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  1. Not sure if anyone else has an external ear problem. If so, I used to have it around once a year, and now I use Doc's Pro Plugs. No problems since we started using them about 5 years ago. I have no interest in their company - just a customer who thinks they work for me. Tom
  2. wydeangle

    Sola 2000

    You have a PM. Tom
  3. Sorry! I meant photo P8081277-Edit.jpg And NOW I see it! Not used to that perspective, so when we go there again next year I'll be sure to get that perspective. Thanks for teaching me to see. Tom
  4. Here's a quote from the Pura Vida dive shop near the Phil Foster State Park: aka the Blue Heron Bridge. Here's their URL: https://www.puravidadivers.com/dive-blue-heron-bridge-phil-foster-park Also see the Force-E Dive shop at the other end of the bridge: https://www.force-e.com/dive-shops/riviera-beach/ Bring your super macro lens and your best spotter! One of the best mantras I've learned over the years works here, too: Enjoy, Tom
  5. Nice stuff! Thanks. Where is the wreck shown in P8081284-Edit.jpg ?
  6. Thanks for the pointer to the upper right corner. Musta missed it...
  7. I do like the new layout. Alas, there doesn't seem to be any direct way to report a spammer, or to flag a spam post, such as this one: Dararmss directly. Or maybe that's by choice? Just askin' Tom
  8. Latest: One strobe seems to work OK, the other doesn't. Any suggestions for a repair shop in the US for the YS110alpha?
  9. After some "monkeys and typewriters," during which we switched strobes, batteries and fiber optic cords, at first nothing changed. Then after exercising the control knobs on the back of the strobe, the camera started taking photos... All I can assume now is that the controls were flaky after sitting for around 10 months and a little back-and-forth helped renew their functionality. So at least for the moment the strobe/camera/housing/cord assemblage seems fine. We will try it again tomorrow and see if it is still OK!
  10. My wife has just upgraded from the Olympus E-M5 original model to the E-M1 MkII. She is using her Sea & Sea YS-110 alpha strobes while waiting for the new Inons to arrive. They are connected via fiber optic cables. On the old E-M5, the fill flash was robust. On the new E-M1 MkII, the flash is best described as wimpy; not nearly as robust as the older camera. Is there a camera or strobe setting or cable problem? How does she obtain the higher power flashes when using fill flash? She is using manual and TTL settings now.
  11. Confused - Bird's usually goes to Three Sisters and Kings Bay. Homosassa is quite a distance away. Very nice photos, by the way - especially the last two!
  12. Has this transmitter been serviced in accordance with the recall by Suunto? Here's the reference: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/suunto-recalls-wireless-tank-transmitter-and-tank-pod Tom
  13. aviator8, Here's the only one I could find quickly: I also just cut a small rectangular piece for my tripod and zip-tied it to the underside. Tom
  14. One of the do-it-yourself things I've had some good luck with is Divinycell: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cmpages/divinycellfoam.php It's easy to cut and shape with simple wood tools, doesn't compress at recreational diving depths, and a sheet of it 26" x 15" x 3/4" is only $18US. It is 3 lbs/cuft compared with water at 62 lbs/cuft means you don't need much to add buoyancy. It takes around 29 cuin to add a pound of buoyancy, and the above sheet has 26x15x0.75 = 292.5 cuin or enough for a total of 10 lbs of buoyancy (if my arithmetic is OK ). Tom
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