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  1. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, all done with internal flash, close-up lenses and reflector, but when you shoot macro and super macro, you don't need the flash to go very far.
  2. I think they are Beaded Anemones (Phymanthus crucifer)
  3. Gerry Allen has looked at this forum topic and commented by email:- "This is an undescribed species that is similar to Discordipinna, but may in fact belong to a new genus. A group of Japanese researchers are working on the description and I would expect this to be published in the near future. It is currently known from Indonesia (Lembeh and Raja Ampats), Papua New Guinea (Milne Bay), Fiji, and the Ryukyu Island of Japan. The species is featured in our recent 3-volume work on East Indian Reef fishes (page 912, Reef Fishes of the East Indies by Allen & Erdmann 2012).The fish in the book with the dorsal "spike" is most likely the male."
  4. Yes, it's Stenopus scutellatus with eggs
  5. Lol! Look for Pompom or Boxer Crabs and you will find it.
  6. With posterior nostrils high on head above eyes, it suggests Uropterygius fasciolatus.
  7. Kaj, my images are of a pair in very close proximity, that seemed to be following each other around. There appeared to be no territorial aggression between the pair, so I assumed that they are male and female. If you look carefully at the dorsal markings you will see they are different. In my first image the dorsal and tail fins have a black margin which is not present in my second image nor Barb's images. Barb's images seem to have a black spot on the tail fin and two black spots on the second dorsal, which seems to match with my second image and the YouTube video. Bart, are you able to scan or photograph the "whiskered goby" (Discordipinna sp.) image from "Reef fishes of the East Indies" and post it here for comparison and comment?
  8. That last one is a Hidden Corallimorph Shrimp (Pilopontonia furtiva)
  9. Chromis usually have a deeply forked tail fin. Looking at Randall's images of Chromis xutha on Fishbase it's hard to see the tail except in this image which shows a distinctive fork and streamers on the tail, so I don't think Chromis xutha is a match.
  10. I'm using this book, maybe it's a 2nd edition, but it doesn't say. Alcyonohippolyte maculata was described in 2011 according to this page on WORMS
  11. Perhaps a sub adult Pacific Gregory (Stegastes fasciolatus)
  12. Looks like it's turned on it's back and you are looking at the feet. Probably a Beaded Sea Star (Astropecten articulatus)
  13. 4th one looks like a version of the soft coral shrimp Alcyonohippolyte maculata (bottom of p92 in Reef Creature Identification - Tropical Pacific by Humann & Deloach)
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