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  1. Excellent condition- threads on threaded end are in unused shape. Item was bought to help out my aging eyesight underwater and found after a trip that it really doesnt fill this need for me. One Softcap and one 67mm non-original camera lens snap cap included for protection. Reefphoto has these listed at $195 new, Ill let this one go for $165 which includes shipping and paypal fees to the lower 48. US sales only for now please- if I dont get any offers, I may open it up for outside US sales. Please PM with any interest.
  2. I have all of my equipment insured by State Farm using a "Personal Articles Policy" which is a rider on my homeowners insurance that gives me replacement value in the event of a flood or loss of equipment for anything but -believe it or not- a nuclear holocaust event. One catch- I dont use my equipment for business purposes- back when I did that, I had to insure things under a business associated policy and I dont really remember how I did that- might have been one of thos online insurance companies associated with dive gear.
  3. Probably a question for Jean- Im curious as to what the timing is around getting a housing for a new camera out into the marketplace. Im looking to book a dive trip to Belize in perhaps August and am wondering if Ill have the ability to potentially house my new camera by then. Also, is there any way/place to preorder such an item to make sure Im near the top of the list? thanks in advance for any replies
  4. Sorry I didnt update sooner- both lenses are sold
  5. reasonable offers considered and bump
  6. One last bump- I will update this if/when the item sells- if its found during a search and you dont see that info, I probably still have it. somewhat less than reasonable offers considered at this point
  7. I have a pair of closeup diopters for use on lenses like the older Nikon 105mm macro (non-AFS) lens. The 3T is in mint shape while the 4T is also in good shape with one small flaw on the camera facing element- a small approx 1/8 inch scratch which only shows up when viewed at an angle under direct lighting and has never had an effect on any of my photos- it also has some minor cleaning marks which also dont affect picture quality. These filters are a rarity as they are no longer produced- a search of the web will show you what types of magnification can be acheived with the use of these dual-element filters. currently on auction sites these filters are going for in excess of $100 each for mint examples- my price is $130 + shipping for these based on the rarity and condition of them. Drop me a message for questions and interest. I will only sell these as a pair. Sorry the pics are sideways- couldnt figure how to correct that out.
  8. Ive owned and used them both- prefer the older version as the slower hunting is invaluable when doing very high magnification work- the other hunts too fast and can be hard to see where the actual stop needs to be for stopping and switching out to a manual approach. If your just going after non-micro stuff like fish portraits, Id go with the newer one as the hunting thing isnt as important as fast focus (prior to the fish tucking tail and running) in that case my 5 cents
  9. Ill consider reasonaable offers on this piece
  10. There are parts that shouldnt get ruined in a flood, that can be removed from the body and listed on ebay for others to use as repair parts- if you have the insurance check in hand, I wouldnt sweat that level of effort- step back about 15 feet from a garbage recepticle and see if you can nail a free throw!
  11. I dont have any intention of ever owning any of these lenses again (I had the 200mm). The extention is available for $150 which includes shipping to the cont. US. The going price for these on Amazon is over $300. Item is in excellent (used 3-4 times) condition.
  12. 70 views with no interest equals price drops Sigma dropped to $400 Nikon dropped to $250 both prices include shipping and purchase fees
  13. Selling a few items that I no longer use- one is definately an UW lens, the other not so much but thought Id list it anyways just in case there is some interest- First the UW lens- a New Sigma 10-20mm lens- mounted on my camera once to make sure it was working as recieved- this came as part of an insurance settlement from a flooded housing- decided not to replace the wide angle set up with an DX one- will probably do the FX thing in the future- the lens includes everything it would new- box, papers, caps and hoods (actually 2 since the prior hood wasnt affected in the flood). Price which includes shipping is $420 note this is the f4-5.6 version of this lens and retails for $480 at B&H new. I also have a mint condition Nikon 24-120mm VR lens f3.5-5.6 with original box for sale as well for $270- contact me for any additional information or pics which I can send to your email if you provide it. US sales only at this time, please
  14. I would also encourage not only working on your diving skills (killer bouyancy is paramount to getting any decent images below), but learning what you would like to express underwater by just getting below and observing. Once you gain a diving style and figure out your primary interests, the photography ought to fall into line. In parallel with this, rentals on occasional dives will start you on the way to developing shooting skills and further help you to figure out what you are most interested in expressing-(macro, wide angle etc...). Im a big proponent of used gear, but the above post is correct, housing a DSLR will not come cheap even on the used market- thus, be really sure of what you really want prior to the $$ commitment so you dont end up contributing to the never ending used gear clearnace plan offered by the classifieds here. If you do feel that you cant wait and have to make the leap- Id keep your eyes open to the various vendors that deal used gear (this forum included) and outfit something with a good wide angle lens housed with your D200- sounds like your interests weight in that direction- pick a housing manufacturer that you can build on later- ie new housing for which the strobes and ports can be transfered to if your addiction grows. There are lots of quality manufacturers and all of them make great gear- good luck in your pursuits.
