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  1. Hi all, I'm finding the macro hit and miss with the Sony W170,I'm using the on board flash. and so far using the uw mode. Any body got some tips regarding distance from subject, is it worth while making up a distance frame. Thanks Howard
  2. Hi i recentlly got the w170 and i am very happy with the results uw,the 170 has an UW mode that corects colour, if the w130 fits in the same housing ,it would be a start and then you could upgrade later.
  3. Hi Again, The attitude of the general public has changed for the better in South Africa over the last ten years.And this has been done through education,two world class aquariums which have Shark enclosures with shark diving allowed.This firstly allows the novice diver safe interaction with the sharks,and secondly the general public can see divers diving amongst the sharks ,albeit well fed Raggies(sand Tigers) dispelling the myth that these are man eaters.We have various shark friendly institutions that work hard to educate the general public on the importance of marine ecology. The once internationally sought after Great white game fishing has been replaced with shark cage diving.So now we have some of the permit holders allowed to commercially run great white shark cage diving(yes its regulated):chumming on a regular basis.Have we seen an increase in shark-man incidents.Yes...but now the Great White is a protected species and there are plenty more humans participating in water sports.So the changes of encounters are greater. This all gets back to surface chumming and the argument is batted back and forth.It defiantly attracts the sharks to a feeding point.One of the Operators even offered chumming the water at a certain point during peak beach usage time to increase beach user safety. This defiantly is influencing the sharks behaviour. As scuba divers(non cage) its illegal for us to feed the fish,so the shark viewing underwater is pretty much depending on local knowledge and location. Will i dive in an area demarked as shark cage(shark feeding) diving area. Not yet.
  4. Thanks i'll go and have a look see and do my sums.
  5. Well,the debate on the safety of feeding to attract sharks for viewing or photography has certainly hotted up with the recent fatality.Personally I'm against any methods of attracting in order to satisfy our human trophy list,be it viewing or photography. It came to light here( Cape province -South Africa)recentlly the commercial,shark viewing and photography industry,those guys taking out tourists ,filmmakers and magazine photographers were chumming for great white with the secret ingredients containing a mix of smaller sharks.One on the list is the seven gill cowshark not all that plentiful in these waters. As tourists we sometimes ignore the behind the scenes casualties to go home with those amazing encounters.If we as divers boycott shark feeding dives it will decrease.But then again you've travelled all the way to south Africa to see a Great White,you've paid a whack to sea a Great White and it may just be the only opportunity you ever get to see a Great White,would you overlook the chumming or decline.
  6. Thanks for the report, i checked out the Digital Adapter the rand is kind of week against the euro ot the moment and with shipping to Cape Town,so i'll have to wait.
  7. I aquired a Canon WP-DC300 Housing housing at a good price,THis housing is designed for the canon s30/s40/s50 series,these seem to be rather scarce here in Cape Town.Probablly why the housing came cheap.My Query is there another didgital camera that will fit into this housing.I'll settle for some function loss but obviouslly the basic on off /trigger functions shouls work.
  8. I have a perfectlly good ys60 strobe ,from my sea and sea motermarine 35mm set up.And want to use it with a didgital housing.Has anyone bought or manufactured a slave trigger for this strobe.
  9. I have a perfectlly good ys60 strobe ,from my sea and sea motor marine 35mm set up.And want to use it with a didgital housing.Has anyone bought or manufactured a flash slave trigger for this strobe.As have mounted a samsung ( dated)3 meg/pix in a housing it has quite a slow shutter speed.i could get away with a manual trigger,any ideas and advice.
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