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  1. If this is the wrong forum please feel fre to move it. Thanks. I have an OLY 5060wz and ordered a replacement Energizer battery (BLM-1) to have as a backup. Instead, they sent me a Bower. The only info I find on this is in Russian (I think). The Energizer is 1300 mah while the Bower is 1500 mah. I am concerned about how long each charge will last on the Bower. The Energizer was highly rated in tests so that is why I went with that. Can anyone shed some light on Bower. I can return it but if it is a good abttery I'll just keep it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the help Bruce and jcclink! I decided on the YS-27 package with the Sea & Sea tray, arm and cable for $395 shipped. I can always upgrade later. The best I could do with the ULCS was almost $150 more. I just can't see doing that for a tray system right now. Now I need to do some dives here to learn how to use it before I get to the ABC's in June.
  3. I think the YS-27 is really looking like the way to go but I'm concerned about it not having a Target Light. Is this something I will need to add to the setup? The tray, arm and cable come with the YS-27 for a really good price. About what others charge for the flash alone so I'll use that for now and upgrade late since it isn't really costing me more. I guess I can live without it being TTL or Cable fired too. Thanks for the tip on the flash. I expect to do 3 to 5 dives a day for almost two weeks in the ABC's and need all the battery life I can get.
  4. Thanks for the info. I did look over the table which was helpful. Is the YS-27 being "slave" only a big deal? I understand the YS-27 doesn't work the the A setting or P&S options on my camera and there are 3 less settings compared to the YS-110. Also I noticed the ligting is 85' x 105' compared to the YS-110 at 105' x 105'. I am thinking the $300 extra for the YS-110 would not really be worth spending right now. Is there anything else I'm missing? Also are the Sea & Sea tray and 5.1" arms good to have or are there problems?
  5. Yes, another newbie with another which should I buy question! I have an Oly C-5060 with a PT-020 case and I am looking at my first strobe (I'm going to the ABC's in June). I just want a decent strobe for fun and better pictures, I'm not trying to win a competition here. I can get the Sea & Sea YS-27DX with tray, arm bracket and fiber optic cable for $395 or I can get the Sea & Sea YS-110 with the same items for over $700. I am trying to save $ but I don't want to do that if I'm only going to be disapointed with the YS-27. What is your recommendation? Thanks for helping another new guy out! Rick
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