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  1. Finally! An instructional YouTube video that I don't need to speed up to 1.5x or 2x! (Not being facetious - this is the perfect pace. Maybe just because I'm in Oz too)
  2. Pretty sure this is what you're after. I'm in Australia, but happy to ship if you're happy to pay. PM if interested.
  3. Taken in raw, processed in LR. I shoot Raw+JPG, with no film simulations. As a comparison, below are the jpgs as taken straight from the camera before processing in LightRoom.
  4. The viewfinder is the same for mirrorless and DSLR housings, just the mounting adapter is different. To convert from a DSLR housing to a mirrorless housing, get one of these: https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-Viewfinder-Collar-Adaptor-for-32201-and-32203-to-Use-on-Mirrorless-MIL-Housings Edit: Oops, the link provided is to convert from DSLR to Mirrorless, not the other way around. To convert the mirrorless to DSLR, you need this one: https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-Viewfinder-Collar-Adaptor-for-32204-and-32205-on-DSLR-Housings
  5. After being away for a few weeks, managed to get out again at the same site as my previous photos. This time with the Exposure/WB preview turned off, and also with the addition of my focus light now that I have a mount for it. Got this one a bit sharper than the last time! I would love this one to have a bit more "pop" out of the background. Shot at f9, ISO200, ss250. It was also only about 2.5m deep, so a lot of natural light. Wasn't expecting too many large subjects at this site. Lucky this guy was only about the size of a dinner plate so managed to a few keepers with the 80mm. After taking a few photos I also flicked the camera to video mode and shot this video (YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCZTF5u_Vlk). No lights, and just some very much amateur processing in Davinci Resolve
  6. On the plus side there is only one control on the entire camera that isn't transferred through the housing. ISO, SS and aperture are always available via dedicated controls, along with shooting mode, AF/MF, AF mode and exposure compensation, in and out of the housing. . One of the many things I love about this camera!
  7. The Fuji X series custom settings bank is only for image quality/processing settings (film type simulation, grain effect, WB, highligh/shadow tone, sharpness, dynamic range, etc. It does not store camera operation settings. Pretty much every button and dial on the camera can be reprogrammed to a different function. Eg, the 4-way keypad buttons factory settings are to change AF mode / WB / performance boost / film simulation. I can change each of those to adjust almost any other single setting on the camera. But I can't make a single button press recall a set of camera operation settings.
  8. At this stage just the 80mm for macro, and the 15-45 + WWL-C for wide angle. I haven't got the ring and port for the 15-45mm yet, but once I do get it I'll have plenty to play with before thinking about extending my options any further!
  9. Hi Elipe, Yep, I'm aware of the MY menu, and have now added the PREVIEW EXP option to it. I was more lamenting the missed opportunity of having a single shortcut/macro to change more settings than just the limited set of IQ adjustments
  10. It is convenient to use the LCD, but I do find the EVF more natural and quite a bit clearer. I agree, the 45ยบ viewfinder would be a great Xmas present! . I prefer just the short image review - enough for a quick glance to see that exposure is in the right ball park. For a proper review I'll hit the playback (I love that it's a thumb lever and not a button!) and then press the back command dial button to zoom in on the focus point. The IQ menu is great to be able to have 7 different options .. but mostly useless to me. I would much rather be able to use that IQ to shortcut a whole selection of options. It'd be great to to IQ > Underwater and have it apply a whole heap of camera settings, rather than just image processing settings. Those are some great macros. Were those also using the XF80?
  11. It's impressively fast. A few times I felt I had to refocus 3 or 4 times just because it got a focus lock way faster than I was expecting it to. Even with no focus light. Most of my framing was with subjects close to the background, but if I mis-aimed into a sandy bottom in the murky distance it did do a bit of hunting. The specs say minimum focus distance is 25cm, which equates to about 10cm from the front of the lens. If the subject is any closer, it does hunt to infinity and back, so can find itself at the long end if I don't catch it in time. It has a focus limiter that can be switched to off / 0.5m - infinity / 0.25m - 0.5m, which obviously can't be changed while in the housing. I left the focus limiter off.
  12. Thanks @ChrisRoss, It seemed a bit funny to me that it sometimes seem to turn up setting or something .. sometimes.. But after a bit of searching through the menus, I finally found what I'm looking for. There is a setting to configure white balance / exposure preview in manual mode. Under Setup > Screen Set-Up, there's an option "Preview Exp./WB in Manual Mode", which by default is set to "Exp/WB". I've set that to "Off" which makes things much easier to focus in low light! I got stuck trying to find a setting in the "Photo" or the "AF/MF" menu.
  13. And one more that I couldn't add on the previous post. This one shot at f14 @ 1/250 (ISO 320) Having taken this camera and housing underwater for the first time, and not really had too much experience with handheld macro in surge, I think I'll call this a successful dive - in fact any dive taking a new housing out for the first time and bringing it back dry I'd consider a success With the 80mm macro and standard ULCS arms and no floats, my rig was quite negative, and front heavy. I can't wait to receive the port for the 15-45, and take it out with the WWL-C.
  14. First outing with my Fuji X-T3 today. Took the 80mm macro out on a shallow (4m) dive on a bright day trying to find little things to shoot. I didn't have my focus light (still waiting on a part to mount it), and I think I need to play with the camera in low light macro situations above ground a bit. I had the camera in manual focus, with the AF-L button (which the Nauticam maps to the right thumb lever) set up for back button focus. Quite convenient, with my right thumb on the level to focus, left fore finger to shoot. Even though I have the focus ring installed, I solely used AF today. I was adjusting aperture mainly between f8 and f16, and noticed that sometimes when I focused, the camera would open up the aperture to give me a clear view in the rear LCD, but sometimes it would get a focus lock on almost a pitch black image. Switching to EVF seemed to have better results. But more playing necessary. I struggled to get this feather duster in focus. Little bit of surge, and me trying not to get too close to send it back into its tube. Second (or maybe the third or fourth ) try a bit better. This was f10 at 1/250 with strobes on manual. I think I had enough DOF (the shot above was also f10 @ 1/250, and most of the sea urchin is in sharp focus. I think with this shot I just missed the mark, and focus was a touch too close, getting only the nearest part of the feather duster.
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