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    Im not really sure that I see the use for macro photography where shutter speed, strobe speed and the ability to move freely to keep up with your subject are going to get you more results. On the other hand, acro video done without a tripod is pretty difficult to watch (kind of like the "Blair Witch Project" on steroids due to all the movement that will be apparent at that scale). Im curious as to what others will post here as I have had the same question in the past. I have often thought of buying a cheapie K-mart tripod as a disposable item for low light interiors shipwreck photography, but as of yet haven't tried it. Never really thought of using one on the reef but Im always looking for new angles to get interesting shots.
  2. two different lenses for two different purposes in my opinion- I use the 105 for macro with the occasional backoff to shoot something larger and hope that distance doesn't kill the image too much. I use the 60 for images larger than macro and dont seem to ever really use it to get close enough to even try for anything 2x frame size or smaller-just save those shots for the next dive. I find I have each on the camera about equally.
  3. Id start here and see if you can avoid the ebay fees on the sale- I will note that it seems most members here already come with an array of gear and I havent had much luck selling systems, only components. Patience on either selling forum is required in most cases- its taken me up to 3-4 months to get a serious buyer on non- small parts like sales (i.e. housings or lenses).
  4. Id go with 2 but crop out the top of the image with the black distraction in the center-top- take it to a 4x5 format and I think you'll like the results- #1 would be a close second with a little more exposure added to brighten up the subject a bit
  5. If they do not offer to get you a new camera, I would find another store to start dealing with. I realize that in Bermuda your options may be limited, but a defective $3000 camera body is unacceptable. did your store provide you with a record that it actually was sent to an authorized Nikon service center? IF so, I would contact that center and try your claim through them good luck
  6. The gears are as follows and contain all set screws and show only signs of normal use/wear unless noted below: 18656- this is an older gear for a Nikon 200mm micro lens focusing- had it custom made by Aquatica and it is not anodized (still silver) 3" inner diameter (id) 18672- for Nikon 15mm f/3.5 Manual Focus 2 5/8" id 18674-for Nikon 20mm AF lens focusing 2 3/4" id 18675--this is the 2/3 wrap variety (not a complete circle like the others) and fits the Nikon 24-50 zoom lens- a killer lens for fish close-ups that can be found on ebay at a reasonable price and uses the same ext ring as the 105mm macro- gear is 2 13/16" id I also have an 18619 aperture gear that was used for Aquatica 5 and later housings- consider it an extra freebee from this fall clean-out effort. a google search may bring up other uses for these that I dont know of- $55 takes them all with shipping included to US addresses- if overseas, add $10 to cover extra postage.
  7. due to travelling I am planning on using this lens with an 8 inch dome port on an Aquatica rig. Can someone comment on just how soft the corners are using this lens with a smaller than 9" dome port? For example, does the softness go away with increasing f-stops or by zooming a bit? I'm really hoping to cover the wide end of the spectrum with just this lens as travel restrictions to some of the places I go are getting pretty strict. I should also mention, Ill be using a D800 as well.
  8. I love the idea- as someone who is probably going to have to part with $500+ to replace the $500 worth of gears that I already have for the older version of Aquatica housing that I am upgrading from- I might just consider doing something like this. Anybody need any 18xxx series Aquatica gears- I have lots of them that just became likely worth less than $15 each
  9. Moderator- can this be moved to the DSLR forum- I didnt even realize I had it under the film one (or that there still was a film forum for that matter- it is wet pixel after all) thanks for the replies- Im a bit distrought that it looks like Im going to have to lay out cash that Id rather not to make this upgrade- Ive been using the same gears for the most part since I was shooting an F5 housing- and some since an n90s housing- Ive always liked the fact that ports and gears havent needed to be replaced each housing with the Aquatica system.
  10. First confusion- extensions such as 18458- I have an older version, 3 inches long (3 1/2 with bayonet part); backscatter lists the item as 3.25 inches ( I assume 2.75" with the 3.25 being the length with the bayonet part of the ring); Aquatica lists the item as 2 1/2 inches and 3 with bayonet. 2 questions arise what is the deal with all the different lengths available? and can mine be used for a Nikon 16-35mm zoom lens and if not which of the other two listed can be? Second confusion- have the Aquatica gears undergone a number change or is there a new line of gears for Type 4 Nikon cameras- they seem to have the same numbers as the older gears with the first number changed- for example the 18722 gear that I have has been replaced in the newer catalog as 48722. Are these new gears or just changes in the numbers and the old gears that I have still work? I have a D800 housing on order and really need to know what all I have to update so any help is appreciated in advance thanks
  11. I need the newer than year 2008 version for a 14-24mm lens. I can either offer a fair price or an even trade for the older version of this tube which is 3" long instead of the 2 1/2 inches I require for the zoom lens. The older version was custom made at the time for a kenko 2x pro teleconverter/105mm macro lens combo, allowing the focus ring to match up exactly when using the macro port.
