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  1. I still have the 7-14 lens, email me at russ@backscatter.com for any details/questions.
  2. Hello, I am selling the Olympus 7-14 lens with zoom gear for $1100. Free UPS shipping is included and the lens is in like new condition.
  3. Are you shooting with a Nauticam housing? If so I will include the pricing for the 7-14 and zoom gear.
  4. I have an Olympus 8mm Fisheye lens with Nauticam port, one Olympus 12-40 lens with Nauticam zoom gear, Polarizer and +4 diopter, one Olympus 7-14 lens with Nauticam zoom gear and an Olympus 60 Macro lens with manual focus gear and port. All three of these lens were used for a week in the Philippines and have not been used since, perfect condition like new. The Olympus 60 macro lens is brand new in the box. Email me for pricing, free shipping UPS Ground with insurance to anywhere in the US.
  5. I have a Subal GS viewfinder for sale, excellent condition. The GS viewfinder magnifies the cameras viewfinder making it easier to see critical focus and also allows you to seal off ambient light by allowing you to seal the viewfinder to your mask. These are $1250 new, selling for $650 with free shipping. This is user installable, takes minutes to install. Email me with any questions.
  6. This GS viewfinder is in excellent condition, comes with everything to install on your Subal housing. Give your Eyes what they deserve no more squinting to see what is in focus! Let me know any questions, payment via paypal preferred. Selling for $750 with free shipping!
  7. This port is in like new condition and was used once on a trip before I switched to a different brand camera and is for the Canon 100 IS macro lens. Also included is the manual focus gear for the Canon 100 IS lens. Includes instructions, spare port o-ring and Nauticam grease. Email with any questions, $10 includes UPS ground shipping anywhere in the US with insurance. New these two items retail for $685, selling both for $450.
  8. Here are some more pics of the viewfinder
  9. This Subal GS viewfinder is in excellent condition and comes with the rubber collapsible eyecup and spanner wrench to install onto your Subal housing. Asking $650, will ship anywhere in the US with free shipping and insurance.
  10. Not sure if you guys have seen this, pretty cool idea if you have multiple Hero 3 cameras to charge and very clean design for your desk top. http://www.sidekickdock.com
  11. Below is a list of the items I have for sale Subal Type 4 Fisheye dome 8 inch with shade and neoprene/port cover $900 Subal Type 4 18mm Ext ring $125 Subal Type 4 33mm Ext ring $125 Subal Type 4 40mm Ext ring $150 Subal Type 4 Flat port 75 with neoprene/port cover $215 Subal GS viewfinder $900 Zen Type 4 100mm dome $700 Email me with any questions, ports and Extension rings are in perfect condition with no marks or scratches. I can email pictures if needed.
  12. Guys, I was in DC for the scuba show a couple weeks ago and had a free day to visit the Smithsonian museum of Natural History and was really impressed with the exhibit, congrats to everyone who had their work shown it was very impressive.
  13. Hi Jeremy, I did the same thing last year experimenting with different polyethylene cylinders, they work great shallow but at depth they compress and stay compressed. They are a cheap alternative to the Stix floats or buoyancy arms but in the long run I ended up with some stix and love them. Have a good trip...
  14. This is a brand new Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing for the Nikon D300 camera, Has only been used on one snorkeling trip for shooting some Humpies. Other than some small scratches on the bottom from sitting on the boat its in perfect condition. This housing retails for $3179, I am selling it for $2750. This is for the housing with two Ultralight balls, one is mounted to the top of each handle(a $50 value). I work at a shop that has many demo housings so no need to own my personal housing any longer. You can pay me via Paypal at rusty762@mac.com Let me know any ?'s. Rusty
  15. Hi Sylvie, I have tried the systems you listed above and each of them has features that make them unique. The Seatool is the smallest of the bunch and is great for traveling but the controls are a little cluttered in places. The Nexus looks like a nice housing but I have only used the D200 and have no experience with the D300 Nexus housing. The new Aquatica housing looks very nice also with a good control set, reasonable price and great new finish. My favorite housing though for cost and functionality is the Sea & Sea MDX 300, the ergonomics are excellent and fit even the smallest hands, you have access to AF-ON and AF-L/AE-L and can change this while underwater in seconds and you can manually focus your 105VR macro lens using the zoom gear control which means keeping both hands on the grips and using just your fingertips ! The Sea & Sea Fisheye dome port is one of the best on the market and priced at $650. No matter which housing you choose I would always reccomend a nikonos style sync cord. Its a more reliable setup for the housings you are looking at. As far as TTL goes the Sea & Sea converter is the only good solution I have seen but I think your better off learning to shoot manually as it gives you more control over your lighting.
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