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  1. Thanks Guys, It really inforces the fact that I was doing the right thing, I just thought I would be able to get away with more 400 or so with no noise, and means I do not have to blow the poor fish away with the 90's. Hmmm time to go diving!
  2. Gday Guys, newish to the forum, been reading alot, now I have some questions.. I just got a Nexus housing for my D70, Duel YS90's, 60mm, 12-14 and the 17-80 lenes, with all the ports, gears and all the hoha. AND I LOVE IT, I have worked with Aquatica for a long time and no thanks, not after seeing the difference. I was wondering what ISO do you guys shoot at, from moving from a 5050 in an Ike housing, to the DSLR underwater I now have a heap more choices.. What do you recommend, and in what situations etc ? Thanks for your time and help!
  3. jcclink, I think you have your facts a little mixed up, the OLYMPUS O-Rings need to be greased. The O-Rings need to be slippery to they do not kink or get caught up when they are pushed into the bore seal. The O-rings such as Ike, Gates etc are a different style of O-Rings. Grease them, and just do not go overboard.
  4. Gday, Long time reader first time poster, so please be kind ;-) I have been using the 5050, pt015 housing and a 18w HID 100d movie light for about a year now, and its now evident I need to go to strobes for some of my other underwater work. The question is, should I get 1 or 2 strobes, I am going with Inon S180's due to the fact good local support, and from what I have read here they get a good wrap. Could I afford 2, maybe (oach) and yes I know i could upgrade later on, but really is there much difference ? Or anyone able to point me in a better direction ? Thanks in advance, Cameron!
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