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  1. Just received my 2 Z240s, to replace my aging DS125 and I like :-).

    I have historically shot in manual with the ike's, now with the Z240s I see there is an external auto option. I gave it a try last night (not underwater) and was impressed with the results. My question is how well does it work? I am aware the stobes must be pointing at the subject, so I'm guessing its not really a great option for WA. What about macro? What situations does it work well and when does it not?


    Advice/experience appreciated.


    p.s. I am using a D300 in MDX300

  2. Thanks Downunder. I've stuck with ordering the inon's. I contacted 2 v. big US retailers (one is the service centre for Inon) and also contacted Sea and sea, none of them heard of this issue or belive it to be one. Looks like this well know UK retailer have their wires crossed :-).

  3. I wish I'd sold you my 10.5 Paul (PRC). I gave it away when I traded it in with that other lens (12-24) I never used after I got the Tokina 10-17. I admit its a horrible lens to use in air but behind the optically corrected glass dome I got for a Sea & Sea housing, the results are remarkable and it is the sole reason I haven't abandoned DX for the expensive FX outfit I got myself. Every trip I am torn between D200 and D700, can you believe it? Come to LIDS where you will see some pictures 10 feet x 10 feet taken with it.



    Hi John,

    I actually have a very similar set up - D300 in S&S with optical glass dome port. Ok so a solution to the problem is to increase the ISO, question is how high do you go before there is unexceptable drop in image quality on the D300?

  4. Ok I have a D300 and the Tok 10-17mm which I quite like. Trouble is a buddy highlighted a flaw with the excellent 10-17mm - its not great in temperate regions in low viz where you need to open her up. It suffers from purple fringing. I have the Sigma 15mm which is a great lens but not as wide as the Nikon 10.5mm. What do you folks use in temperate regions?

    Also for macro I have the Nikon 60mm D, where should I go next? The Nikon 85mm or 105mm?





  5. I have a D300 with dual ike DS125s and was looking to get a focus light. I dive in cold dark green wasters for the most part. Was thinking of getting a FIX 1000dx as I could use it was a general torch as well as focus light.

    3 questions


    1) Is it too powerful as a focus light when using 60mm lens? It can be dialled down so I assume not.


    2) I see the colour temp of the FIX 1000dx is about 9000K. My strobes are 4800K, there is a filter that adjusts the light to 4500K should I purchase this if I go with this option?


    3) Is there another focus light you would go with instead? The reason I like the look of the FIX 1000dx is that its LED so will not have to purchase replacement bulbs very often (e.g. halogen). Also seems like a good option as a torch in green wat




  6. PRC

    took a look at your Bahamas album - excellent stuff. For the WA shots did you just set shutter to 200 and camera to shutter priority?




    like the sound of the 105 for strobe positioning , but what is putting me off is how much I would actually use the lense at home in Ireland. If money was not an issue I would for sure bite the bullet as it is supposed to be a cracking lense, just don't do much topside shooting at the moment.

  7. Cheers for the advive PRC,

    I'm not on the Wetpixel trip. Doing a Shark and Dolphin trip 6-15th July with a group of 8 other Irish and an American. Mixture of shooters and fun seeking divers. Have dived the west end of Grand Bahamas before for 3 days but didn't do Tiger beach. Really looking forward to it. Was just thinking might be nice to do a bit of macro at night.



    thanks again



  8. Hi,

    I have been diving with an SLR for the last 3 years so am still learning alot. Based in Irealnd so do most diving in green water with average viz 6 metres. I originally had a D70 in an ike housing and last year have upgraded to a D300 in Sea and Sea with dual DS125's. I normally shoot widen angle mostly the excellent Tok 10-17 and sometimes the Sigma 15FE. For macro I have only ever used the Nikon 60mm D F2.8, sometimes with the 2T diopter.

    Heading to the Bahamas in July on a JASA trip and was contemplating buying a Nikon 105VR, but then 2 people I've talked to reckon the 60mm is the best lense for macro even in good viz. Now I'm thinking do I really need this lense as do not have an endless cash supply. Will I actually use this lense in Irish waters? What are its benefits? One problem I do have is that the DS125's are quite bulky to position for macro and was thinking the 105 would give me a little more working distance. Any advice welcome.



  9. Hi Carloz,

    love that shot. What settings/equipment did you use? I am heading to Tiger beach in July and would love a few tips. You used a long exposure like 1/30th for the blur? What aperature and strobe setting. Love the blur with the dark background, the shark is so crisp and you can really feel the movement


    all the best





    D300, sea and sea MDX300, 2 x DS125, Tok 10-17, Sig 15FE, Nikon 60mmD

  10. Ikelite D70 iTTL housing with 8" dome port and super wide stalk (suitable for 10-17 tokina or 10.5 FE nikon), 60mm macro port, 6" super wide dome port (suitable for 15 mm Sigma FE) and extended dome port (suitable for 18-70mm DX nikon ). Total value new of the housing and ports €2340. Will sell for €1400 with a Nikon D70 camera with battery, charger, manual and o-rings.




  11. Hi there,


    I have a question, I have a D300, a MDX300 Sea and Sea Housing and 2 DS125 strobes (which I used previously in iTTL mode with a ike D70 housing). My question is will the ikelite iTTL adapter work with the D300 and DS125s. The ikelite website states Nikon D-40, D-50, D-70, D-70S, D-80, D-200, or Fuji S5 camera and does not mention the D300.



    Cheers :P



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