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  1. What I'd like to find is an unwanted back half of an Olympus PT-058 or PT-059 plastic underwater housing. I'm trying to adapt and AOI viewfinder to another housing and wish I had the little grooved rails that the viewfinder snaps onto, if that makes any sense. If the housing is otherwise damaged or unusable, it doesn't matter. Let me know if you have one. Thanks, Tom
  2. I like the commercial fishing floats too. Here's another US-based source: https://www.memphisnet.net/category/floats-pvc I have used these and like them at least down to 100 FSW. I spray-painted most of them black just because Tom
  3. Kraken, Look here: https://www.shellmuseum.org/shell-guide and then see the entry for "Pleurobranchaea inconspicua" under the "Family Pleurobranchidae" Tom
  4. I prefer these. Here's why: I don't have to look at them when I'm loosening or tightening, and I find them slightly easier to turn. Alas, they're out of production; formerly known as Aquatica TLC clamps. Tom
  5. For you blackwater divers (and everyone else to be sure...) here's a fascinating article from The Smithsonian about aquatic animals and their daily vertical migration: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/what-drives-aquatic-animals-to-make-vertical-migrations-180979172/?utm_source=smithsoniandaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20211207-daily&spMailingID=46066346&spUserID=NzE1OTY3OTQ2MTczS0&spJobID=2140798550&spReportId=MjE0MDc5ODU1MAS2 Enjoy, Tom (Note to mods: if this isn't the correct forum, please move!)
  6. Sid, What is the model number? Age of light/battery? Location? Thank you, Tom
  7. I looked a little further at the iPhone and concluded, possibly correctly, that its "macro" was simply digital zoom and not optical zoom. My enthusiasm went to zero at that time... Tom
  8. Craig, Curiosity: just prior to the end of the clip I thought I saw the lionfish. If so, do you have that clip too? Did the DM get it? Tom
  9. Bub, I wonder if the macro capability of the iPhone 13 will be supported? Tom
  10. Here's a bit of stargazer footage from ~6 years ago. It illustrates a swimming style quite different from that of a stonefish. Try to see it in 4K if you can: https://youtu.be/j-b1YXA1iOc
  11. Tropo, Not sure what you meant. The vaccines develop antibodies in the persons who have had the shot(s), but having the shot(s) does not imply they have been infected. Think about it: if you get a flu shot, it does not give you the flu! You develop antibodies as a result of the shot. Persons who have had the vaccine can still possibly transmit the virus without being infected, which is why the current advice is to continue with mask and social distancing. There are studies ongoing to confirm or reject this idea, so until those are complete the precautions are quite logical. Tom
  12. Here's one I found at 13 feet in fresh (slightly chlorinated) water: Probably avius potterius
  13. Interesting claim about processing power needed on the 12K camera's page at BlackMagic: Obviously I have not tried it (grin)...
  14. Looking for a Canon G16 housing, preferably Canon brand, for a friend who dives every day and wore out her older housing
  15. Would you still have the G16 housing?

  16. One of my favorites is: Life Cycle of Fish  by Ned DeLoach If you're already a member of REEF, just log in and watch. If not, it's easy and free to become a member. Ned gives a very fine overview of the reproductive strategies of many different species.
  17. I use an AX700 so a bit different from the Panasonics. My shutter speed is set to 1/125. I formerly used 1/60 but find that action is a bit crisper at 1/125. The only time I'd be tempted to go back to 1/60 would be an ultra low light situation. Your thoughts? Tom
  18. Neptune63, This is probably your best bet: http://www.southern-nikonos.com/index.html Tom
  19. Thanks to everyone I now have a new set of clamps. No more needed at this time. Tom
  20. Gentlemen, Using Ian Marsh's clue for internet searching (DuckDuckGo is your friend ;-)), I'm presently negotiating for a set. I'll post the outcome I hope at least by next week. Thanks to all, Tom
  21. I'd like to find 2, 4 or 6 of the older "wheel" style 1" ball clamps. Here's a photo of one: Thanks, Tom
  22. Int, I use a Sony AX700 and recently experienced a huge improvement in autofocus success underwater. A diver heard me complaining about focus failure using WIDE, and suggested I try CENTER focus. Oh, what a complete difference it has made! Here's a bit of detail: Including CENTER, there are five focus modes available for the AX700 camera in video mode. The other four are MANUAL, ZONE, FLEXIBLE SPOT and WIDE. ZONE and FLEXIBLE SPOT are available if the screen can be touched or if the joystick can be operated to indicate to the camera where to focus underwater. These aren't available on the Gates housing. So until recently I used WIDE, following the recommendation of the "experts." This resulted, as you mentioned, in lots of focus hunting and failures to focus. Very frustrating. When I switched to CENTER focus, magic seemed to happen! Most of the out of focus moments went away - my footage is in focus probably well over 90% of the time. What a great relief! Hope this helps, Tom
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