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  1. Hey Joe - any big disadvantages to the Gates housing....it would be nice to have a smaller rig to travel with, as well as not having to worry about extra batteries for a monitor. Thanks, Tyler
  2. I am the Marketing director for Whites Mfg. - and we are just starting to get into video as a better form of marketing - but we have a somewhat limited budget. I have an HDR HC7 and I am after a housing. From my limited experience I think that white balance control is paramount while shooting video (yes/no?). There seem to be some manufacturers that have access to the touch screen functions and some that do not...Can anyone recommend an HC7 housing that has a monitor back and access to white balance, while at the same time not setting us back $4,000.... Let me know, Until the next dive..... Tyler Preston tylerp@whitesdiving.com
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