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  1. I do most of my diving/photography in Ireland where viz can be 20m but most of the time it is 6m or less. For about 2 years I used a Sigma 15mm (great lens) on a D70 with 2x DS125s on 5" ikelite arms. I never had a problem with strobe positioning. I have been using the Tokina 10-17FE for a few weeks now and have also added 2x 8" bouyancy arms to the esisting 5" ike arms. and am having difficulty with strobe positioning. For wide angle shots I place the 2 x DS125s back about 8-12"s from the dome port and angle out to light with the edge to avoid backscatter.

    My problem is that as I get closer to the subject (close focus W/A) the centre of the frame is not being lit. Is this because the port shade is blocking the light i.e. do I need to move the strobes more forward and closer to the port? How close? I assume I still point the strobes out to avoid backscatter.

  2. Thanks to all who posted. I am strongly considering going with the Aquatica housing, save myself a few $$$ compared to the Subal. Seatool looks good but don't see the point in buying a housing without handles and then purchase handles from a 3rd party.


    Now all I need is to do is get set up with a D300 and hosuing and wait for next Spring to get some decent conditions here in Ireland. Hopefully next summer is better than the last (wettest summer ever - and thats saying something).


    all the best



  3. Thanks for the replies so far.


    Do I like the D70 ikelite housing? It is ok. All the controls I need are there, it has TTL for the 2 x DS125s I use, I have captured some great pictures with it. However the viewfinder is poor, U/W photography has enough challenges - especially in the poor viz/ low light we can get here in Ireland, not being able to see the full viewfinder is a pain. I had a look through the Aquaview viewfinder for the Aquatica when it was attached to a D200 housing - WOW what a difference.

    OK if I was to stay with Ikelite I would have TTL with the housing. I only use the TTL for macro, and don't see shooting macro in manual as a major inconvience.

    Basically I want to upgrade to D300 for its ability to deal with highlights far better than the D70, the much larger LCD than the D70 and less importantly to me the extra MPs.

    I would be happy to purchase the Aquatica housing and save myself some $$$, but would just like to know has anyone experienced problems with this housing. Does it have any improvements over the D200 Aquatica housing?


    As regards the price of Subal housings here in Europe the closest dealer to me is in England, the funny thing is it is more expensive to buy a Subal housing (which are manufactured in Europe) frum the UK than it is to buy it from the US!!!

    The Seatool housing looks good, great for travel. However not sure if I would like a housing without handles, especially when 2 strobes are attached.


    keep it coming





  4. Greetings from the Emerald Isle

    I have had a D70 with ikelite housingfor about 3 years now. It's time to upgrade. I what I hear about the D300 and its within budget, so thats the camera decided.

    I would love to get the Subal housing and may do so, but it is alot of cash. Was also looking at the Aquatica and Sea And Sea. Like the look of the Aquatica, especially the Aquaview view finder, however I have heard from people that invested in Aquatica housings when they upgraded from film to digital and now say they would never buy anything other than Subal again.

    The Sea and Sea looks good but not sure about the viewfinder.

    Just wonder how people with these housings have got on with them. What do you like / not like about the housing?


    any advice appreciated



    Darragh :

  5. Hi All,

    my 1st post. I have just purchased a tokina 10-17mmFE for my ikelite D70rig. I have a 6" ikelite port for my Sigma15FE which can be used with the tokina if the shade is removed. What impact will the removal of the shade have on my photos. I will purchase the 8" port if there is an advantage. Any opinions?


    I have 2 DS125s with standard 6" arms. i was going to purchase 2 x 8" bouyant ultralight arms. opinions? What will the bouyancy of the system be like with the bouyant arms and 8" port? my current rig has left me with a tired arm on long dives.


    all help appreciated



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