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  1. Thanks for your input Drew... guess I was trying to make it a showreel while at the same time making it a short film / trailer showcasing British Columbia's underwater wilderness. I do know that a showreel shouldn't be longer than four minutes long... better to make two shorter reels. Still have lots to learn about editing and grading... but will definitely make the next reels shorter. Agree as well that the two short clips of the Grunt Sculpin should have been left out.
  2. Just posting my new Underwater British Columbia Showreel... shot on the Canon EOS 5DMark II ... edited and graded on Final Cut Pro X. Perhaps a little long for a showreel... but let me know what you think? Thanks, Dale
  3. There is some interesting information and opinions on the New Final Cut Pro... and what might follow on Larry Jordans Blog at: http://www.larryjordan.biz/goodies/blog.html Larry is one of the guys who started the rumors flying when he announced that he had seen the new final Cut Pro back in February and that it was going to be a "Jaw dropper"! As someone who has been sitting on the fence for most of the past year... waiting to see what Apple would do before deciding to go the Final Cut or Premier route... this makes it an easy decision! All of a sudden the past year spent playing around with iMovie... for lack of any other sandbox to play in... doesn't seem like a total waste of my time anymore! And I can just add other software as I need it... whether it comes from Apple or other software companies like Adobe or Red Giant! Dale
  4. PRICE REDUCED AGAIN! Now asking $2575 USD for 5D body and Aquatica housing... or $1400 USD for Aquatica housing only... and $1250 USD for 5D body only! Again... both camera and housing are in "Excellent Condition"!
  5. PRICE REDUCED! Now asking $2750 USD for 5D body and Aquatica housing... or $1500 USD for Aquatica housing only... and $1300 USD for 5D body only!
  6. Canon EOS 5D body and AQUATICA Housing For Sale! Both camera and housing are in Excellent Condition! Asking $2950 USD for both... or $1650 USD for the Aquatica housing only... and $1350 USD for the camera body only! Housing has duel nikonos connector bulkheads, and comes with the regular viewfinder... but it will also accept Aquatica's amazing AquaView finder! No ports or gears included with the housing... but the box, charger, cords, manuals, extra battery, etc. are included with the 5D body! To view photo's of the housing and camera setup "Click Here".
  7. Sorry Amadeo... But it is long gone... It Sold way back in November! Good Luck! Dale
  8. Hi Martin and Julie... My girlfriend and I are going to be aboard the Febrina on the October 2nd - 12th trip. Look forward to meeting and diving with you if that ends up being the trip that you choose! Not sure who you are dealing with for your trip... but Cheryll Miller at Walindi Plantation Dive Cruises has been amazing to work with! Cheers! Dale
  9. Hi Jean... Still not sure I understand, is this something that you can do quickly while underwater or do you have to do this before the dive? It is absolutely vital to have access to both controls in order to shoot video underwater! Thanks for keeping us all updated on what you guys are doing... and I think it was a great idea having the Backscatter guys field test the housing for you!
  10. Sorry I hadn't checked my ad for a while... Yes the system is still for sale!
  11. PRICE REDUCED AGAIN - Now Asking $895 USD + Shipping for the Housing and camera body!!! $725 USD + Shipping for the Housing Only! Housing and camera have seen limited use for the past three years as it was a backup system for my 5D in an Aquatica housing! Housing includes a zoom gear for a Canon 10-22mm lens. (Lens is not included.) It does not include any ports but several people on Wetpixel classifieds are selling used Aquatica ports, see the links below: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27484 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27631 Dale
  12. PRICE REDUCED AGAIN - Now asking $395 USD + Shipping!!
  13. PRICE REDUCED AGAIN - Now asking $945 USD + Shipping for the housing and camera... or $745 USD + shipping for the housing only!
  14. Hi... Sorry for not replying earlier but I was away from the internet for a few days! It should be as simple as Ikelite to Nikonos bulkhead converter that plugs into your Ikelite bulkhead connecter... but unfortunately I don't know anyone who makes one? You might query the people at Backscatter, Reef or any of the other shops and see if anyone such a beast... as the only other solution would be to replace your Ikelite bulkhead connector with a five-pin Nikonos bulkhead connector? Good Luck! Dale
  15. PRICED REDUCED - Now asking $990 USD + Shipping for Camera and Housing... or $800 USD + Shipping for the housing only!
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