 4?? Can't figure out which is more "dummy proof" and will work well on the Apple display? Thanks for your help! Mike
  21. Replacing my older iMac and Macbook Pro with new Macbook Pro and display, but I've been reading bad press about the Apple display i.e.(glossy screen, LED backlit vs. CCFL, sRGB color range, a bitch to calibrate etc.). Curious if anyone has experience with the newer Thunderbolt display and/or a better display that they own? This is the setup I'm going for: http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookarc/gallery/#
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