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  1. Scott, Further to the above, I made a shim - actually a very thin washer - to fit between the 37 -> 43 mm plastic adapter and the camera. It is about 0.010" thick or maybe a few thousandths more. It successfully prevents the problem of the lens itself interfering with the opening and closing of the camera's lens protector-shutter. By spacing the lens a scootch further away from the camera, all seems well - the camera opens and closes its shutter as it is supposed to, and the vignetting is absent. Even the zoom through is OK. There is still barrel distortion but that may be the WA lens itself: Raynox 5050PRO. So far so good! It should fit fine behind the flat port as it is actually about 1/16" shorter now than when it had the 37/37 adapter in place. QUESTION: (off the topic slightly) Does the dome port reduce or eliminate the barrel distortion? Regards, Tom PS: In place of the shim which took a bit of time and care to make, perhaps a piece of thin bare single-strand copper wire would work to provide the spacing/shim function. Maybe just one wrap would do with a very tiny knot to keep it from falling off 'til it's assembled. Just a thought...
  2. Rick, RE: the Sony VCL -0746B wideangle adapter (0.7x) with a 43-46mm step up ring. Is this also a zoom-through lens? Also, what is the OD and length - it may or may not fit into the Ike port... Regards, Tom
  3. Scott, Possibly an AHA? Check here: dvinfo.net and see if you can use this idea. I removed the mentioned 37-37 adapter and no more vignetting. There is barrel distortion but no vignetting. Until I read that post I didn't realize the plastic adapter was actually two pieces and that one of them could be removed. The risk is the auto lens cover may touch the lens but it seems to work OK for mine. Try it and let me know what you think? Tom
  4. Scott, Thanks again - it's nice to know that I'm not doing something really dumb; it would appear that Ikelite did that for us I am definitely planning macro - headed for Bonaire next month and Indonesia after that, so I'll keep the flat port and use your experiences to guide me. Thanks again! Tom
  5. Scott, What an amazing response! If I get to HI remind me I owe you at least a beer I bought the flat port at Glenn Goodrich's (Ikelite) suggestion. Do you think the 730 would work in the flat port (I have the 9304.1 port), or do I need to get the dome? Never mind; I'll study your dimensions and see. I'll get to work on this tomorrow and let you know the result. Regards, Tom
  6. On returning from Nassau (REEF lionfish expedition) I discovered the Raynox 5050-PRO Ikelite/Canon HV30 combo vignettes at full wide zoom! At first I thought it was the port. Further experimentation at Ikelite's behest resulted in finding that it vignettes without the housing or port. So maybe the step-down ring 43mm -> 37mm is at fault. The camera is 43mm, the lens 37mm. So what now? I'd still like to have a full zoom-through wide angle lens. Would the Century 0ds-hr65-37 be any better? It's still a 37mm. The Canon 43mm won't fit the port. Any ideas? (Bonaire in ten days....) Tom
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