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  1. Dave, Found the color correction article from Pete L/Gates: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57443&page=3&hl=%2Bax700+%2Bwhite+%2Bbalance&do=findComment&comment=399748 Have a look at message #47 Hope this helps, Tom
  2. The location of the public meeting of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has been announced here: http://myfwc.com/about/commission/commission-meetings/2018/december/12/agenda/ It's in Saint Augustine December 12, 2018 at the World Golf Village and begins at 8:30AM. The "Draft Rule – Marine Life Harvest at Blue Heron Bridge" is scheduled to be discussed before the lunch break. Be there if you can!
  3. Bill, Since the housing is still a current offering at $2660US without the vacuum port or a lens, I still think the $1000US is reasonable with both! If you're in the continental US I could offer to pay the shipping. BTW, I have more birthdays than you do; I plan to continue diving for quite a while Tom
  4. Bill, I have a Gates housing available. Details are here (camera is sold): http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61991&hl=ax100 If you need any more information or pictures, please let me know. Tom
  5. Lyle, Here's the example: "Canon PowerShot G16 , Aquatica ACU+10" Small, older tech, very very well mastered! Tom
  6. If you want to be even more amazed, take a look at her photo gear listed under most of the photographs!
  7. Here's another link to Ellen Muller's recent photos: http://www.pbase.com/imagine/root&view=recent Good luck!
  8. David, I have to blush - I wore the first Prescription Dive Mask four years (hundreds of dives) without noticing the upper half of the lens is the prescription part, and is in fact bonded to the original flat glass of the mask. The inside of the lens is where the added glass is bonded, giving it a definite 3-D aspect, as well as a "step" where the top part of the lens stops and the original lens continues. I don't think I ever noticed anything unusual after I put the mask on and stepped in. The new mask (new prescription) is made the same way. Aside from the fact the prescription portion of the mask is curved, it makes the lens about twice as thick as the original flat lens. On mine, that's approximately the top half of the lens. I am guessing the thickness and size of the prescription lens is dictated by the strength of the prescription. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the added lens. My distance prescription is -4.0 for comparison. Learn something every day! Thanks, Tom
  9. I used to use Seavision and was happy with them until they said they couldn't make a mask that I requested. My wife still uses them and is happy with their product. I now use Prescription Dive Masks and have my second "see under" mask - plain glass below, prescription up top for distance. Works well for those of us who remove our topside glasses to read. Happy with them so far. Both outfits replace the mask glass entirely. No stick-ons. I've also started using the "see-under" principle for land-based video; instead of a bifocal setup, I simply look under my (vertically) narrow lenses to see my viewfinder. Raise eyes to see subject (looking through distance lenses), drop eyes below lenses to see the viewfinder. Works fine there too. I use an outfit called Zenni for the topside glasses which cost about 1/10 of what the local optical shop charges and seem to be of high quality. I'm sure there are other good low-cost on-line glasses suppliers. This works for those of us who are near-sighted. The underwater masks are definitely expensive from either of the two places mentioned above. It's easy to spend much more than $200US at either place. I decided long ago it is worth it. Not a good place to scrimp unless your prescription changes often... Tom
  10. I am using the AX700 in the Gates housing. Here are some random thoughts not necessarily in any order except that I just thought of them LOL It's an improvement from the AX100 in a couple of ways. First I think the autofocus is a bit better than the AX100. I also like the housing better since the screen can be tilted upward a bit instead of being fixed as it is in the AX100 housing. Gates has added an extra latch for the two halves of the housing - not sure it makes a lot of difference. The screen is less cluttered since the pushbuttons have been eliminated from that location. It uses the same ports as the AX100 so no difference there. The white balance seems better for the AX700, although I can have occasional problems with it. Probably operator error. I would have preferred a slimmer case with a small external monitor like some of the older Canon/L&M units; the AX700 can do video out while it is recording 4K which the AX100 was not able to do so an external monitor would be fine. I realize this might entail more batteries, not a desirable thing for me. I like having two SD cards. No reason to need another card for a day's worth of diving especially if I use two 256MB cards. Here's a little piece about collecting lionfish in Bonaire for a sample video. 1K with almost zero post processing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV68OLXgrF0
  11. In late July Sony issued firmware version 1.01 for their FDR-AX700 videocameras. It can be found here: https://www.sony.ee/electronics/support/memory-camcorders-fdrax-series/fdr-ax700 Be aware it will erase any settings in the camera when you do the update. Enjoy, Tom
  12. Pixel Mojado, Still have the housing & port. I'm in Saint Augustine Florida USA. Tom
  13. After a dive trip, I have a GP34A wide angle port that goes with the housing. The good news is that it does wide angle just fine. The bad news is that there are scratches in the center of the rear glass port that are too deep to buff out, so macro has a blur in the center. I am buying a new port to replace this one, so it can be included with the housing if the buyer would like it. The photos show why I switched to video - my still photo skills are nonexistent. That said, here they are: The arrow points to the scratches. Other spots are dust. The fun never stops! Tom
  14. Camera is sold, thank you! Housing still available.
  15. Darek, Beautiful! You may want to correct the typo at the end: DRGAON is probably meant to be DRAGON? Tom
  16. Reduced prices: Camera $650, Housing $1000, plus shipping. Great deal!
  17. Interceptor121,The Sony AX700 says it can... Tom
  18. The housing comes with its manual, the weights for the ports and the camera tray. The black rectangles are the weights and the irregular shaped piece is the tray:
  19. I have a Gates AX100 housing and an AX100 Sony 4K camera I'd like to sell. I've had them for about three years; Gates maintained the housing last year. They have accompanied me on many dives and can produce very good video. When I switched to 4K I was surprised at how much the quality and detail increased - I'd not go back to 1K (HD). There are no ports with the housing. I'm keeping them for the next housing. The housing does have a vacuum port for the Gates Seal Check; the fitting is a $210 option and is included. The camera is in good condition, and complete with all accessories that came with it when new. I'm asking $750US for the camera, $1250US for the housing, plus shipping. I apologize for the photo quality - if you need more (hopefully better!) I can supply some. The first group of pictures will be the housing, then the camera.
  20. Roger, Very nice indeed! I particularly liked the opening sequences of lizard cuts, and the drone/boat footage. Looks also like the visibility was quite good, too. Extremely envious of the thresher... Tom
  21. Carol, Not an expert here! Did a little internet searching and found a couple of things you may want to use to develop a little more understanding and confidence in the color calibrations: https://www.color-management-guide.com/calibrate-imac-apple-display-mac.html and http://support.xritephoto.eu/mavericks/ I think you are correct to proceed with care in doing this calibration, but you'll get there after expending some energy and time (isn't it always so?) Hope these help, Tom
  22. Steve, Thanks! Very "3-D" looking shots. Most impressive. Tom
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