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  1. Thanks that's nice to know. I found these photos of something similar, but again don't think it's quite right.
  2. Does anyone have an ID for this small crab I found in the Perhentians Malaysia? The closest I can get is the Leucosiidae family and I'm not really sure about that.
  3. Nice work Marco. I like the the way you have extended the old base to fit. It makes it quick to fit the lenses using the bayonet fittings. There is a bit of downside for me, the adapter is bigger than my stepping ring method, since you have some vignetting at wide angle and there is some blocking over the top of the port if you were using just the internal flash (as I do) which means that some of the light is reduced and the diffuser can't be fitted. Though this would not be a problem for anyone using an external strobe (as most people do). I'm sure that if Inon saw these solutions that they would be able to make a very simple retro fit mount base.
  4. Fabulous shots. I wish they were mine.
  5. Wonderful shots Ed. You just keep getting better and better. Please stop doing it, you're making me look bad.
  6. Wow 50 divers, that's going to be crowded on Bill's boats. Being better looking than Bill is not saying much, LOL! but if you're Kay then you are definitely much better looking and probably a lot less grouchy too. Yes, see you next time we are there. Any sign of the new airport yet?
  7. Thank you Bruce, I always like feedback either positive or negative. (in any lingo, even American. ) My profile on Flickr lets you know what cameras I used on various trips, but yes all of the recent Malaysia trip was shot with the G9 using ONLY the internal flash. If Inon would like to make contact with me I would be delighted to help them. Using the G9 and Canon housing for macro work is not difficult, there are a few tricks I use with the macro lenses, like moving the flash diffuser to the end of the macro lens, with a piece of lo-tech elastic. This stops the flash from vignetting over the macro lenses. If everyone tried a similar setup, I'm sure there would be some converts. The other thing I like is the cost, with new camera models coming out so quickly, I didn't want to invest a lot in a dedicated housing. This way it's fairly cheap to upgrade, even if you can't find a buyer for your old housing.
  8. Thanks Tim, I'm not sure which adapter the F.I.T. is, but most of the adapters I've seen are designed to be used with external strobes. Initially because of tendinitis that I got in my wrists (which I think was from lugging around a heavy Ikelite housing), I tried to shoot U/W photos with minimum weight setup. After a while I loved the freedom it gave me to take shots in confined spaces, so I have continued without an external strobe, but if you use an external strobe then I'm sure that one of the off the shelf adapters would be fine. Yes, you are correct that with the long port on the Canon housing you need to zoom a bit (15% to 20%) with a macro lens to avoid vignetting. In practice I usually zoom more than that anyway as it gives a greater working distance with macro subjects. With two lenses stacked you need to zoom more (about 30%) With wet lenses, more chromatic aberration is observed at the edges of the lenses, so zooming and using the centre of the lenses does help reduce this problem. I would expect that using the long port on the Ikelite you would need to zoom to the same extent as on the Canon.
  9. My pleasure Bruce. I'm happy to share what little I know.
  10. Excellent and informative report with wonderful photos.
  11. There are no problems with focusing either auto or manual, except manual focusing is a bit more fiddly, but that's the same on land. I'm not sure what your 2nd question is about. I think you are referring to the extra ring I have used to hold the lenses when they are not being used, but yes I'm happy. Remember you only remove 4 of the 6 screws, 2 of the screws holding the glass port on the housing remain in place using the full thread length. You lose a bit of thread length from the 4 screws that you use to screw the stepping ring on, but it's only about 1mm if you countersink the holes in the ring. If the 4 screws are put back with sufficient tightness, I don't see a problem. Remember you still have the 2 screws you didn't remove holding it in place. I think the real danger here is in over tightening the 4 screws when you put them back, as the housing threads are only acrylic/plastic and could shred or crack if you got carried away. Most of your questions seem to be about robustness. Let me try and put your mind at rest. Firstly I have done this modification on two housings the WP-CD11 and the WP-DC21 both without incident. Normally I jump in with the camera and housing doing either backward roll or giant stride entry, so the modification is strong enough to withstand this stress. Since I first did the modifications in March 2007, I have done 148 dives with it and not had the even the slightest of leaks. Though I'm sure you are aware that leaks can occur in many ways, from a trapped hair or piece of sand on the 'O' ring etc. So just as you would with a new housing and/or change of 'O' ring you should perform a leak test, by diving with the modified housing but without the camera in it first. I usually stuff it full of tissues and weight the housing down externally.
  12. You haven't said anything about Dauin, is that because you didn't like it there or have you simply forgotten you went there.
  13. I think the quality of the edits are very good, but I would look at some other photos of Green Turtles and see if I could mask the green back into the required areas on the turtle, as it is the turtle looks too mono colour brown to me.
  14. I prefer the one on the left which looks natural to me. The one on the right looks like the adjusted version and IMO is a bit overdone. The diver in this version appears closer, so maybe you cropped it too. I also prefer the diver to be further away in the blue and the sunburst, as he is in the first shot, it helps to show his isolation. Nothing wrong with the first shot, I like it as it is.
  15. Did someone mention me? What a memory you have Leslie. Yes, I photographed a similar Nemertean Worm at a site called "New Guinea", St Vincent on 3rd Nov 2007. Click Here at 15 metres I didn't know what is was at the time but Leslie on another board (I dare not speak it's name ) kindly identified it for me. btw. Don't Ned & Paul always dive with Bill over at Dive St Vincent, though I guess they could have got fed up with the lack of rinse facilities and wandered over to Indigo. I know I will next time.
  16. Wonderful shots Patrick. Where will you go next?
  17. Those are low blows, someone should acquaint them with the Marquis of Queensberry rules
  18. It would be nice to know where the photos were taken as some fish are regional. 7 Blacklip Butterflyfish aka. Klein's Butterflyfish (Chaetodon kleinii) 8 Maybe a Similar Damsel (Pomacentrus similis) 9 Orange-Lined Triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus) 10 Maybe a Yellow-Headed Moray (Gymnothorax rueppelliae) 11 Same as 7 12 Redbreasted Wrass (Cheilinus fasciatus) 13 Masked Rabbitfish (Siganus puellus) ps. Are you sure your book has fish in it?
  19. More wonderful shots. I'm even more envious now.
  20. Wonderful shots Jim. I'm envious I didn't see any of those critters in Malaysia.
  21. Super shot. With their circulation I think Dive would be a bit mean if they don't give a few $ for cover though.
  22. Most of the recent increase in oil price is due to speculators treating it as a one way bet and driving up the price. If there was some control of these futures and derivatives in oil, such as large margin calls on every contract then we would start to see the price drop to a sensible level based on simple market forces of supply and demand. There is a lot of talk (probably by speculators trying drive the price up) about peak oil and the fact that the world reserves will only last another 40 years, but this is based on the lowest proven reserves in each known oil field. The chances of each and every oil field only having the lowest estimate of reserves is statistically remote. Plus new oil fields are being discovered all the time.
  23. Emirates have stopped giving the extra 10kg for scuba equipment. http://www.emirates.com/english/help/faqs/...tegoryId=214913
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