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  1. Thanks for the inputs.. The close focusing distance was one of my hunches, though I didn't expect that even though my subject was way far off that it wouldn't be able to focus.. Will read around regarding this. Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I am new to taking pics underwater. I opted to go for a 50mm 1.4 (for canon 350d, 6" dome port) because I thought having a fast lens would benefit in low light conditions. Though I've experienced that it does not hunt underwater, rather it does not (auto) focus at all. No matter how close or far my subject is, the shutter wouldn't release because it couldn't focus (at one shot mode). Hence I went back to my trusty kit lens. Is there a way to find out which lenses have similar problems, so i know which ones to stay away from? Or would the 50mm still be usable?
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