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  1. Cal, How can you dive without a camera?
  2. Prayers for Rick and his wife from KY! I have never had the pleasure to dive with either, but have heard nothing but praises for him. Dave
  3. The Nauticam D7000 housing is significantly smaller & lighter than the D300/D300s housings which is huge in this age of travel. Dave
  4. I have found that a backpack carry-on is less likely to be scrutinized than a wheeled carry-on. I recently switched from a Tamrac 692 (roller) to a Tamrac Adventure 8 (I believe). I can carry everything to shoot one lens w/ 2 strobes. When catching Liat in San Juan, they weighed most carry-ons but did not look twice at my backpack....which was HEAVY! Dave
  5. I have a pocket on belt to keep mirror, beacon, reel for smb, whistle and collapsible snorkel in (it also holds my long hose):
  6. I use a photo backpack (can't remember which model Tamrac it is) in which I carry my housing, camera, lenses, 1 port, 2 strobes, batteries, chargers, etc. Basically I can shoot one lens (60mm or 105mm) with dual Z240's with what I carry-on....plus my laptop fits in it too. My regulator, computer and misc cords go in my my "personal item" bag. My backpack weighs way over 15 lbs, but I have found that some airlines will weigh traditional carry-ons....but not back packs. Of course you have to workout so when you sling it around it looks light :-).
  7. Drew, You have just about convinced me. Please send me $500 (since I am going to spend at least that much more than I had planned on) ;-) Dave
  8. After hearing all the praises of Mac's I looked into one: I configured a MacBook Pro (~15") online and it came to +/- $2,500. I configured a Dell (15.4" with more RAM, faster processor, larger HD and bigger graphic card) for ~ $1,000 less. I can afford it....just can't justify it. It boils down to $$$ for me.
  9. A D300 in a Seatool housing with Inon strobes fullfills all of your requirements except for hotshoe....which isn't needed with Inon strobes fired optically. HTH, Dave
  10. "Don't is always seem to go....you don't what you've got 'til its gone."
  11. I haven't got mine wet yet......but here are my initial thoughts: Seatool ND 300 Will get it wet in the Sea of Cortez the week after next and add to my review. Dave
  12. Have you contacted the dealer that you bought it from?
  13. One reason (and one reason only) for this response.....who he is. If I posted those photos here, I wouldn't be able to show my face here again. Do a search, there are people here that would watch a Pro Shooter trash the reef....and not say a word (I am not implying DD trashed anything). Obviously, Pros are held to a different set of rules here.......... Dave
  14. I remember am amateur u/w photographer (I think it was here) getting a winning image (I believe it was 2 or 3 boxer crabs on a sponge) thrown out of a competition (maybe BTS?) and was raked over the coals for it. What is different about DD's images? I doubt that the boxer crabs were harmed any more than these nudies...possibly less. There is no doubt double standards. Dave
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