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  1. Curious if anyone knows the answer to either of the following two questions-

    Q1- how strict are Lion Air and XPress air with respect to baggage allowances

    Q2- does anyone have any experience paying for extra bags or weight? If so, roughly how much?


    guess it was actually 3 questions- thanks in advance for any help- just trying to figure out what camera gear gets to go and what needs to stay behind

  2. I read things like this and feel all of your pain. I guess this is the reason that I only seem to upgrade only every 7 years or so- the housing cooperating with the camera and the camera needing significant advances to dictate a purchase is my trigger point. Happily, I think the D800E is not too far behind the newer camera as far as my shooting techniques go and Ill await whatever Nikon comes up with 5-6 years from now along with a commercially available housing for that camera,,, until then, Im still shooting the D800E and not having any regrets- except for the new toy jealousy.

  3. another for option 1- repairable if scratched; and another- easier to pack- I have used an 8 inch acrylic aquatica dome going back to the days of film and lenses that probably arent even sold anymore- the acrylic on this dome has been repolished once and looks like new now and Ive never had an issue with the 16-35 behind it which is the only wide lens I use anymore. I don't personally do or care for split shots so that has never been an issue.

  4. not a matter of if, its a matter of when-

    Aquatica housing a Nikon n90s- the main o-ring came out of the groove in one corner unbeknownst to me right before I clipped the back closed- instant fish bowl upon entering the water. DOA at the surface.


    Some times all is not lost though-

    On a Colorado River raft trip through the Grand Canyon had my wifes Canon snappy digital camera in a ziplock to protect it from the rapids while it was in my pants pocket- took it for a swim at the end of a hot day and got it quite wet- complete malfunction at the time-removed the battery immediately, dried it and the memory card out as well as I could- upon my return home it fired right up and still works to this day and no images were lost.

  5. Ive been using the 16-35mm zoom in a D800 Aquatica housing with an 8 inch dome port and am quite pleased with the corner to corner performance. The wide angle shots on my website www.ericpeterblackimages-uw.com were all made with this lens. I do bump up the ISO to deal with the dimmer conditions when they are present and need to be dealt with but again, I am quite pleased with the results I get from ISO 400-640 on this particular camera with that lens. I have the 14-24 but have not yet used it underwater due to the older dome port I use which doesn't have a wide enough rear access to handle the lens fitting through it. Id love to try it out, just not too sure I want to invest in yet another port for something that might be soft around the edges.

  6. thought Id give this a little bump and see if a $25 reduction in price got things moving- it has all the digital bells and whistles- the two auto modes of which one works with cameras with pre flash modes

    runs on 4xAA batteries, guide number of 22 (iso 100, land), recycle time of approx 3 secs with rechargeable batteries and over 200 flashes on a full charge- a great backup if not a primary


  7. Tired of waiting in line for the oxygen analyzer- take your own. This rugged item retails for $320 but can be yours for $160 which includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Included are the analyzer, case, and the tank-o-ring interface as shown in the pic. The sensor has a user replaceable inner sensing element which can be replaced for $80 (see http://oxycheq.com you can also see more details on this unit at that website. Runs on 3xAAA batteries which is a really nice feature. I have 2 and only need 1 going forward.


  8. My spare which I cannot justify keeping any longer. Item has seen very little use and is in very good condition. Included are the diffuser cap, mounting screw a nikonos 5 pin style sync cord (nikonos end cap missing), all orings and a spare rear battery chamber oring. Price shipped is $275 for everything- for now only to the 48 cont US states.


  9. I have 2 and can only justify keeping 1 at this time- so my backup is for sale at what I hope you find to be a very reasonable price. $2350 will get you the camera with everything that a new one would come with, shipping to the cont. 48 US states and only ~3700 actuations. Camera works perfectly and I have had no issues with left focussing and the battery included was not one subject to recall. Only flaw is a tiny rub mark on the battery door which you can see in the pic. The unit is on the auction site (handle is eman37) but you can get it here for less for obvious reasons. Great camera and the images on my site www.ericpeterblackimages-uw.com were taken with its brother. For now, sale is limited to lower 48 US states, camera is a USA warranty item.





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