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  1. Selling- Sony TRV-900 in Ikelite Housing, System complete ready to dive. Asking $1950.00USD. Camera Serviced Sony 07/05 Housing Serviced 11/05. Have all manuals etc for each item. email me direct and I can send photos and complete write up if interested. david@wan2dive.com Thanks
  2. I am new to underwater video I have a Sony TRV 950 with Ikelite housing and Ikelite Pro Video Lite II. I am using Adobe Prem. Pro 6.5 with Matrox RX100 to edit. This is all well and good but, does anyone know of any place, person, or company that can give instructions on the proper use techiques of all this equipment? I am more intrested in the capturing, I have the editing down some what, but hey you have got to have some half way good footage to edit. Most everyting I have seen for instruction is for still photos etc. Any help or names would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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