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  1. Herbko, That is great news!!! With the resistors installed, are the modeling light and laser on all the time, or just when you press the shutter? I assume they are on all the time, since the camera was not in the housing in your picture. Could you tell us more on how you installed the resistors? I am not particulary an electronics wizard :oops: I would like to get that up and running with my strobe. Thanks :wink:
  2. That makes sense. Thanks guys for the advice
  3. Thanks for your comments. I am still a little confused. Herbko suggests setting the f-stop and strobe output, and then slect the shutter speed; review the results and re-adjust the shutter speed and strobe output based on results produced. However Critter suggests selecting a shutter speed and the bracketing with the f-stop. So, any recommendation over the other? In the Canon 300D you need to press Av button while you turn the dial to select the f-stop. Just turning the dial adjusts the shutter speed. To press the Av button with the Aquatica housing you need to screw in the control, so it is not as easy or quick as said. Herbko, since you have the same camera and housing, don't you think it would be easier to select the a shutter speed and then leave the screw in, so the dial adjusts the f-stop (similar to what Critter mentions)? Do you usually "bracket the shutter speed" instead of the f-stop? One more question, with the Z200, do you usually use any (which) of the difussers? Thanks again
  4. Hello, I know there is no "magic recipe" that works for all pictures, however I would like to get some settings I could use as a starting point and learn from there. I have a Canon 300D with an Aquatica housing and Inon Z220 strobe. My specific question is What would you recommend: shoot with apperture priority or Manual mode? If it is Manual mode, do you change f stop and speed for every shot, or should I set speed to 1/125 (or something else) and play only with f-stops? I don't dive very often so my learning curve with u/w photo is very long. I would like to get an idea of some settings I should use in my next trip. Again, I am not looking for a magic recipe, but some of your advice based on your experience. Thanks
  5. Last month I used my Canon 300D and Aquatica housing for the first time. I am very happy with the system, but also a little confused. After I took each picture, I reviewed it in the LCD to decide if it was fine, or if I should try different settings. A lot of them look very nice in the LCD: bright colors, good contrast and a beatifull blue background, therefore I decided to move over to a different subject. However when I went back home and loaded the pictures in the laptop, they did not look as impressive as I saw them in the LCD the first time. The colors were dull and quite dark. With a 2-minute job in Photoshop (Auto Levels and Auto Contrast) the colors I saw in the LCD underwater were back. The image below shows the picture I took, and the corrected one with Photoshop. Why does this happen? Is it because the settings I selected were not appropriate (15mm, 1/200 sec, f/6.3, Mode: Av, Metering: Evaluative, Exp comp: +2/3, ISO: 100, AF mode: AI Focus AF)? Does this happen to other people, or it's just me because I am a lousy photographer? :oops: Your comments would be appreciated
  6. I don't know how good the after-sales service is in the USA, but in the UK I have heard only bad things about S&S. From what I have heard, if something goes wrong: a) it is YOUR fault; and B) wait for a LONG time until the dealer has the spare part. Keep in mind what would happen if you need to service it (and you will). I am very happy with my A300 and would buy it again
  7. Robert, thanks for your answer. I have ONE MORE question: I have the kit lens (18-55mm). Does it make any sense in buying a 50mm lens if the kit lens goes to 55mm? Should I instead look at a 60mm or 100mm? Similar to your case, the idea is to travel with one single port (as long it does not sacrifice quality too much).
  8. Ok, I know that you "should" use a dome port with wide angle lenses and a flat port with macro. Could somebody tell me why? What would be the effect on using a macro lens (let's say 50mm or 60mm) behind a dome port? Also, what macro lens would you recommend (I have a Canon 300D with Aquatica housing)? Thanks
  9. Well, today I finally took the plunge and moved from prosumer to DSLR. I just picked up a new Canon 300D and next week I will get the Aquatica A300 I already ordered! I bought a Coolpix 5400 last year, but it proved a little difficult and expensive to get a decent housing, so I made my mind and moved into DSLR. Although I have been involved with u/w photo for six years (first with a Nik V and then with a Coolpix in Ike housing), I am completely new to the SLR world, so I would like to ask for some advice: * First, would the lens included in the kit (18-55mm) produce decent u/w pictures, or should I definitively get an additional lens? I am more interested in wide angle than macro, however since I just got the camera and housing I don't wnat to have a huge "financial hangover" unless it is really necessary. :roll: Also, since I am just starting with the SLR, am I going to complicate my life trying to learn the camera and lenses at the same time? * Second, I know the ICU in the A300 works ok with Sea&Sea and Ikelite strobes. Does anybody know if it would also work with the Inon Z220? The idea of TTL is great, but those Inon strobes are tiny, which make them great for travelling Your help would be very much appreciated :wink:
  10. I am considering buying some Sea&Sea equipment (housing), but I have heard some bad stories about Sea&Sea after sale support. Please, if you have any experience with this (good or bad) let the rest of the planet (or at least me :wink: ) know Thanks
  11. I am considering buying some Sea&Sea equipment (housing), but I have heard some bad stories about Sea&Sea after sale support. Please, if you have any experience with this (good or bad) let the rest of the planet (or at least me :wink: ) know Thanks
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