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  1. is this still available- what would shipping be to 97701-thx
  2. I Ill second this- what exactly is this???
  3. Better AF and more Megapixels- last upgrade was from a Nikon D2x to the D800E with associated Aquatica housings. Still shooting the same YS250 strobes! No desire to upgrade at this time, maybe in 5 years or so, well see what is on the market then
  4. its a nice small lens (positive travel implications), but I agree with Adam- it really needs to be stopped down to perform.
  5. West Coast Imaging has never done me wrong- they are a class act!
  6. Dive rite with travel wings here to mirror comments above- Im to the point of hating bootie/fin combos and am looking into non-bootie alternatives- I only do warm water diving though
  7. I don't use a diopter with the 16-35 and have no troubles with the edges on my images- really like that lens. I shoot with an Aquatica D800 housing with an 8 inch dome port and the correct extension.
  8. Curious if anyone knows the answer to either of the following two questions- Q1- how strict are Lion Air and XPress air with respect to baggage allowances Q2- does anyone have any experience paying for extra bags or weight? If so, roughly how much? guess it was actually 3 questions- thanks in advance for any help- just trying to figure out what camera gear gets to go and what needs to stay behind
  9. I read things like this and feel all of your pain. I guess this is the reason that I only seem to upgrade only every 7 years or so- the housing cooperating with the camera and the camera needing significant advances to dictate a purchase is my trigger point. Happily, I think the D800E is not too far behind the newer camera as far as my shooting techniques go and Ill await whatever Nikon comes up with 5-6 years from now along with a commercially available housing for that camera,,, until then, Im still shooting the D800E and not having any regrets- except for the new toy jealousy.
  10. another for option 1- repairable if scratched; and another- easier to pack- I have used an 8 inch acrylic aquatica dome going back to the days of film and lenses that probably arent even sold anymore- the acrylic on this dome has been repolished once and looks like new now and Ive never had an issue with the 16-35 behind it which is the only wide lens I use anymore. I don't personally do or care for split shots so that has never been an issue.
  11. Lightroom still isnt up to par with PS on the ability to do things like "content aware" deletion/patchings or non-circular type patching corrections. those appications and stitching keep me having a subscription to Photoshop. Lightroom is catching up in quite a few functions, but not those.
  12. congrats to the winners, nice shots. Snell's window rocks
  13. my favorite wide angle and macro shot of 2013- both from Palau- the wide angle is self explanatory, the macro is clownfish eggs nearing time to hatch- merry, merry to you all and good shooting in 2014
  14. check out www.clearbags.com and matboard can be obtained from numerous outlets- personally, I use www.dickblick.com for it but I do my own cutting
  15. not a matter of if, its a matter of when- Aquatica housing a Nikon n90s- the main o-ring came out of the groove in one corner unbeknownst to me right before I clipped the back closed- instant fish bowl upon entering the water. DOA at the surface. Some times all is not lost though- On a Colorado River raft trip through the Grand Canyon had my wifes Canon snappy digital camera in a ziplock to protect it from the rapids while it was in my pants pocket- took it for a swim at the end of a hot day and got it quite wet- complete malfunction at the time-removed the battery immediately, dried it and the memory card out as well as I could- upon my return home it fired right up and still works to this day and no images were lost.
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