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  1. Has the new firmware update solved the problem




    Not for me. I updated the firmware last month and went on 2 trips with the issue occuring numberout times. I only ever had 1 card in at any time, used a Sandisk CF extreme 32gb on trip 1 and SD extreme pro 64gb on trip 2. I was recording RAW + basic JPEG to the card. I am wondering is it the writing or RAW and JPEG simultaniously? Alternately, I saw on the web an issue in 2012 with D800s locking up when histograms and RGB info was being displayed. I did have the LCD displaying this info. Anyone else still having the issue?

  2. I recently went from MDX-D300 to MDX-D800. Had the tokina and the Sigma 15mm, sold the tokina as I have always been very happy with the Sigma. I also have the sea and sea optical dome port and I didn't find any issues with corner sharpness. I have just last month invested in the S&S FE 240mm port (purchased for <400 euro from Japan + P&P and a little vat - uwdigitalcameras.com). The main reason I have invested is that the optical dome is only rated to 60m, whilst the FE 240 is rated to 80m (funny S&S now have housings rated to 100m but none of the ports).

    Anyway planning on using the setup this Saturday and Sunday. Not expecting any issues as it is the setup S&S recommend for this lens.

  3. A few months back Ive jumped from a D300 to D800. Now I have video capability!!! The majority of the time I will just shoot stills, but I would like to do a bit of video.

    LEDs seem to be getting more and more powerful, and cheaper in parallel. Just saw the Mangrove VC-4L6X, 6750 lumens, 85 CRI at a price of 850 dollars, sounds good. What lights are people using?

    Most interested in shoting wideangle (Sigma 15mm FE). Also shooting wrecks at depth 60-70m reagion.





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