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  1. Anybody stayed on Big Blue? What was your experience? Please help.
  2. Has anyone been to Yap lately? What are the u/w conditions like? Is it in good shape? Please advise. Thanks.....
  3. Please help me out. I'm looking for advice from people who have travelled there and done photography.
  4. Why not Ikelite...? Simple, never seeen a serious problem yet, and great customer service. I have seen the others go down, and my buddy (also Ikelite) and I just keep on divin' and snappin'....!
  5. We have stayed at Divi Flamingo twice....loved it both times....good quiet beach for kids, lots of people there with children, lots of non-diver spouses. Plaza looked OK too, never stayed there though. Check both web sites and prices.....dive operator at Divi by the way, is awesome.....great DM's and manager is very good.
  6. We stayed at Fantasy Island, visited Cocoview and Anthony's Key Resort.....next time we return, we will stay at Cocoview, hands down....very cool place. FI was OK, but was not a dive dedicated resort, our only observed weakness...I like "dive dedicated".
  7. Thanks very much for your input, greatly appreciated.
  8. Your response is much appreciated. We were thinking a combo of 1 week on a live-aboard, and week land based. I am very comfortable with my camera equipment and my buoyancy control is excellent. Based on your reply, I am re-assured it will be no problem. By the way, where are you now?? Still working in the dive biz? Have you given Tahiti a go? How does it compare to Palau? Thnaks again.
  9. Bonaire, Cayman Brac, and Roatan get my votes and all for different reasons....Bonaire, ease, access and great macro, andd good variety. Cayman Brac for great vis and great variety. Roatan for expecting the unexpected like sharks, octopus...you name it...but had the worst vis of these 3. I would return to all 3, any time, no problem.
  10. I would like anyone who has been to Palau and actually shots photos there to give me advice on Palau u/w photography opportunities and tactics. How many dives are "zero shot" dives due to current? When you're hooked to the reef, are the wait for the object to come to you opportunities there? Are there lots of "quiet macro" locations too? HELP!
  11. Final Update - Ikelite has sent spare parts and a defect was found in the bulkhead wiring assembly, all is repaired and working now. "Ike" and Roger C. were a great help. Many thanks to Ikelites warranty repair help. All is good!
  12. I too, received parts from Ikelite in record time. I have repaired the faulty bulkhead wiring harness, and all is working OK. Many thanks to "Ike" and Roger C., they gave me amazing warranty service. Thank you!
  13. Update: we have identified a short in the wiring...parts coming from Ikelite. Stay tuned....
  14. I have been in contact with Ikelite, and we think we'vew narrowed down the problem to a short between the quench and trigger wires. Parts are on their way from Ikelite....stay tuned.
  15. I have the 1.7 firmware on board....? I'm confused, because i'm out of ideas.
  16. Checked sync cord and flash out on a friends camera. Everything is working well. This leads me to conclude that there is a programming problem with the Nikon programming onboard the Coolpix 5000. For some reason, it wont recognize the TTL setting on the DS125 and react accordingly and fire it.....anybody else out there experience similar problems???
  17. I have checked out the cord and the flash head on a friends camera set-up (a coolpix 995 with ikelite housing.....). It works fine on his set up. Then I took his sync cord, flash and again, it did not work on mine. I conclude that the Nikon Coolpix 5000 programming has some sort of defect in it which will not recognize TTL input coming from the DS 125, and hence, when set to go, does not fire the flash. Can anyone give me input on this?
  18. Wow - this sounds like the same problem I am having.....I'm going to check out the pins tooo! I'll let you know how it turns out....
  19. Thnaks for all the tips. I'm going to check the cord....I'll let you know how it turns out.
  20. Thanks for your response. I have a sync cord, Ikelite housing and DS 125.....works well on all manual settings. But, does not fire on TTL.??
  21. I have the same problem you describe. The Coolpix 5000, with DS 125 will not fire on TTL. Is there anyone who can explain what is happening?
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