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  1. I'll take the Pelican case. I will message you also. Thanks!!
  2. Well, I hope to here some good answers on this also! I am running a Sony HC-7 in a Gates housing. Right now I am using Final Cut Express for editing and then burning to DVD or running it back to the camera and then plugging the HDMI cable from the camera to my HD TV and it really looks GREAT! I really want to get this going to disc at some point. I can answer a couple of your questions...If you haven't used any editing software before, you might find iMovie 08 usable...if you have any editing experience, I think it might drive you mad!!! I really like Final Cut Express. It takes a little while to really learn all of what it's capable of, but it really is a great product!! The Blue-Ray burner you linked to does not list the MAC as a compatible computer...It may still work, but there may not be compatible drivers. I would love to see a list of BD burners that are compatible with MAC!! I know that Toast Titanium 9 with the BlueRay plugin will work for the burning software. Your flowchart looks good, we just need to the right pieces of the puzzle...mainly the BD part.
  3. I would try posting this on Nikonians.org...here is the D200-D300 Forum
  4. I have the Gates housing and the access to the white balance works very well. My last trip I used the Gates WB slate that mounts to the top of the housing with a flexible arm which makes it much easier to WB. I could not be happier with this set-up and I think you couldn't go wrong with the same set-up. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Well, I'm not sure how much I can help but there may be some info in the following posts on Nikonians.org. Good luck (or just get the D300) CHA Error and corrupt files on card F-- and CHA problemes with my D70 CHA on Lexar Card Losing the memory card What does CHA mean?
  6. I recently got a WB slate attached to an arm from Gates that slides into the carry handle slot on the housing and it worked PERFECT!!! It's the first time that I have actually been comfortable doing WB on a regular basis...it's the third hand/arm that I needed...
  7. Hi Puffer, I would say that if it sounds to good to be true...it rarely is...it sounds like you are trying to save a buck or two (aren't we all). In that case I would go for the D200 and not look back! I think you would be miles ahead rather than trying to get a D300 for a "special" price...just my 2 cents... I have both the D200 and D300 and have been torn on housing one of them...right now I am shooting video but would like to take a step in the "still" direction.
  8. I have the Gates housing also and love it. I think it's a pretty compact unit and handles very well U/W. I just got back from Bonaire about 3 weeks ago and used this set-up for the first time. Worked out very well, even it I didn't... Man, do I LOVE Bonaire!! Found 4 seahorses in one dive at Oil Slick!
  9. What's the word...???...oh yeah...JEALOUS!!! Awesome footage. I am just getting into the HD realm. Just got back from Bonaire with my new set-up, HC-7 and Gates...I've got a lot to learn! Your footage looks perfect on my Mac Book. John
  10. Thanks for a great report Pat! I just got my HC-7 camera yesterday and am loving it. I should be getting the housing in the next 3-4 weeks. I am going to do a weekend trip to either San Carlos Mexico or Catalina Island (assuming it's still there after the fire) to get used to the set-up and then I am going back to Bonaire in September for a week. Can't wait to play!!! John
  11. Gates has info for their new housing for the Sony HC7...yippee...I mean Damn...there goes my credit card again! Time to take the leap into HD! http://www.gateshousings.com/HC7.html JohnnyO
  12. Hello Everyone, This is my first posting here. I have a D100 that I am about 95% sure I am going to get an Ikelite housing for. I am curious as to the best suggestions for strobes. I have heard that there is a housing for the Nikon SB80DX flash, which I have. I am really a newbie when it comes to this stuff. I am very comfortable with my camera on land and I have done a fair amount of U/W video, however the U/W still stuff... Are there any specific reasons why I should look at a different housing? I would like to keep the financial end of the whole project somewhere on the planet earth :shock: . I figure I am going to be in the neighborhood of a couple grand for Strobe and housing? (or have I been smoking something?) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. JohnnyO
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