  15. as probably one of the few film photographers left here-Ill pipe up for a second. There are a few ifs in my statement, but I locked onto the desire for final image quality. IF you can master the Nikonos V with the 15mm water contact lens and get a sharp desireable, properly exposed and focused image on film, and IF you drum scan that image you will come up with something that will not be able to be beat by current digital technology. I shoot digital and like the macro results, but have yet to shoot a wide angle digital image that comes close to what I used to be able to do with film and either a housed film camera or even better yet- a Nikonos setup. The look of sunbursts and blue water backgrounds still hasnt been equaled with digital exposures (it keeps getting closer, but isnt there yet in my opinion, even with the newer 14 bit cameras) and the corner to corner sharpness of the Nikonos 15mm lens can add punch to an image that a wide angle lens behind a dome port loses when max-enlargements are made. That said, there it is no secret that the learning curve to shooting film is steep and you will get more disappointing results in the beginning than you will get winners- personally, when I have a known wide angle situation that I want something just a little bit better for (especially when there is a sunburst or "Snells Window" background involved, I shoot it first with digital to get general lighting and exposure etc... figured out and then I repeat the shoot with film and bracket the heck out of the situation. Good luck with whatever you decide to shoot!
  16. I dont have the 1.4x, but can tell you that a kenko pro 2x on the 60mm AFS doesnt work for autofocus capability- it does manually focus and that is what I do with it whenever I use it.
  17. my opinion- you are best off, if upgrading to the same manufacturer of housing, just keeping the old housing for parts. They dont fetch much once used and with older technology for the camera bits. I am going to start a housing museum some day with all my old film and digital housings. I never have to spend on minor part repairs though-amazing how many of the gears and switches are the same one model to the next.
  18. I just bought the f 4-5.5 version for two reasons that both precluded the 3.3 lens- the 82mm size wont allow me to attach a zoom gear and I was worried the size of the barrel wouldnt fit through my extension ports. Reason two is that I dont really need the extra light for most of what I shoot. The lens I got is optimized at f8, I believe, and that is probably right around where Ill shoot it as all of my wide angle shooting is typically looking for depth of field and near/far exaggerations.
  19. Ive had both an N90s and an F5 housing and if we really want to go down memory lane started with a Nikonos III and there was a Nikonos V inbetween the III and the housings!
  20. Thanks Jean- I also have an 18455 which I pulled out a storage drawer (forgot I even had it) It is half way between the 453 and the 456 so I might run some tests using it as well on my next trip.
  21. Thanks Steve- I looked there and just got even more confused. For the 10-20mm Sigma and a mega dome they recommend the 18453 that I already have, for th. e 8 " dome which is the one I am interested in, the recommendation changes to the 18456 and then for the 9.25"megadome, it changes to the 18453 again. It looks to me like there is a typo on the aquatica website that is being copied again on the backscatter website. When I look at other lenses, the recommendations seem to hold up through the entire series of domes. What gives here? I really dont want to buy another extension if I dont need one.
  22. My owners manual for my Aquatica D2x housing recommends an 18453 extension for use with my 18405 8" dome port, the website recommends an 18456 (although the 18453 is recommended for the mega dome). Which is correct? and what are the implications of using a slightly longer extension like the 18453 if I dont want to buy yet another port extension- I already have 3 I dont use.
  23. Two strobes wont buy you any distance, just more light at the same distance. You wont have a problem getting close in cocos and will want at least one strobe as you will be in depths of 70-100 feet or more to get to the rocks you hide behind so the sharks come in close. Have a blast and enjoy the crossing!
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