  12. My film experiences started with a Nikonos III, moved onto a V, upgraded to a n90s in Aquatica housing, upgraded to a F5 housed and shot with that primarily until 2007 when I moved to a D2x in housing. On land my last film shoot was only 2 months ago during a Colorado River raft expedition-Im now a complete convert with the D800 being what I consider the game changer for landscape above water work (we'll see about in water when I get my new housing from Aquatica). what I'll miss about film- the ability to get quality sunbursts and good blue water renditions (still havent seen anything on digital that compares), the downtime between dives not spent looking at a computer screen, what I won't miss- hassles at the airport trying to get film from home to location to home, having 40+ rolls of film to develop upon arriving home dog-tired, not really knowing for sure if you got that shot you think you got, the mind numbing calculations involved in doing anything with extension tubes or converters for super macro, getting the film back and discovering that some equipment malfunction along the way killed the results.
  13. a final bump for $1400 total takes all with shipping included.
  14. PM sent- Strobe is currently listed on auction site- I will make it availalbe at this price following conclusion of auction if it doesnt sell.
  15. Looking to move this- how does $100 shipped to within the continuous US sound? A great deal for a second strobe or a slave unit!
  16. Would make a great backup, second or slave strobe for somebody- I am downsizing and dont need the number of strobes like this that I have anymore- quite a few body scratches on it from lots of use- all cosmetic in nature, strobe was never flooded. Takes 8 AA batteries and has a guide number of 22 (if I remember correctly)- a web search ought to get you any background info you need. comes with diffuser, o-ring for both battery hatch and cable connection port and the arm connector screw and front end diffuser. Slave capabilities as well as Full, and 1/2 power settings (TTL if you still have a film camera). $125 + shipping. US sales preferred for now.
  17. Been to both and they are quite different from each other- As for Cocos- if you don't like open water ocean crossings, the 30+ hours of rocking and rolling to get there could be a turn off. Lots and lots of sharks and not much reef to explore. Whale sharks seen on every dive- we were there in mid-July. A unique place where sharks are the feature. Palau is a place I repeatedly go back to- also good shark sightings, but no where near as many- but lots of great wall diving, reef diving, current diving and great underwater topography. My Palau trips have been in both the spring and fall and I enjoyed both seasons equally- my next trip will be this coming spring.
  18. Just thought Id give a heads up here to an item found in my basement which is up on the bay currently at a price that is a steal if anyone is interested- an Aquatica A90 housing complete with camera body- the dual 5-pin Nikonos style- strobe bulkheads are probably worth the entry price alone. The housing was for a black and white project that never materialized a few years ago- but could also be used for a DIY project as well.
  19. Just bumping the listing- The housing and camera are still available.
  20. yes, the items are still for sale thanks eric
  21. Ill drop the price to $1600 plus any shipping expenses. this is pretty much my bottom line as Ill just keep the unit as a spare or sell the items on the bay. Let me know if there is any interest- If the post hasnt been updated, I probably still have the item.
  22. Up for sale is a Nikon D2Xs camera body and Aquatica D2x housing. Both are used but in very good overall shape. Camera is in mint condition and includes a Really Right Stuff L-bracket for above water use (subtract $75 if you dont want this) and front protective cap, extra battery with charger and all original boxing and manuals. Housing is also in excellent shape includes water penetration alarm, dual strobe mounts and a spare back o-ring as well as handles, hex bolts with srench, and operation manual. Im looking for $1800 for the entire package + whatever shipping turns out to be to the buyers address. I have priced this rig low with the hope that perhaps someone who is interested in a dedicated macro rig or a spare rig can afford this. I would keep it for just this, but really dont have luggage allowance to haul two housings to sites. Both camera and housing were well cared for, never flooded, and maintained meticulously between dive trips. Most of the images on my personal website were captured with this outfit- see www.ericpeterblackimages-uw.com for a look at them. Please note that no ports are included in this auction but can be obtained rather easily through other sources. Pictures are available by request to those with serious interest only and I will do so by email so a PM to me needs to have an email address attached. Please note that if the interest is from someone international, the package is going to be heavy and large and shipping isnt going to be cheap- therefore domestic sales are preferred. Please PM me with any questions. One last note: I would consider breaking up the camera from the housing if that is the only item you are interested in.
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