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  1. Hi people! Wetpixel.com is good place to learn something and to find info about UW photography that you are interested to. I am from Serbia but diving in Montenegro and doing scuba diving from 1987. but I started to do UW photos just recently (last year) and that's why my gear is not that sophisticated as most of you are using. Any way, since UW photography is not well known in my country (even if we have quite developed scuba diving centres), I am trying to be well informed by visiting this forum. I don't want to write you now about difficulties when I wanted to by some housing, strobe etc. but it was horrible, believe me. BTW, Adriatic Sea is quite rich with the wrecks and vis is good but of course, not comparable with Red Sea or some other tropical sea. You should visit it one day.
  2. No problem with accessing the site even if I am doing it from Europe. No conspiracy if you ask me.
  3. Hi Dave! Thank you for this photo? Most probably I am going to use it. You have any more of C. taxifolia or Caulerpa racemosa? If you have some, please send me on njivice@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance.
  4. Yes, but I need authorization, since I want to put those photo on the web site. Any way, thank you.
  5. Does anybody have photo of Caulerpa racemosa and Caulerpa taxifolia? I need those photos to insert in a web page as a warning to divers, to report if they see it. Of course, name of the photographer will be displayed under the photo. Thank you in advance.
  6. Fine with me (but don't try to pronounce my name:). Goran Jancic
  7. Hi Karl! Thank you for the hint. P.S. I hope you are not Lenmar employee:-)
  8. Does anybody know what is the price of EN-EL1, Varta battery for Nikon Coolpix4300. I bought one in USA last year but it's not the original and it's no good.
  9. In Belgrade, Serbia every December is International Underwater Film Festival where you can compete with your photos and video. Please contact me if you want more info.
  10. Yes, you are right about. BTW, do you know what is the price of Varta battery for Nikon CoolPix 4300 (EN-EL!) in Germany. I bought one in USA but it was not the original and it's not good.
  11. It was not my intention to advertise Montenegro but now, when you said it, looks like that. Actually, I wanted to indicate that there is also something to see in Adriatic Sea too, not only in coral seas.
  12. I am using FantaSea Line housing. Unfortunately, without external strobe (because there is no any). If you like, you can see some photos on http://www.njivice.co.yu/g_pos_e.html
  13. It's not a coral sea, but there are also many things to see in Montenegro, Bay of Boka Kotoska. You can see on http://www.njivice.co.yu/g_pos_e.html some of the photos that I did mostly in shallow water in a few days.
  14. Hi! Even if it's not a coral sea, there is something to see in Montenegro. I did just in a 15 days photos that you can see on http://www.njivice.co.yu/g_pos_e.html There are many wrecks and nice place underwater that I recommend you to see. Next summer I will have more photos made on the wrecks. Also, many diving centres offer's cheap and very safe diving even deeper then 40 meters.
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