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  1. Hey Vini Thanks for the email. I found a kit last month so I dont need one anymore. Sorry I forgot about this post. Your kit sounds like a very good offer. I would have definately been interested. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi all - in the market for second hand housing for D700. Looking for shipped Aquatica stock to Australia. Please let me know if you have any availability. Cheers Steve
  3. Love the colour of that cuttle - enjoyed these!
  4. Will be sorely missed by the diving and scientific communities. A wonderful man
  5. Learnt something new today. Reminds me that I had a big occy rip my UW camera rig out of my hand once... Strong!! Luckily it put most of its attention on the strobe (and not my dome) before I could rip it back off its solid grip.
  6. Fascinating macro subjects - beautiful structure and colours
  7. 200,000 bodies - and 2 years to create. Im in awe of both his vision and patience.
  8. A very impressive collection. Lovely work
  9. Yes I have one - Australia PM me with a price
  10. looks great - I would love to upgrade hope you get a good price
  11. very enjoyable Alex - these all look fantastic images
  12. Some very creative lighting and composition in these beautiful images. Very nice
  13. Looks nice and clean Cal - terrific
  14. Cudos to Tori Cal. Must have been tough!!
  15. Thats quite ballsy Crazy too Amazing to see what somepeople are prepared to do to push the boundaries and get the shot
  16. Beautiful images! And love the video too
  17. Congrats on the win Matt http://scubapix.com/blog/
  18. Hope that this report ends well and not in tragedy. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/melbourn...0527-1f7qg.html
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