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  1. I have just taken the FX plunge (D800) after a decade of DX (D70, D300). I've invested in a 105VR and can use my old sea and sea NX stanard flat port with the SX extension after a small modification to the inside of the port. Now to the questions;

    What are my best options for super macro


    I have a 6T diopter, but will need to purchase the 40mm extension to use this. Adding the 40mm exntension will mean there is about 2.5cm gap between the diopter and the port glass, will this have any negative effects? Will it have any negative effects if I add a wet lense (e.g. subsee)? If people think the 6T is a good option I will most likely also purchase the subsee +10 to use with and without the 6T


    Am I better off purchasing subsee +5 and +10 and forgetting about the 6T? Or should I be considering one of the other wet diopter options???

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  2. Hi SwiftFF%,

    yes, I saw that thread. Not looking for an alarm that goes off when there is water inside. More looking to build the equivalent to one of the other vacuum sensors on the market. LED that goes green when you pull a vacuum down to say 800mBar, and red the vacuum starts to increase above 850mBar.





  3. Thanks for the information Alistair. AF not really an issue for deep wrecks, but available light is. Was thinking the D600 would offer the ability to push the iso to 3200 or even 6400 with little sacrafice in quality. I am a little concerned that the AF coverage would irritate me for more general uw photography, macro etc.

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  4. Nikon are to announce the D610 on Tuesday. I've used a D300 for the last 3 years and really like it. But I need something with much better low light performance as I now do much of my diving in to wrecks in 60-80m range in Irish waters. Was considering the D600, it seems to be fantastic at low light and is very reasonably priced, the only thing that puts me off is the really AF system. I've considered the D800, but it is considerably more expense, and I definitely dont need 36MP.

    Rumours so far is that there will only be a slight increase in fps, from 5.5 to 6. Increase the area the AF covers and I would buy one in a shot.


    Anyone out there using the D600 and how you finding it?

  5. Trevor

    I can tell you what I do know - only 2 wires required to trigger strobe manually, that would be the centre point on the hotshoe (the trigger) and the rail of the hotshoe (earth). Not sure what you want to do, but if you want to connect a strobe directly to the ttl converter bilkhead all you need to do is cover all contacts on the hotshoe with the exception of the trigger and earth with some masking tape.


    best of luck with whatever your up to

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